PLB Mind Expansion – Part Three

PLB Mind Expansion – Part Three


For anyone viewing this on a cell phone, read in landscape.  

Are you open-minded?

How valuable are your choices & decisions? See the flip side.

Can one decision, idea, question, or action change your life?

Again, what have you written down so far? These are valuable thoughts!


The PLB Academy is NOT something you have to do. Are your ready to take action on your wants and needs? Are you ready to create change? If so, WHEN?

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Personal Legacy Builder (PLBis a market place of ideas, questions, values, and life options. Are you interested in:

  1. Improving your quality of life,
  2. Having more self-awareness?
  3. Increasing free time and reducing stress?
  4. Helping yourself become a better person
  5. and being a person with high integrity?

Do you appreciate and understand how you inspire and affect others? This is a vital part of your legacy.

Creating change by choice is essential for personal growth. Change requires desire and action! Making time to review life perspectives, accomplishments, situations, gaps, and your life map can be transformational. A choice to do nothing will not create change to improve your life. This creates a life RUT!

Despite what you have gone through in life so far, you are at the beginning of your future. Your choices and decision make a difference. Where do you want to go from here? Evaluating past and present situations create new visions. Imagine what you could gain by having:

  1. better health goals,
  2. increasing the quality of your communication and life skills,
  3. building higher-quality relationships,
  4. readjusting and expanding your mindset,
  5. and being prepared for end-of-life issues.

Your new visions create an opportunity for improved life change.

No one knows when your life cycle will end. Do you want more out of life NOW, and to improve your decisions for your life challenges? Remember, you are unique. Personal responsibility and accountability are vital factors. 

Again, intentional time spent to look at the quality of your life, legacy, and self-awareness can be life-changing! 

What are these opportunities going to be worth to you? Time will tell by the choices you make now. What additional thoughts, emotions, or feelings just came to mind?

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After the questions so far – what thoughts have come to your mind?  The PLB Academy program will assist you in searching for and developing answers to these questions.

Discover how your perspectives and mindset are challenged in the 1st FREE gift. Be sure to write down the thoughts that are triggered.

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The purpose of PLB is to expand your levels of thinking and improve your life experience by creating:

  • A new road for making intentional life decisions and goals.
  • A path to choose what changes are necessary to make your life better.
  • A starting point to take a different look at your world and obstacles.
  • A chance to look at common-sense actions to gain better control and management of your life.
  • Questions of why you do or do not do something.
  • Open-ended, more in-depth thinking about your lifestyle, health, communication, relationships, and legacy.
  • Reasons to act and view others better who we consider different.
  • A situation to review a habit you need to break and imagine the benefits.
  • A time to review and or break any limiting beliefs or feelings of being a victim of circumstances.
  • An excellent opportunity to look at your life and the lives of others through a new window.
  • Creating ways to increase your effective use of time.
  • A guide for organizing and building your legacy. 
  • Encouragement and a guide to recognizing your legacy value.
  • A need to appreciate the value of your personal, unique life and purpose.

 Make time to get back to small items that can create significant change. Decide on the areas of life you want and need to improve! Fill in empty spots, the gaps in your life! Find value in making time to rediscover ways to improve yourself and others. Get excited to expand your self-awareness to create improved lifestyles. Create great end-of-life experiences for those you love and care about?

Look at the additional benefits of the program. See the light gray box further down the page, starting with: “Again, the PLB program is about you.” There is so much valuable, thought-provoking material in this program to help improve your life. But only if you are willing to take the time and effort!

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Here is more information about the need to keep your notebook and making notes.

Your mind has already started, is going to, or will race at times. You will experience a flood of thoughts.  Many questions will challenge your thoughts and perspectives.  As you read, you will experience triggered important thoughts, emotions, and ideas. It would be best to write your ideas and feelings down as soon as they come to mind

Your notes will turn into a valuable, eye-opening Journal. You will later expand, refine, and rethink your initial thoughts and personal goals. (Most sections in the PLB program have a line number and page number for quick reference.)

Change requires action. Your notes become yourgolden nuggets” to help change and improve life situations. Also, your notes will create an outline of important points to include in your life story. Your memories hold valuable and essential life lessons for your growth. Plus, others can learn from your experiences. This is the value of your legacy. Use your notes to review, build on, and create change. Use your time left wisely!

  • Imagine yourself making better decisions.
  • Imagine developing new actions to improve, fix, modify, or resolve situations in your life!
  • Imagine being a happier person knowing you make a difference.

Are you open and excited about expanding your thought process? Improve and enjoy your quality of life more. Increased self-awareness of life has many rewards! As you continue reading, amaze yourself at the thoughts that come to your mind.

First decision:  Are you still open and ready to investing time to read more about how you can choose to improve your life? If so, keep reading. What ideas have you written down?

It's your time to begin. - You have 2 clear options: What is your choice?

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You can click on any GIFT or ENROLL logo to order your 1st FREE gift and to ENROLL. Or use the tab at the bottom of this page. Then finish reading the life questions on this web page. This sets the stage for getting the full benefit of the PLB Academy. The more open-minded you are will allow you to benefit the most from the questions you will be asked.  LOGO Links are not yet active.

