Personal Life Story of the Author – No Charge



The author of the Personal Legacy Builder Academy for Self-Improvement is passionate about helping others see how they can improve each day they get to live.  Living a purposeful life is priceless. Learn about the family secrets the author grew up with and when and how he found out. Writing your life story can be therapeutic to help sort out all the roadblocks encountered in life. Learn and use the starting points use simple but powerful tools to start writing your life story.  What footsteps have you or do you follow?  What drives you to create your own footsteps?  My Book of life could have many different titles.  You will read some of them at the beginning of this story.  What would be the title of your life story? Let’s get started.  You will be amazed at what you recall to include in your story.  Remember, no one can tell it better than you!


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