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These three unique gifts for you contain valuable, eye-opening, thought-provoking, life-changing, self-paced personal information.

In each gift and this website, there are numerous questions, comments, ideas, and short videos to improve and expand your levels of thinking. Your self-awareness about how you choose to live your life will improve as you see more options. Use common sense tools to build your desired and needed self-improvement every day. Are you open-minded?

Life doesn’t always happen the way we want.

In life, everyone must plot new courses of action to navigate life. Each of your actions is most successful when uniquely based on the life obstacles you encounter.

Reading and applying this website’s information will help you understand your life more. Not to mention your effect on others.

The Personal Legacy Builder Academy for Self-Improvement

is an excellent guide. The value of your personal growth is essential to get more out of life. The Academy is a transformational Self-Awareness Masterclass. The purpose is to expand your thought process about life and available opportunities.

The result is to know the value of writing your life story. Your legacy is a priceless gift. Will you choose to leave your story in written form, sharing thoughts and lessons learned? Your family, friends, and future generations will appreciate your gift.

You will find personal questions, ideas, tools, and guides for different life areas. You choose what and how to create change.  The more you find will affect your success, happiness, well-being, and how you live your life. The values you use to live by, when intentionally improved, will set NEW paths to live a more abundant life.

You will have triggered thoughts, emotions, feeling, and ideas in the next 3 minutes of reading. See what they are and write them down as they occur! The writing you do will become a priceless journal and the foundation for self-improvement.

Quick Personal Survey #1:

Using a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being the best, write down NOW in your notebook the following: How do you rate yourself today on each of these 12 essential personal growth topics? One topic is broken down into 4 sub-topics.

Happiness, success, health, finances, stress levels, quality of sleep, communications, faith, use of time, sex, relationship quality (work, family, friends, current mate), and your current legacy (your value to others).

Place a * by the ones that are the hardest for you to talk about or discuss. Write down Why? In the PLB Academy, you get to look deeper into these self-ratings, and you're why! You get to create a positive plan to create change in your life and others. Then you must follow through with action!

Discover what is helpful in this program for you. Agree or Disagree: Any score under 100 is an indicator that you have room for improvement.

  • 1 Everyone is unique with different wants, needs, talents, joys, sorrows, and life opportunities.
  • 2 Everyone has different levels of challenges and life storms they struggle to get through. Some people let you know about them, and some don’t.
  • 3 Everyone has life baggage and feelings of guilt that slow them down or hold them back.
  • 4 Everyone by the choice of their actions can help make the world a better place.

This Academy is all about you and the self-improvement that you choose to act on.

The Academy is based on real-life experiences, ideas, and thoughts. It is valuable to build on what you already do well. Seeking other areas of life you want to improve helps you find the best ways to create positive change. Plus, building the gift of your legacy that you leave to others is priceless.

See what triggered thoughts, ideas, visions, people, or situations come to your mind. Continue reading.

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Again, if you could start changing one thing in your life starting today, what would it be and why?

Are you interested in improving

The quality of the choices, decisions, and actions that affect your life and others? If yes, the following 5 questions to answer NOW are

  • What do I want or need to change,
  • When will I start,
  • Where will my actions take me,
  • How will I create the change,
  • And why are these changes essential and valuable to me and others?

Let’s work on your answers and plans to create, design, develop, and produce beneficial, personal results.

If you think life is complicated now, imagine what it will be like in 1, 3, and 5 years from now!

All you need to start this life-changing program

Is an empty notebook, pen, a short time commitment, a desire to improve yourself, and an open mind.

Expanding your levels of thinking

for intentional self-awareness enhances your life perspectives and opportunity for success. It is best to make a commitment to investing a short time thinking about yourself. A good start is at least 14 minutes a day, 3 days a week reading to expand your self-awareness. As you gain value from your thoughts, increase your time commitment. Your actions will increase your opportunities to create change. Taking notes on triggered thoughts, ideas, and perspectives as you read is critical. The PLB Academy will open your eyes to potential transformational change options.

Intentional Self-Improvement is rewarding!

This Academy is all about you, starting today,

  • To take a self-check-up, an inventory of your life. A look at where you have been, your current mindset, where you are at now, and your plans to move forward.
  • To improve what you already do well,
  • Re-learn, and start using what you already know, but don’t use it often enough to improve or adjust in your life.
  • To expand your levels of thinking – Gathering new ideas and thoughts to build on items you struggle with.
  • Finding new areas of life you choose to improve.
  • Realizing how many ideas you can use for recording memorable moments about your legacy.

