When people die unexpectedly…and it happens all the time

If you happen to die unexpectedly – for example, a car wreck or sudden illness – Your Procrastination could be costly to others! Consider what that day would look like for others. Here’s why. As of 2010 – 54 % of the U.S. population died without a will. It may be higher now with the increasing population. Do you ever wonder why? Are people that busy with everyday stuff that they fail to prepare an exit plan? Do you know what the consequences are for other people when you die without a will? That is over 174,200,000 people. Wills can be simple or complex, depending on your situation.  A legal will helps protect all that you have worked for throughout your life. A will is a tool to keep your collection of items from going to the state and or being subject to a bunch of legal fees.  There is a lot of information on the web about making a will.  A will should be a part of your Personal Exit Plan. In the 3rd FREE gift, you will find more information on this subject.  One of the modules in the PLB Academy covers more in-depth information you need to consider. Be sure to read Gift #3.

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