A Life-check-up system for Self-Improvement

A Life-check-up system for Self-Improvement


Your “One valuable, life to live”… and it’s not a rehearsal…So…

  • Can one decision change your life and someone else?

  • As the days and weeks pass by, are you making the best use of your time and other assets to advance your happiness, well-being, and others?

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Life is complex, full of systems, regulations, other people, and an unlimited number of issues. Life is also filled with dreams and questions about being better, happier, and less stressed. Your good and difficult times become mixed with many daily challenges and unexpected obstacles.

Each day you get to live; your automated five senses and eleven intricate, interactive body systems, along with your mind, develop choices and actions that help you control, regulate and navigate life. 

What you choose to do with your time and feed your mind and body helps you to use many emotional, physical, and spiritual life elements. Every experience and challenge you face increases your wisdom, future opportunity, and ability for success. What are you most thankful for in your life and doing to improve yourself and others every day?

The Personal Legacy Builder Academy for Self-Improvement is a tool and life guide. The programs are over-flowing with questions, thoughts, and ideas to help you recognize your special uniqueness. By expanding your self-awareness you gain more tools for self-improvement. Are you interested in options to improve your life situations? Also, a time to list and build/improve your legacy. And to see more life options and opportunities to resolve or smooth out life challenges. Plus, create new ideas to improve and enhance what you choose to do with each day and the rest of your life cycle. Finally, to realize your importance to others. Know why and how you affect them by the actions you choose throughout your life cycle. Make this a time to think openly about your quality of life and subjects you don’t usually consider.

The next 10 to 13 minutes

of your time will be life-changing. Reading, listening, and thinking about this eye-opening information will help facilitate and expand your life ideas and mindset. The questions and tools provide suggestions and alternative actions to improve your self-awareness, self-image, and living conditions. The best part is you get to choose what you want or need to improve. Mind expansion is necessary for positive personal growth.

Jot down your thoughts as you read along! Your new collection of thoughts will serve as the foundation for creating change in your life and others.

The Personal Legacy Builder (PLB) Academy for Self-Improvement results from 60 plus years of actual life experiences, interaction, and observation of thousands of people.

This website, the videos, and questions are a mastermind introduction to your

self-audit and life check-up.

Keep reading to see if you qualify to enroll.

Tools Needed:

  • Time away from distractions to read and think
  • A notebook and pen to write down triggered thoughts and ideas
  • Time to refine your notes and make plans for action.
  • Follow-through.

Cell phone users – view this yellow box in landscape mode.

Key thought!

Are you open-minded?

How valuable are your choices & decisions? See the flip side.

Can one decision, idea, question, emotion, feeling, or action

CHANGE YOUR LIFE? - Find out many ways to get more out of life.

The dictionaries define self-improvement in many ways. Here are a few:

  • The process of making yourself a better person from your own efforts.
  • The activity of learning new things for making you a more skilled or able person.
  • To change one’s mind, status, position, money, friends, abilities, fitness, and education by their own efforts.
  • Making changes to one’s life strategies to gain social status or opportunities.
  • To acquire new success by your actions.
  • Any change you try to make to increase your living opportunities.

Everything you have been through in your life so far serves a purpose. How and why you are who you are today and for how you will handle your future. Reviewing your memories and current life situations will bring up new ideas and visions on applying lessons learned.

Learning and personal growth are lifelong processes. Whether you are 14 or 80 plus years old, from homeless to well off, it’s never wrong to work on life planning, both short-term and long-term. But there is a point where it is too late.

Time, a human-made term to define periods of existence. Time is a continuous element and measure yet has a finite boundary to all living beings and creatures. You have a beginning, middle, and end to your life cycle on earth. Your beginning is the result of previous generations. The middle is what you get to live now and how well you appreciate and utilize life. The end is the conclusion of your life cycle. Time marches on! As others continue to live, your legacy will be what’s left for future generations. 

See what personal questions, ideas, and thoughts you can relate to or want to modify for self-improvement. Seek to build on what thoughts, views, ideas, and opinions become triggered by the videos and what you read. Develop a deeper connection and understanding of your value and of the people you have relationships with. Make time to dig deeper into your personal life, thoughts, and dreams. This Academy is a marketplace of life ideas for self-improvement.