In this process, you will be doing an in-depth

self-paced, self-analysis, a life checkup

of your life skills, perspectives, health, communications, and relationships. For example, challenging your thoughts on how well you know your mind and body will broaden your mindset. Plus, part of the process helps you understand how you fit in the life cycle. By taking a

personal inventory of your life,

you will want to set new goals and learn to use NEW tools to live life with greater purpose.

Simple actions bring significant results. Plus, learn new ideas and tools to broaden your options and take action to improve your life.

Don’t be afraid of what could create transformational change in your life.

Imagine improved/expanded life skills, better health, communications, and stronger relationships in your circle of life! Your answers and actions NOW open up more options and potential for change. Change is a process, not an event. Change is an option and only occurs when an individual sees a personal benefit.

Investigate how the information in the Personal Legacy Builder Academy for Self-Improvement can affect your life and others. Find your value in boosting your confidence and life options. Improve your quality of life, starting right NOW?

See why so many people keep referring back to all the different sections for personal growth.

Do you Agree or Disagree with the following: What do you relate to… What affects your daily living… What would you add?

  • The world has become overpopulated. Over-population brings about many issues that aren’t addressed or beneficial. Life is fast-paced, impersonal, overly political, with lower or past standards that work. Few try to rule the many.
  • Many people need to improve their life skills, communications, health, attitudes, compassion, relationships, and opportunities.
  • There is a lack of two-way respect, tolerance, integrity, listening, self-control, courtesy, understanding, motivation, empathy, kindness, boundaries, fidelity, accountability, and common sense.
  • People don’t want to be accountable for their actions, have poor work ethics, and think they are owed something in life.
  • Too many are dependent on the government, electronic devices, social media likes, drugs, crime, instant messages, Google, Siri, Alexa, and participation trophies.
  • Days get filled with overinflated, busy schedules, and no time for planned, intentional self-improvement and self-reflection to enjoy life more.
  • What is most important to you in life right now?
  • People are quick to judge others without knowing all the facts.
  • People get bombarded with advertising, the news media viewpoints suggesting how and what we should think, other people’s problems, crude song lyrics, civil unrest, drugs, violent video games, and the consequences of bad choices, decisions, and actions.
  • Everyone deals with automated voice messages, self-checkouts, complex unending phone prompt menus, attitudes, texts, emails, social media, virtual meetings, the internet, one-parent households, and the list goes on. (See additional Bonus item in Gift #2 regarding the list of needed changes – See what you would add to the list)
  • These items lead to frustration, loneliness, loss of hope, and faith. It also leads to addictions, anxiety, stress, bags of guilt, isolation, and procrastination. Other items include closed-mindedness, lack of motivation, self-worth, depression, lack of direction, self-satisfaction, and use of common sense.

These life situations result in friction, useless non-productive stress, and poor decision-making.

People become trapped in an ugly cycle.

Everyone needs to find a turning point in their life.

  • It’s time to get back to common sense basics to restore and build better life skills and standards of health, communications, relationships, NEW visions to create change. Every action has a root cause.
  • Your life story and the legacy building are valuable to future generations.
  • By choice, everyone can choose what, where, when, how, and why to improve their life path based on the benefits they see.
  • I want to enjoy life more by improving my levels of thinking, sorting out my dreams, thoughts, goals, mindset, and ideas to create more opportunities.

Can one decision, idea, question, emotion, feeling, person, or action create a positive

CHANGE in YOUR LIFE and others?

Again, are you open-minded to exploring life-changing ideas and new opportunities and options for self-improvement?

  • If one decision could change your life and others, would you act?
  • Do you have an appetite for change and self-improvement?
  • What do you struggle the most with each day?
  • What consumes most of your time?
  • Plus, DO YOU WANT to refresh your thoughts and mindset about subjects you

don’t often think about but should?

Would you like to unravel your old thoughts and place them in a more productive order with new ideas and perspectives?

Fact: There is constant change in life – both expected and unexpected.

The PLB Academy’s target audience is any person who wants to improve their self-awareness and life skills to get more out of life and be happier.

You can choose to use simple but powerful, common-sense ideas, tools, and actions to expand your awareness and actions. Unravel your complexities of life.

Make time to review an in-depth inventory

of your life. Also, build your memorable legacy. Your thoughts, mindest, and perspectives also change. Find new ways you choose to create change for self-improvement, happiness, and success.

