PLB Mind Expansion – Part Two

PLB Mind Expansion – Part Two


For anyone viewing this on a cell phone, read in landscape.  

Again, are you open-minded?

How valuable are your choices & decisions? See the flip side.

Can one decision, idea, question, or action change your life?

What new thought or idea have you written down so far?

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Data Block #15

Are you interested in creating an Extend Your Life Plan? Will You Make 1 Decision To change or improve Your Life Today?  Or create a long-range plan for your future? Can you clearly define your “why in life?”

Consider for a moment the probability of your existence, why you are unique, and your purpose in life. There were many generations of people before you. Each person was living their exciting life.   All these families of people before you endured and navigated their challenges. Their ancestors came from many different places and personal challenges. What problems did they all face to survive? What do you know about their legacy? Then, at a point in their life, two individuals met. They made a choice, at some point, for the physical process to create another life, you. Two random, microscopic cells of their DNA joined together. You grew to become a unique, living person. Think about the puzzling complexity of your mind and body that developed.

There are billions of living cells in your body that make-up complex organs. Plus, millions of automatic functions that occur every day. This makes all human bodies similar, yet the mind allows for separate thoughts and decisions.

  • How well do you know all parts of your body? How and why does chemistry become biology?  Did this happen by chance or by design?
  • How healthy are you?
  • How well do you take care of your body systems?

Next, consider all the thousands of individual thoughts and decisions created in the brain. Your brain is the most complex living part of any creature on earth. Your thoughts and decisions are necessary to get through a day. Added to this complexity of living, you have feelings and emotions. These are vital to navigate your life challenges and to help others. The way we think and process information is also different. Your thinking process changes based on many circumstances. Also, your thoughts depend on whether you are male or female. More on this later. Do you think all this happens by chance or by design?

  • How do we survive every day?
  • How can we add more value to our lives?
  • How do you define your purpose in life?
  • When is the last time you made time to take an in-depth look at yourself? 
  • Do you want to find ideas and opportunities in the PLB Academy to improve your life?
  • What thoughts or ideas have you written down so far?

And the fact is that you can have new opportunities every day, despite your past.

You are a unique individual, different from 7.3 billion (7,300,000,000) other people. You have a unique personality and can think on your own. How are you using your time on earth, daily, to improve yourself and make the world a better place? Another week passed. Are your decisions getting you to where you want to go? Intentional self-reflection creates NEW visions.

How well do you think you know yourself or someone else? Do you have an appetite for knowledge, greater self-awareness, confidence, and self-improvement? Do you have a thirst for success and continued personal growth? No one person will make you read or listen to this information. You will read it because you are curious to see what you can learn to better yourself and others. Your life is all about the choices, decisions, and actions you take to better yourself. And then about how you react and benefit from the consequences. Again, this is the first day of your future.


FACT: Every living creature has a life cycle. The Logo represents this fact. The length of time for the cycle is unknown. The black circle represents the cycle of life. Note there is a beginning and end. During the life cycle, there are three phases. There is a beginning, middle, and end. This is represented in the Logo by the three red lines.  What you achieve between the beginning and end will be your legacy and how you made the world a better place. Where are you at in your life cycle? What makes you unique? What life gifts were you born with, and how well are you using them?

What do you want to do in the next 5, 14, or 23 years? What is your plan? Based on your decisions, how will you become a happier, more fulfilled person? Imagine improving life skills.  Which ones do you want to improve? What about improving your health or improving your communication and listening skills? Then what would the value be to build stronger relationships? Would all this add value to your life? Do you believe being happier and reducing stress can extend your life? What are the values, costs, and importance of building your legacy for others? Creating a new change is priceless!

Creating intentional change is a process. First, you must improve your self-awareness through a personal audit. It would be best if you had an environment for deciding what you want to change. Start the process with your self-analysis/life audit. Challenge your mindset and perspectives about your life and others. Expand your comfort zones. 