See if you can find at least 7 ways to improve yourself and others to get more out of life. What would that be worth?

Taking needed action to improve life is essential. Never lose sight of rethinking what defines your character and reputation. Know what others see in you and how you affect them.

One unique, rewarding way is to do a self-audit, a life-check-up!

The PLB Academy is full of ideas, thoughts, questions, and tools to expand and facilitate your self-awareness for personal growth. This becomes your life check-up, a self-audit. Consider the value of life skills you currently have and what you do best. What are your chosen life directions? How do your goals, decisions, and actions affect the direction of your daily living and others? How do your daily accomplishments improve your life and others? Why is your legacy building so valuable? What is on your life map? Who is affected by a life exit plan? Do others value and understand your communications? Is your health what you want it to be? Are you interested in improving the quality and depth of your relationships?

All this and more in the PLB Academy for Self-improvement.

Life is an incredible, extraordinary journey and adventure when adequately cared for each day. In this self-paced program, you choose your own needed path of self-improvement.

Never stop expanding your levels of thinking and perceptions. Widen and challenge your mindset. Take an in-depth look at your life maps. The personal questions will challenge, impact, and trigger thoughts about:

  • your results of everyday living, habits, and routines

  • areas of life you don’t often think about but should.

How you use your time, courage, integrity, ambition, wisdom, and self-control helps define your success, courtesy, and fidelity to others. How you think, make decisions, and choose to act are vital for good choices and decisions to make the world a better place. Also, you can enhance how you see yourself and others. Open up your mind’s eye to different or optional opportunities to improve yourself and others.

Determine what applies to you. Do your check-up. Invest in your Self-awareness. See what you agree or disagree with to enhance your life and others!

This self-paced program has many benefits explained throughout this website and videos.  The programs help people realize, see and learn how to

  • Get more happiness out of life by making planned adjustments.
  • Use time more efficiently.
  • Face and solve problems better
  • Build a lasting legacy.

The resulting benefits come from the choices, actions, and accountability they choose.

Every person’s life is uniquely different, with purpose and value. However, that fact becomes clouded by life difficulties. Each will experience problems, obstacles, and opportunities along a selected or unexpected path of life. How we choose to act or react can make us better individuals and more sensitive/aware of how to help others in their times of need.

Life provides us with our abilities to seek, learn, and decide how to solve problems best. We learn by listening, reading, and interacting with others. We teach many people through our actions and shared life experiences and ideas. Where and how do you fit into the complexities of life? 

What do you struggle with the most each day? At what point do you say,

“I need a change, or I need help?”

How often and how much time have you ever devoted to something that never happened?

Who do you trust and why? Do you have blind spots in your life? Do you build and maintain a positive, healthy, and consistent outlook on life?

Are you interested in making transformational changes in your life situations and others? If so, keep reading.

Can you define what holds you back from solving life issues and gaining more success and less stress?  What do you want more than anything else right now?

Facing problems helps us become stronger and wiser to enjoy and appreciate the good times. In the end, it’s about the choices, decisions, and accountability of your actions. How have you treated yourself, made others feel, and used the time in your life cycle so far?

The results of your life journey become the legacy that you will leave to future generations and those still living!

Do you want, need and expect more out of life?

If yes, your action is required.  Start NOW by making a quick list of what comes to mind first for what you want, need, or expect (dreams) to change? 

There is a ton of useful, common-sense information in the PLB Academy programs. Again, all the questions and information are a result of and based on real-life situations, experiences, and solutions.

Every person’s time is a valuable asset.

How do you use yours? 

  • If you are not interested in self-improvement or making your life better, don’t read any further.
  • With that mindset, you will not find value in this information for self-improvement.
  • Are you unwilling or too busy with daily routines, habits, or personal ruts to invest in your future development?
  • Or you want to wait for and hope for something lucky to happen.
  • If this is your mindset, this information would only challenge your life perspectives on how to improve.

So, planned personal development is not for you at this time since you do not perceive any value.