What are your daily priorities? What are you holding on to? Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, or 17 years? What is your plan to get there?

Seek and Embrace your potential life improvements!

People get too caught up

in daily routines, busy work, habits, emotions, feelings, and hangups. A lot of time becomes unproductive and wasted. Before you know it, another day and week are gone. It’s time you will never get back. People procrastinate! Suppose you waste 1 hour a day. That is 365 hours in a year or 15 days.

Do you want to allow Procrastination, frustration, poor time management, and emotional stress to become or remain in your normal state of being?

Quick Personal Survey #2

What would be the value to you in finding a minimum of 7 ways to improve life skills to get more out of life?

Here are 20 items to seriously consider. Read through the list. Which 7 categories would you choose to improve? Why did you choose them? It’s OK to choose more! Determine the value of each one in your life.  What is the value and importance of finding 7 ways to improve in each category listed?

Write your triggered thoughts down as they occur. Your written thoughts in this NEW journal will become the foundation to create change. After reading this page, make time to go back and refine your answers to the questions. Add to them and refine your thoughts and ideas.

While you are living, do you want to get  more out of life by:

  • 1 Improve decision-making.
  • 2 Improve self-confidence.
  • 3 Improve self-awareness.
  • 4 Improve health.
  • 5 Improve life mapping.
  • 6 Improve communications.
  • 7 Improve sex.
  • 8 Improve relationships.
  • 9 Improve boundaries.
  • 10 Improve Time-management
  • 11 Improve self-confidence.
  • 12 Improve success options.
  • 13 Improve your legacy building.
  • 14 Improve happiness and mindset.
  • 15 Improve what you think about success.
  • 16 Become more aware of the successful options.
  • 17 Decrease stress.
  • 18 Decrease obstacles.
  • 19 Decrease non-productive decisions.
  • 20 Decrease procrastination and frustration.

You become more empowered when you examine yourself and others.

A life checkup/audit triggers

new options, thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Expanding your thoughts and self-awareness leads to improving or opening new opportunities. With more options, you get to plan new actions. With new activities, you then find ways to adjust and refine your results. Your expanding personal growth leads to greater happiness and success. Your legacy building grows on a day-to-day basis. Your decisions, actions, and accountability determine the quality of your success, legacy, and happiness.

Expand self-awareness, life options, and opportunities. Reap the rewards! Your action helps to improve your life skills and perspectives to get more out of life.

How often do you wish you had something someone else has? Now, consider how many people there are that wish they had what you have. What if you woke up tomorrow with only what you were thankful for today? Perspectives are important and essential in making your decisions.

Fact: When your life cycle ends – Life continues to go on. In this Academy, you will be reminded of many essential issues to consider for those you care for.

Quick Personal Survey #3

While you are living, do you want to get  more out of life by:

  • Being happier?
  • Living longer?
  • Reduce stress?
  • Change direction?
  • Become healthier?
  • Be more organized?
  • Reduce frustration?
  • Communicate better?
  • Create a lasting legacy?
  • Wonder where you fit in?
  • Build stronger relationships?
  • Overcome end-of-life issues?
  • Appreciate your life cycle more?
  • Need to start a new life chapter?
  • Ever question your purpose in life?
  • Make better life-changing decisions?
  • Be better tomorrow than you were today?
  • Need a life adjustment or attitude change?
  • 1 What are you planning for your future?
  • 2 What actions are needed to improve?
  • 3 YOU can choose to start NEW Plans today!

Explore your options! Dig deeper into creating more success.

WARNING: Comfort Zones May get stretched!

How many questions did you answer “yes” to in the list above? Any yes answer is an indication change is needed. The question then becomes HOW! ACTION on your part, no matter how large or small, can create change to all your “yes” responses and more!

Are you ready to learn more

about your options to improve life situations, expand your self-awareness, and open new opportunities to create positive change?

If yes,

Click the link in the yellow box for the next eye-opening section. See what NEW thoughts are triggered by what you read and hear in the short videos. See what applies to your life situations the most! The Personal Questions and information in the PLB Academy for Self-Improvement will continue your

Life Check-up, a self-Audit, and legacy building.

Nobody has a greater interest in your personal growth than you. Nobody can tell your life story better than you!

Keep writing your thoughts down.

Take this time to keep analyzing your life direction and map. Seek to find better solutions to enjoy life more.