2 New Relationship Building Modules

Part One contains 339 questions covering a wide assortment of thoughts and ideas about life options/potential situations in relationships, communications, love, and sex. In Part Two – Engagement and Beyond, has an additional 143 questions to ponder for your personal relationship growth. Expanding your self-awareness and challenging your mindset and attitudes create new ideas to pursue. That is a total of 482 questions. Imagine finding only 7 new ways to improve a relationship. Would that be beneficial to you?

In addition, on the PLB website, you will find six pages that contain another 700 plus personal questions. Are you open-minded enough to take a self-audit and unique inventory of your life so far? It is an eye-opening event to help locate untapped or unused life potential. When you choose to register in the Academy, you will gain access to the learning modules. In Part Two, you get an additional exercise for personal growth. One contains 114 emotions and feelings to consider. Look at how they impact your relationships every day. Analyze how they apply to you, your mindset, and your living conditions. Consider each one for expanding your comfort zones to gain more self-confidence and enhance your relationship-building skills. Finally, you get to go through 70 plus elements of a relationship plus 50 items that are possible reasons a marriage or relationship experiences problems. Again, see if you can find seven (7) or more ways to improve your communication and relationship skills! Your investment in time to improve yourself and others are priceless!

Table of Contents
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