Reading the personal questions presented could only expand, challenge, and check your mindset levels to gain more success and happiness in life. Why take that chance? By the way, not reading on is still a choice.
If you see no value or have no interest in building a better, great, lasting legacy, stop reading. Don’t read further! Don’t waste your time investing in yourself. If you don’t want the free eye-opening gifts to start checking your life perspectives, mindset, and more life options, stop. You will most likely not gain anything positive from this information.
It would be best to have a thirst and desire to improve your quality of life and others. But, your chance for tremendous success will increase by choosing to keep reading. Seek to gain new perspectives of yourself and others. See how you can use this self-audit process and information presented to expand and enhance your life, mindset, happiness, and life-solving skills. Your actions may even help to live longer!
On the other side of the coin, you want and need to learn more about yourself and others! Awesome! You will continue to seek ideas to improve yourself and others.
See why others read and re-read this information as a tool to gain new ideas on improving life situations. Learn how to build a lasting legacy while enjoying life more.

Here are more potential benefits of what the PLB Academy programs can enhance. Determine what you relate to and what you want to do to improve your life activities.

  • Helping you reenergize how you see yourself and others. Also, to make good decisions and evaluate how your choose to treat yourself and others. Create better health, communications, and stronger relationships, while building your legacy.
  • Improving your self-awareness about life opportunities by using simple and common-sense ideas. How you choose to improve is up to you. Also, evaluating ways to solve life’s problems and navigate obstacles.
  • Helping you become more self-aware. Learning new possibilities to improve your life choices, decisions, and actions.
  • Opening up and challenging your mindset on how you view and tackle everyday challenges.
  • Better appreciate the value of your life, time, friends, family, and those you choose to be around.
  • Find ways to utilize your skills better. Refine life skills, and develop new life skills to help make life less stressed and rewarding.
  • Evaluate your own life mindset before using the time to criticize or judge others harshly. They have their own set of situations.
  • Preparing an outline to write and share your life story, a legacy to be remembered by your future generations.
  • Encourage each reader to think about their life opportunities, direction, and purpose openly, creating new paths for self-improvement.
  • The programs are self-paced to maximize your personal benefits.

Imagine – you decide to begin changing or improving one thing from your list, starting today.  What would it be and why?

This is your starting point, a foundation of self-examination – a self-audit. A time to discover different perspectives and ideas to be more successful in your life cycle. This is a health checkup of your mindset and perspectives—a time to look at your life map and plans for the future. Do you want to reduce stress and communicate better? What about becoming healthier while building stronger relationships? Finally, do you seek to become happier? If yes, you will find many of the program’s benefits for improving your future successes useful.  Meet the challenge!

See how you answer all the personal questions. What do you think you need more of: Money and acquired stuff, respect and recognition, or purpose and a calling?
Agree or Disagree: In reality, you need to find a healthy balance of them all. Enjoy your self-audit.

3 *   FREE   *   FREE   *   FREE   * Gifts

The gifts for you are filled with valuable, eye-opening, life-changing information to help you create positive change.

 What consumes most of your time during the day? How much time gets wasted? What life situations create pain, stress, or worry for you? What life situations provide you the most happiness? You need to identify and focus on your specific problem areas. Then determine what holds you back from taking action. Create a plan and move forward. The Personal Legacy Builder Academy helps you find paths to fix/improve the life challenges you get faced with.

Make this your time to look at subjects, situations, and ideas you don’t often think about.

Free up time to work on building your legacy while enjoying life more.

Your thoughts and responses to personal questions will trigger new ideas and impulses for self-improvement. Review your why and how you view life experiences and help others.

Improving and expanding your levels of thinking, awareness, and mindset lead to new ideas and thoughts for creating change. Let’s see what you find in your self-audit.

You will be amazed at what you choose to add to or change on your list!

Gift 1 & 2 – Presents personal mind exercises, questions, and ideas to help define your wants, needs, and options for self-improvement – get more out of life! Make time to think about ideas and subjects you are too side-tracked to think about.

Gift 3 – Ideas for building, refining, and improving your life situations, plans, health, communications, relationships, and legacy.  (More info on the gifts below.)

There are many variables in each family situation, school setting, business environment, and every relationship.  The factors and choices made determine the value and if you gain good or bad results.  The PLB Academy is about taking a check-up of your life perspectives and mindset. Always try to find ways to readjust and improve your living conditions. 

No one has a greater interest in your success than you.