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What patterns of behavior have become a habit? Are the habits/practices harmful to other people? What about your personal growth, health, or decision making? Do any of your habits hold you back? If so, how? What life routines and issues do you deal with every day? Are you in a  healthy and safe environment? Determine what changes you want and need!

You can create change in your life and others. First, identify the want, need, problem, or situation. Then you must decide what action to take. To be successful, you have to follow through! PLB also helps you know the importance and value of your legacy building. Your legacy can be a priceless gift to your future generations. Finally, your end of life planning requires attention. Your planning NOW is so necessary for those continuing to live when your life cycle ends. Be sure to review the BONUS gift, Life Exit Plan documents, in the PLB program. Determine what you have in place.

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>>>>>The mechanics for this program being available online is almost ready.  After reading this page, for those interested, to get on the list of first recipients, please send your e-mail address to:

In the subject line, write, “ADD ME TO THE FIRST RECIPIENT LIST.” 

You can also ask any questions you have about the program. Or make comments about the value you have gained from the information on this web page.

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What is the value and purpose of your life and legacy to others? Do you consider your benefit to include desirability, moral principles, respect, and judgment? What about becoming healthier or having better communication?  As a result of improving life skills, what would change in your life? Imagine how your actions NOW can impact your future?

What about becoming less stressed and more open? Or building stronger relationships and gaining more confidence. Keep refining your perspectives, attitude, and life skills daily. You can become more relaxed. You will find paths to greater success. What about your mental and spiritual freedom? Do you think mental and spiritual freedom is a state of mind? Imagine your long term results and happiness. Let’s examine some more benefits.

When your life cycle comes to an end, your legacy is what you leave behind. Your legacy can be an essential asset. Do you want others to have great memories of you? Do you want them to continue being happy as their life continues? If “yes,” then your action is required now!

You can have a significant impact

on your celebration of life, resulting from your actions now!

Data Block #33

Imagine if you died in the next week. Do you know the many unexpected problems that will exist for your family and those you care about? At the end of your life cycle, who will resolve estate issues? You must be aware of those issues. Will, your family, get your assets, or due to a lack of action, will the state get your assets to conduct an estate sale? Who will be in charge of bank accounts to pay bills?

One of the BONUS components of  PLB has an extensive list of items you should review concerning end-of-life matters. Consider now and assess the consequences for others by this life-changing event. How will they survive your passing? Is your Life Exit plan a necessary tool and valuable for those your love?

Expanding your thoughts and finding ways to create change helps you become happier. Also, enjoy getting more out of life while building your legacy.

Data Block #34

PLB is a tool, guide, and workbook to start action ideas about improving your quality of life. Self-evaluate your needs and wants by answering the questions in PLB. Find areas of your life you choose to develop, grow, and improve.  No one else is like you. Your life is full of many experiences. Up until this moment, you have a unique life story, a legacy. NO one can tell your story better than you! You have a beginning, middle, and end to your life cycle. Make time to review your journey so far. Build on your wisdom. Imagine what your future holds in store. Make new plans and take action!

Data Block #35

FACT: No one knows how much time they have to live. Every day you get to live is a valuable new opportunity and experience. Get your life story written down and keep it up to date. Learn from other people! Allow others to learn from your life lessons. Don’t become a fading memory. 

Agree or Disagree: Your life situations include high points and low points – all filled with successes and failures. You will experience struggles, conflicts, challenges, turmoil, and suffering. All of these situations affect not only your personal life but your career path and productivity – for example, an unhealthy or toxic relationship. 

What obstacles hold you back? Your particular circumstances will change. Unwanted or difficult/painful changes can slow down or derail your education pursuits, dreams, and daily living. Every situation has a root cause and consequence. Planned changes are more likely to produce better results. How do you Appreciate your happy time?. Apply what you learn to new situations.

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Agree or Disagree: Your growth, interaction, and success needs positive decisions and actions.

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Are you only living day to day? How would you complete this sentence? “I will be happy when ….?”   

Imagine being able to reduce stress and create an atmosphere of kindness. Never underestimate the power of a hug or a smile. Make others feel more special. You never know when that one small act will change a person’s day. Become amazed at the results and what you get in return.
Self-examination and self-assessment provide you with a self-analysis. You do this by self-reflection, answering many questions about different segments of life. Some items may make you uncomfortable.  Expect to feel uncomfortable. Allow your comfort zone to stretch! It is okay and needed for personal growth. From the ideas and thoughts you write down, this becomes a basis for change. Finding the areas of your life you want to improve has significant value.
Next, develop a plan of action and follow through to create personal life change. To see necessary life changes, use the tools provided in PLB, to conduct a personal inventory of your life. This includes, but is not limited to, your habits, thoughts, fears, and successes—also, your health, communication, goals, perspectives, life skills, and growth.  Make time to examine your current life map! See the example life map included in the program.
 Give yourself time to
  • look at where you have been,
  • where you are now,
  • who you associate with and
  • plan for your future. Decide what you want to accomplish and where you want to be.