You can start your process NOW. First, by challenging your mindset and listening to the short videos. Next, download the 1st FREE gift.  The 1st FREE gift has four personal exercises. The valuable questions will dive deeper into your self-analysis. In the PLB Academy, you will get the other 11 personal exercises to complete. Your personal life audit has excellent value in making better decisions. Keep your notebook and pen nearby to write down your ideas until you start the Exercises. You will also use the journal notebook as you go through the exercises and the Academy. You will be refining your thoughts and ideas to add value to your life and others.

The NEW PLB Academy has Five Sections. The program contains 12 essential components. Each one has many tools, ideas, and guides to determine the areas you choose to create change. In the PLB Academy program, you will spend time refining the answers you come up with in all 3 FREE gifts. The 3rd FREE gift helps you identify specific areas of your life you will need or want to improve. Any NEW actions can improve the quality of your life as you build your legacy.

Stretch your thinking process. Do this by going through the Fifteen Exercises in the 1st FREE gift. There are over 200 questions. The questions will fuel your spirit, challenge your mindset, and improve your self-awareness. As the graphic in the upper right corner shows, the information on this web site is only the tip of the iceberg. You can gain life-changing ideas from the PLB Academy.

All your small changes – add up to gigger, more significant changes. Your benefit is living a fuller, happier life.

 This unique NEW PLB Academy is self-paced. Engage in a self-evaluation, life management, and personal audit program. The content can help you determine where you want or need to create change. The PLB Academy is a perfect tool for self-improvement, motivation, and creating change.  Add value to your life and others. Hang on now for an eye-opening ride to enhance, review, and be happier in your life journey.

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Data Block #16

Positive, consistent Action = Good Change for improving your life!   

Change does also occurs with no action or poor decisions.  But you might not like the results or be willing to pay the price. AGREE OR DISAGREE: Bad luck is the result of poor decisions, choices, and actions. 

Get more control of your life. Choosing to create intentional change produces better life-improving results. You can choose to change or stay the same for the moment. Taking no action to improve is your choice. But you will miss many activities to improve. “It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”
Roy T. Bennett

Agree or Disagree: It’s best to make intentional life changes before your lack of Action becomes a regret.

People love short videos to get information!  The orange box on the previous page are titles to a series of short, unique videos. In the PLB Academy for Self-improvement, you get to determine what applies to you. Each video has an essential, eye-opening, thought-provoking theme. Each video is about life-improving ideas for you. You will get to determine which video most inspired or challenged you the most once you enter the PLB Academy for self-improvement.

What thoughts came to your mind when reading the twelve questions in the box above? Did you already get a new idea for change? Are you curious about what you can gain from this program to improve your life?

 Expand your life potential through Self-reflection and clear creative thinking.  Learn ways to break your monumental moments into smaller, manageable moments. Make the necessary time to care for yourself and improve. NO one can do that better than you. This program is about increasing the value of your life every day. Then make an effort to share your life lessons with those left after your passing. 

For now, consider the values of your health, communication, life-skills, and your relationships. Could you have a good life if one of these was missing? Instead, reap the benefits of improving different parts of your life and others. Continue building an Extend Your Life program.

  • Do you find yourself at times thinking there must be more to life? 
  • Do you want to improve your quality and value of life? 
  • Would improving your life skills, health, communication, and relationships add value to your life?
  • What would your increased life value be worth to you?
  • Is expanding your perspectives essential for your personal growth? 

Overcome what holds you back. Create a change! Gaining new life value is rewarding. Investigate and be open to new options. Renew your belief and hope in yourself and others. Seek success and more life fulfillment. Remember, your life and relationships are like crops. The crops only grow best when cared for daily.

Step outside of your comfort zones to see what you find. Each video will challenge and explore your mind-set for your personal-growth potential.  

>>>You choose what you want and need to change! <<< 

Data Block #17

Do you believe time invested in yourself is beneficial? Time spent/invested should be for reviewing, refining, and expanding your perspectives and opportunities. Decide what improvements you want to make in your life. Your self-reflection/evaluation can lead to creating exceptional personal change for self-improvement. Become a happier person.