There will always be physical and emotional changes that occur. Always be open to changes and discoveries to improve your living conditions. This Academy provides tools to take an in-depth look at possibilities and options to get more out of life.

So far, you have taken a couple of minutes to read the opening statement and listen to the first video. And perhaps interested in the gifts. If you truly want and expect positive changes to occur in your life, keep reading.

>>>>Invest in yourself. <<<<

It is not productive or a good idea to just wait for things to get better.

What will the cost be to you, or will you miss out on by not challenging and reviewing your mindset?

This time can be a turning point in your life – a decision to start your self-audit. 

Using your life experiences and current situations, combined with what you read, hear and think…

Again, see if you can start finding at least 7 ways to improve yourself, others, and your legacy as you choose to venture past the 13 minutes.

Every reader will have different triggering thoughts, views, emotions, and ideas. You are a unique individual. Should you have life-threatening conditions, contact your local police. Or seek professional help to guide you through the situation. With encouragement and guidance, the next hour or all of your tomorrow’s can always be better. You are not expected to go through life alone!

Fun Factwhile you read this information for the next 13 minutes – the earth – here in our Milkyway galaxy will travel in space 21,667 miles per minute.  That’s 281,667 miles in the next 13 minutes. At that speed, we travel 31,200,000 miles a day. At the same time, our earth is in an elliptical path around the sun traveling at a rate of 67,000 mph. Our planet earth is also spinning at 1040 mph. Be sure and read in the PLB AcademyHow you fit in?

Today you can start refining your list of ideas using the tools in this program. Develop, build, and act on the necessary plans to accomplish your new or old goals and objectives to get more out of life. Find ways to unclutter, simplify, and improve your life.

This is your time to evaluate and see how your time on earth, all through short compared to overall time, can positively affect others.  Help make the world a better place through your actions.

You will face challenging ideas, thoughts, and questions. Your comfort zones will change. Again: Are you open-minded? Deal openly with the feelings, emotions, questions, and ideas that affect you. Write down your thoughts. Apply what information concerns you and your thoughts.

You will not agree with everything. That is expected.

Your value comes from challenging your own beliefs, perspectives, action, change, and accountability. Then the encouragement to act on any new vision or idea created. What decisions and actions will you choose to create change?

These personal questions you get to answer will challenge, enhance, and expand your mindset and choices. Your decision-making skills, opportunities, and outlook on life will improve. Your existing thoughts, perspectives, chosen actions, and life directions will expose life areas you don’t often think about.

Finding new opens paths for personal growth is rewarding. Your NEW thoughts, ideas, decisions, experiences, and opportunities can increase available options for change and self-improvement.  Start NOW! Expand your levels of thinking so that you find and create positive change that is best for you. 

See why this is a course everyone should make time to go through. Improve your personal growth, options, and opportunities on what you get out of life. Determine what best applies to you and those you choose to be around!

Use the knowledge, questions, ideas, and triggered thoughts in this program to make your life better. Transformational change is priceless. Seek and increase your self-awareness and ideas for success and more life fulfillment. Increased self-awareness can lead to many options and possibilities for self-improvement and happiness!

Everybody born gets one unique life cycle on earth.

Is your life filled with intentional daily improvement? Do you have a positive mindset? How full is your life NOW? What frustrates you the most? What are your limiting or controlling fears and beliefs? What are you doing to overcome the frustration? Is it possible you have become your own bottleneck? Are you serious about getting more quality out of your life?

Remember, fear and uncertainty are natural and serve a purpose.

What is your current mindset?

The Personal Legacy Builder Academy for Self-Improvement

is a unique NEW program, a marketplace filled with ideas and questions designed to empower and inspire you to think more about how to get more out of life. Seek to expand your thoughts about self-imposed limits. Everyone needs the motivation to reaffirm and find the areas of life you need and want to create change for self-improvement. Change to improve self-awareness and satisfaction leads to your chosen self-improvement.
When you choose to improve your mindset – you can start changing your life.

The PLB Academy is a self-paced

program about the importance and value of your life story. Also, to find NEW ways to get more quality enjoyment out of each day you live to build more self-confidence. Plus the desire to be more successful, less stressed, content, and happy.

People get stuck in routines, habits, and hangups.