This process is an analysis of what makes you tick. Including a look at root causes of obstacles, where you fit in, and how you affect others! What you choose to do with your information, helps determine your change, resulting in future successes. How critical is planning in your life? Define where you want to be in 1, 5, 10, 15 years from now, barring any unforeseen circumstance? Be flexible. Readjust as needed. How much are these values worth to you and those you love?

Data Block #37

Invest time in yourself every day to create change. Take this time to challenge and review your current life situations. Does your life direction need any changes? And what about your thoughts on the value and quality of your life and relationships with others. Does that need change? Expand your mindset, perspectives, and comfort zones. Let’s find decisions and actions you can choose to create change. Imagine how this will impact your family, friends, and co-workers.

Pull out a photo taken of yourself five years ago. What changes have occurred? Are you happy with what you see now? What plans did you have five years ago to be where you are now? Now imagine where you will be and what you will look like in another five years.

You now have access to a market place of life ideas. Questions provide time for you to analyze your past and current situations. This action creates a path for self-improvement, which leads to creating change? Where do you plan to be in six months or five years from now? What will your mental, physical, financial, and spiritual condition be? What’s your written action plan to get there?

Data Block #38

Are you satisfied with your current life skills, health, relationships, communication skills, and situations? Do you know how you fit in? Do you know what makes you tick? Discover new ideas by continuing to read the content of the web page.

In real life, there are no scripts with planned outcomes as on TV and in the movies. We all have to navigate our storms of life. Unexpected events occur with challenging circumstances. The list is endless. Or an illness, injury, a family death, or your death! These events change numerous lives, sometimes in a split second. Or we are growing old. Why are people encouraged to make retirement plans? Why do people stop there? An essential phase of life occurs after the end of retirement? 

What are the effects of these situations on those you care for? Is it essential to consider the consequences of each? The impending results need your attention to detail and action now. Consider what difference you can make in someone else’s life? You can make a difference. Then enjoy your life more by creating change to be happier.

A choice to do nothing will eventually result in unnecessary frustration and pain. The pain includes confusion and apathy. Also, anger, heartache, and long term suffering for those you care about. People need proper information to resolve specific issues. From personal experience, avoid these situations. Become comfortable with your mortality. The development of the PLB program is a result of the wisdom gained from life lessons learned. It’s essential to share these perspectives. You determine what you relate to and what is necessary for decision making and actions.

This FREE checklist is a guide to determine what you have in your life plan. You may discover/determine you need to add or change specific items. Or see the benefits of creating your life plan and refining your life skills. The majority of people do not have a life plan. Challenge your thoughts and perspectives NOW about the quality of your life. Look at how you can choose to make improvements. Also:

  • Check areas of your life you decide to change and improve.
  • Get ideas on how to build your Legacy.
  • No one knows your life story better than you.
  • Make a list now of who you think your Legacy will affect.

A life plan and self-evaluation are essential to creating change for personal growth. Will you make time to:

  • Review and develop your Life Plan? 
  • Find ways to improve your personal growth and self-awareness?
  • Consider all the people affected by your life.

Your action allows you to live a more fulfilled life.  Better decisions create change and a clearer vision of your life path and purpose. Again, are you satisfied with your current situation? Take the short QUIZ below.

        Data Block #39

Back to the first question: If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be and why?

Can you think of an entire list?  Are you writing your ideas down? Keep reading about this unique, eye-opening, and compelling NEW program. Everyone gets only one life cycle.  Make the best use of your time, talent, and convictions. Each day provides more building blocks for your story, your legacy.

Know that one change can provide a new dream or goal. Your chosen action can create personal growth, direction, and purpose.

In your list above that you made about who your legacy will affect, did you include great-grandchildren you may never meet? Your plans now could change their lives. Learn more about this in the program.

Imagine how your life would be when that one change happened? How would you feel? What would your life be like changing more than one item? What is the value of your legacy to your family, friends, and future generations? Could your written legacy and actions NOW become a part of someone else’s survival guide? What worries you the most? What prevents a change in your life? Let’s dig into these and other critical thoughts, perspectives, and life questions.

Data Block #40

Daily, you get 86,400 seconds to use like everyone else. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. What new lesson or wisdom did you gain from the past to use for making today better? How will your decision now impact the future? Should you wake up the next day, your time bank is replenished with another 86,400 seconds. How well do you focus on the use of your time? Are you aware of wasted time? How you choose to spend your time NOW is what can improve and create change in your life. It’s vital at any age to have and pursue dreams. Don’t ever stop refining your life skills. Maintain a spirit of youth. Embrace the rewards you gain by investing in yourself and others. Enjoy your pursuit of happiness!

Keep reading.  You will be amazed at the thoughts that continue to come to your mind.

Life change, attitude, and personal growth do not happen overnight. When is the best time to start?   N  O  W !

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Can one decision change your life?

Change is a process that requires

Explore your options!

NO one can tell your story

 Do you see how one decision can change your life?  Start NOW! Are you excited and curious about how you will get to refine the thoughts you have written down? By the time you complete the academy, you will have a full journal of items you want to improve or change.

Please share this page on social media with your friends for those who see the value of this information. You can make a difference in their life!