  • Are you open to spending at least 15 minutes, 3 times a week, reflecting on your personal life and others? This includes your wants, desires, and needs for change?
  • Do you believe you can create more value in your life?
  • Have you reached your full potential? 

For the individuals who answered YES, YES & NO to these 3 questions and more than one YES to the RED questions above, in Data Block #8, you are a perfect candidate to get involved in the PLB Academy.

Data Block #18

Intentional self-reflection creates NEW visions. Your next few minutes of reading and listening will challenge you with essential, eye-opening life questions. Re-listen to the videos you found most challenging. Write down your thoughts on the first pages of your notebook. All your notes become a journal filled with golden nuggets of information. Later on, you will build on your information as you go through the Personal Legacy Builder Academy program.

  • Examine your beliefs.  
  • Understand, on a deeper level, what your causes are.
  • Redefine your purpose and options in life.
  • Understand your “why” in life.
  • Become a happier person.

 Keeping a 6×9 notebook (recommended) and pen by your side will help organize your thoughts as you read along. You will experience having your thoughts race. Individual questions or comments will trigger new thoughts and ideas. Get those thoughts written down immediately. In the 1st FREE gift, 14  Personal Exercises to help deepen your thoughts about life.  Look in the box below, starting with – Do you want. You will find more benefits to writing down your thoughts.

You will also need a quiet place, free of distractions. Allow yourself time to concentrate and reflect on each question. Determine how each question applies to you, affects your life and others. Use this time to start creating intentional change to improve your happiness.

By the answers you write down in your notebook, you will realize you have room for intentional change in your life. The PLB Academy program will assist you in digging deeper, working with your answers, so you can continuously get to improve your life and others.

Data Block #19

The PLB Academy offers new tools & guides to simplify, sort out, and enhance your life journey. Start smoothing out the bumps in your road of life. Your investment in time with PLB can and should be a quiet, reflective, private session with your mind! The PLB program is all about you and building on your life options. 

  1. Who you are,
  2. your life visions,
  3. personal development,
  4. your quality of life,
  5. how you value your life and others,
  6. evaluating your wants and needs,
  7. appreciating your uniqueness,
  8. improving your choices, decisions, and actions,
  9. your health, communication, and relationships,
  10. how to improve your life skills, 
  11. changing your day-to-day routines and habits,
  12. learning something new,
  13. Challenging your current perspective & mindset,
  14. how you interact with others,
  15. being with people who improve your life,
  16. knowing the benefits of random acts of kindness,
  17. where you want to go in life,
  18. how you will get there,
  19. end-of-life concerns,
  20. and the value of building your legacy.
  21. A priceless gift you get to create.
  22. The how and why others will remember you!

Knowing your “Why” and expanding your options is essential for creating change. Don’t let fear keep you from doing the right thing.

Data Block #20

The PLB program guide provides ideas and questions to challenge your mindset. This is an opportunity for your personal growth and choices to change. One way to find out what’s in it for you – Keep reading! Advancing your life does require your investment in time to create intentional changes. 

Make this your creative time to review, develop, and refine dreams and life situations. Make this your time to revise, change, or create new goals and create corrective action to fill in any life gaps.  Imagine the benefit of expanding your current levels of thinking. What does your life map look like so far? 

There is an example life map chart in the PLB program. Determine where you are at and what you need to add to your life to create your change!  Rediscover your “Why.”

Agree or Disagree: It’s essential to understand how you got to where you are and its root cause. That is part of your “Why.” Then by knowing where you are and taking action on your wants and needs, you continue to have personal growth. Next, understand what needs to change and where you want to go in life. Finally, creating a current plan of action. Make time for how you will get to that place. Reap the benefits for yourself and others.

How would you feel with new perspectives and accomplishments?

Please share this page on social media with your friends for those who see the value of this information. Your choices, decisions, and actions can make a difference in their life and yours!