They resist change until they see a personal benefit!

What is your vision for life?
Is happiness a daily challenge?
What are your ideas for intended success?

Agree or Disagree: Good intentions and spoken words without positive action have no value.

What are your intentions and words worth to improve yourself and others?
Continued self-improvement learning, positive life experiences, and personal growth are essential to success. Add to your life and legacy’s quality and value by using the tools in this program. While living, you can gain more out of life by the good decisions you make. Going through the Academy self-audit programs for self-improvement provides you with extra paths for personal development.

On the first page, you were asked this question. On a scale of 1 to 100, how would you rate yourself today on each of these 12 items? Happiness, success, health, finances, stress levels, quality of sleep, communications, faith, use of time, sex, relationship quality, and your current legacy.

Agree or Disagree: Any answer below 100 indicates you have room for improvement. It is up to you to determine NOW what the best choices are to improve each item. Continue your reading to determine the new ways you can best accomplish each task.

Your self-audit involves

taking an elevated, self-paced, in-depth, 360-degree view of your life and others. The benefit from your life-checkup/ audit results include:
  • you get to choose what, when, where, why, and how to create positive change.
  • Get a deeper understanding of yourself and others to improve life skills, quality of life, and chosen actions.
  • Improve your life situations by choice.
  • Find new ways to create positive change and plan for your future.

Seek and Embrace your potential life improvements!

People get too caught up

in daily routines, busy work, habits, and hangups. A lot of time becomes unproductive.  It is wasted. Before you know it, another week is gone. It’s time you will never get back. Suppose you waste 1 hour a day. That is 365 hours in a year or 15 days.
Do you want to allow Procrastination, frustration, and emotional stress to become or remain in your normal state of being?

Make time to look at how you react and think of words like love, hate, faith, hope, trust, and friendship. What are the values and meaning of health, communications, and quality relationships to you? Also, the words gift, passing, grief, loneliness, emotional pain, incapacitated, mortality, final, burial, time, assets, time management, legacy, trusts, wills, life beyond, and accountability. How do these words affect yourself and others? This question will gain more value as you continue reading, especially in Gift #3.

How did you answer the two opening questions in the 1st yellow box? On the question in the previous green box, rating different areas of your life from 1 to 100, did you answer less than 100 on any item?  If less than 100, do you agree there is room to improve yourself? If your stress level is a high number, would you like to lower it? These are the simple basic building blocks to start creating a better future for yourself and others. 
Starting NOW, you get to choose the areas of life you want, need, and can improve. Create and build NEW paths for success. Reduce stress, be more productive and happier.

Will you choose to take time to improve your life?

This can be your time to look at NEW ideas. Expand your thoughts about the personal questions.

Gain benefits from evaluating situations you don’t often think about.

Choose to improve your life. Expand your self-awareness. Use different options to improve your life-skills. Improve your health, communications, and outlook on life. Learn to use your time better. Build higher-quality relationships and, finally, make time to build a lasting legacy.

You are a unique and complicated person

filled with complex thoughts and emotions. Do you ever think about the purpose of emotions? Like others, you are navigating unexpected and challenging situations every day. To improve yourself and others, you need to expand your self-awareness and knowledge. Using tools to search for the best channels of life constantly is imperative for future successes.
Each life cycle has a beginning, middle, and end, just like a book. Life’s book is not pre-written. You have completed chapters, and chapters yet to be revealed. Each day is a new blank page. You choose how to fill it in by the choices, decisions, and actions you choose. Also, by how you react to the consequences.
What’s in your book so far?
In the PLB Academy, you get to review your past lessons and how to best use that wisdom. Plus, you get to look at and evaluate where you are now, where you want to go, and how you plan to get there.

Simple but powerful tools,

ideas, personal questions, and exercises help develop eye-opening, self-improvement options. Exceed and/or build more on your life expectations and opportunities. Determine if your expectations are realistic, timely, and obtainable.

Everyone’s needs and results are unique and different. It’s hard when you compare yourself to others.

