Personal Time Capsule Development



Great Graduation Gift – The Time Capsule Module is a separate item and is not part of the complete PLB Academy. The time capsule is intended to be used by anyone in the following situations: Graduating seniors from High School, college, boot camp, or trades school.  This is an excellent exercise to document important memories you will use in the years to come as you continue developing, sorting, and planning your future. The graphic used shows a point A – Your birth, until the unknown point Z – Your passing, the completion of your life cycle. In that cycle, like everyone else, you get a beginning, middle, and end. Many events, choices, decisions, and actions happen to shape your character. The events you are exposed to determine your life story and legacy. No one can express your emotions, feelings, ideas, or descriptions of your unique events better than you. Use this tool to get into the practice of documenting your life memories that are a part of your unique story.


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