Data Block #21

Positive Change and Personal Growth is a process requiring intentional thinking and action.

Your answers and actions can have a profound, measurable impact on your life and others. This includes your thoughts, disposition, and plans. What are your perspectives, visions, and purpose of life NOW? What actions do you take to making your world and the world around you a better place every day?

Are you involved in any activity that you are not willing to pay the price for later in life? 

Example: Your health. See how your perspectives grow after your experience with reading the PLB program. When do you consider yourself too old to change? Or to learn new information that helps you choose to improve yourself?

Data Block #22

The NEW Personal Legacy Builder (PLB) program is a perfect tool for self-improvement. Get into the PLB Academy program for yourself or give it as a gift.  Evaluate and find areas of your life to revise, improve, or change. Every person has a unique, undefined, ever-changing life path. Our path then mixes in with other people. 

  • Your life does not have a written script like a TV show or movie.
  • There is no plot or outline to develop your life story.
  • There is no acting.
  • There is no known, planned outcome that has to fit around many commercials in a fixed time. 

It’s just real life. Yet, we each have a built-in system to strive to want to be happy.  Did this happen by chance or by design?

Data Block #23

Earlier in Data Block #4,  the question was asked, “How long do you expect or want to live.” What number came to your mind? Now, subtract your age from that number. This equals the number/amount of your potential years left, providing nothing unexpected happens. What are your plans to enjoy and make the best use of the time? What do you want the end of your life cycle to be like?

Warning: Your comfort zone may be stretched! How will you respond?

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Data Block #24

Answering the questions on this web site and in the 3 FREE gifts are for part of your continued self-evaluation. These are essential parts of your life audit. The exercises are a tool to review your mindset and life direction. Make this a time to identify your strengths and weaknesses. 

  • You can gain a greater appreciation for your personal growth and life direction.
  • Life is NOT a competition.  
  • Each person travels to the beat of their own drum.
  • Others remember you NOT for what you did, but for how you made them feel!

From PLB Academy, you choose what is most valuable and essential to improving your life. Your visions then need a plan of action—nextfollow-through. Action and accountability are vital for you to create change. Self-awareness is necessary for problem-solving and designing your next move. Make time to expand your thought process, quality of life, and future success. 

Amaze yourself with new ideas. Look at and check your communication skills, lifestyle, health, and quality of relationships. Gain ways to improve your life and become happier. Learn or reaffirm what others need from you. Experience the value and comfort of the building and writing your life story. 

>>No one tells your story better than you!<<

Your letters/messages will become priceless gifts.  Your family, friends, and future generations will treasure them. Investing in yourself and others has many transformational rewards for improving your life. Always remember, One act of kindness can change another person’s world. That lasts a lifetime!

Four colors of text are used, plus two shades of black. The purpose is to enhance your reading and thought experience.  This is a creative way to highlight important information. A gold color is used once to make a crucial point.

Agree or Disagree: You should want to invest in yourself. You deserve the peace of mind, self-confidence, and personal daily growth to prosper. You need time, love, and encouragement to find ideas to help improve your life and the lives of others!

Data Block #25

What is in your life already? What’s missing in your life? Your life includes, but is not limited to, your values. Life experience includes your possessions, living conditions, choices, decisions, and actions. Plus, your life skills, health, communication, and personal growth. Also, relationships with your family, friends, people you meet, and future generations. Do you ever think about where your “fit in?” Be sure to read the PLB segment, “How do You Fit In?”

Reviewing all these subjects reinforce your direction and purpose in life. Life is busy and complicated! Is it essential to live with a higher purpose and value your life more?

The information in the PLB Academy program is a unique NEW tool for your personal development and growth.

What have you written down so far?  What new ideas have you come up with on areas of your life you choose to improve? Do you want to keep being challenged by the questions and what you are reading?

Click this link to go to PLB – Part Three

Can one decision change your life?

NO one can tell your story better than YOU!