Your comfort zone, mindset, and perspectives

will get stretched for personal growth depending on how much time you choose to devote to self-improvement. What is your life about? What do you do the best? What do you need to do better? What is your purpose? What is the value of life? How will you choose and act to be a better person? What happens when your life cycle ends? How do your friends and family survive? Improve yourself daily while you have the chance. Actively and intentionally create change! Don’t wait for others to approve. Do what is best for you. Be the person you want others to be.  Lead by example! Do your actions or lack of action create problems or solve problems? Is there a cost from a lack of action? If so, what?

The PLB Academy is based on real-life experiences.

The information presented here and in the Academy help inspire and open up people’s self-awareness. Expand your opportunities and visions for life.

Make this your time to look at subjects and ideas you don’t often think about.

Find time to focus on information to improve and expand your life success. People need to seek optional, alternate, and/or NEW paths for self-improvement. To get more happiness in life, small planned changes are essential. Small actions can lead to big life-changing events and or results.

Reep the benefits of a self-audit.

How well do you manage, maintain, and nourish your life and others? What do you allow to occupy your mind? What do you miss out on by the actions you don’t take? How do you view the value of your life accomplishments, family, and friends? What is the value of your time, health, communications, and relationships? Review the productivity/benefits of your habits and routines. Are the habits and routines healthy and helpful or negative and destructive?

There are moments in your life

when you experience the passing of a parent, sibling, friend, grandparent, or mate. Think about the emotions and how that situation affects you. At that moment, life goes on. What life lessons did you learn from them? Did they pass knowing how you felt about them?
At some point in time, your book of life will close. The end of your life cycle will happen. How will your passing affect other people?

Know what and how you can do starting today

to make that transition for others less complicated, emotionally distressful, and or painful? Grieving is a process that your actions can now impact when others are faced with your passing.
Think about, accept, and know what you can do to prevent unintentional harm to those still living. Don’t allow your inactions to create hurt for the people you care about. Don’t allow your heirs to be the legal profession or the government—more about this in Gift #3. Learn how to write final, end-of-life messages – a priceless gift.
What will your legacy be? What would it be worth to find important areas of life that you choose to improve, starting today? All people experience life issues filled with many variations. Unexpected and or challenging situations are prevalent and widespread. Emotional conflict, pain, success, failures, and frustrations are part of the journey. Desires to get more out of life are part of the normal life process to get through each day and the weeks to come.
What’s on your list? How do you handle each item? How accountable are you for your actions? How do you affect others? What are your plans for the future? What are you doing today to improve yourself and others?

Are you in a rut not searching for an exit?

Or do you consider yourself too important or busy for intentional personal growth? 

Starting NOW, experience your amazement at what additional unique thoughts become triggered by what you hear, read, and think. Have you written any thoughts down yet?

Your responses to the opening 87 questions, the next 74 personal questions, this website, and the 3 gifts, will inspire, create, reveal, and trigger new ideas about how you view life. It’s beneficial to write your ideas down and refine them as you read along.

Make this the beginning of a new visionary life path for yourself and others to get more out of life. 

See what relates to your life and areas you choose to improve!

Listen to the short intro videos. Read this informative and challenging website overflowing with personal questions. Download the 3 gifts.

(More Brief Gift info is listed 3 boxes down.)

Make time to write your thoughts down! Your thoughts are powerful tools to expand your perspectives and opportunities. You get to use the thoughts that pop into your mind for self-improvement. You will get to refine your thoughts and ideas later in the Academy.

See why so many other people keep reading and re-reading this information for self-improvement. And finding new ways to help and understand others better.

Use this time to evaluate your health, use of time, life skills, communication skills, positive and negative traits, quality of relationships, attitude about life, and mortality. Finally, your legacy building. Determine what routines in your life are healthy and the ones you need to change or get rid of.

Choose what you want & need to improve. This creates a path for change!

Any change you choose is a continuous process!

Did you take time to watch the Intro videos with personal questions about your life activities?

If not, here are the links again. The additional intro video link titles are listed in the 2nd box up from the bottom of the page.

Investing and taking action to create a better future for yourself and others is priceless.

  • Gift #1 Transcript of the 12 short opening videos personal questions. Reading them provides time to ponder the value of each question. The time will reinforce what you hear. It’s best to write down your answers to build and expand your foundation for self-improvement!

It’s the beginning of your self-audit, so you can create positive change and get to enjoy life more.

  • Gift #2 First 4 in-depth, personal exercises. Continue to expand and enhance your levels of thinking, self-awareness, and opportunities for self-improvement.
  • Gift #3 Ideas for designing, building, adjusting, and improving your life skills, life map, telling your life story, and building your legacy.

See more details for your eye-opening, Life-changing Gifts

below in the light gray Free Gift Box at the bottom of the page!

To fully appreciate and benefit from the gifts, watch the short videos. Then read and answer the personally challenging questions and information about your life and others.

See what you agree or disagree with. Determine what, when, where, why, and how you can and want to create change.

Use a link that looks like this one, with the bouncing blue box anytime you are ready to start the gift sequence. Equally important is the rest of this web page. To get the greatest benefit, continue reading this web page to understand better the significance of many reasons and why you can best choose to improve your life.

Everyone is a student of life.

The ideal person who enrolls in the PLB Academy is anyone

  • seeking to get more value out of life, solve problems, and enrich their lives.
  • A person who wants to manage their life challenges and time better. This involves greater self-awareness for self-improvement.
  • A person who wants to expand their levels of thinking to improve themselves and others.

Do you want to gain more satisfaction in your life, reduce stress and become happier?

  • Are you open to personal growth to enjoy life more?
  • What would happen if you expand your levels of thinking outside the box? 
  • How do you view your opportunity to stretch your comfort zones?
  • Are you ready to improve happiness, success, and legacy?

People are complex! Do you want to experience personal gain, satisfaction, and control in your life. Take an open-eyed look at these vital ideas and essential areas of your life you usually don’t make time to think about. Gain new personal perspectives and growth.

Find out if you qualify to enroll. See what you can gain from a self-audit. Keep reading!

Everything you go through in life has value.

Take this elevated 360 in-depth review of your life. With these tools, develop a plan to create positive change for your life and others. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What are the right choices for you to get there?

The PLB Academy is about:

  • Helping people make better-informed decisions that are essential for self-improvement.
  • Finding ways to invest in a better future, starting NOW, helps you enjoy life more.
  • Improving your decision quality helps you get more out of life.

First, by finding the values and actions, you choose to better yourself. Second to help improve your health, use of time, the concept of mortality, communications, and relationships with others. Finally, to improve/stimulate your action to build a lasting legacy.

What seeds are you planting for the future?

All this information is relevant to the complexity of your life and life situations.

The benefit/reward is you get to choose ways to improve yourself based on your wants, needs, lifestyles, and desired results.  Plus, you will find ways to help others get more out of life.

  1. Choose to expand your self-awareness.
  2. Ultimately, learn about the importance and value of sharing your life story with others.
  3. Finally, use the simple and easy tools to start gathering and writing your story.


all the challenges and life lessons the generations before you learned and survived for you to be here today. After all, you are a part of their DNA. Wouldn’t it be great to read about their life experiences? If you could ask them a question, what would it be?

NowWhat do you want and think is important for your future generations, a part of your DNA, to know about you? What life lessons will you write down for them to read about your life? What legacy will you leave? Writing your life story and building your legacy is an ongoing, fun project. Your efforts will create an informative and priceless gift!

Life gains, success, and your legacy depends on what you choose to do.

How will you choose to use the information you have and continue to gather? Your choices and actions determine your state of being. It is also based on how you respond to and choose to treat others!

Allow yourself time to consider the consequences and benefits of your chosen life-styles. Plus your health, communication, and relationship skills. And most importantly, the end of your life cycle plans.

Make time, starting now, to intentionally love and improve your life and others. 

Your reward is creating change for personal growth. Enjoy your life more in the length of time you get to live. Create a lasting legacy for your future generations.

Look at your purpose, values, wants, and needs. Evaluate your direction, accountability, and legacy. Tap into your unused potential to create transformational change.

Learn more about the Academy and what’s in it for you.

First Warning: This site contains valuable in-depth life, mind-challenging content. Filled with thoughts, ideas, and personal questions to create and inspire NEW +positive+ change to improve your life.

This NEW unique, eye-opening content of the Personal Legacy Builder Academy for Self-Improvement requires your time. A time for you to read, listen, and think about your life situations, decisions, actions, accountability, opportunities to improve, and your legacy!

Choose options that are best for you.

Make a plan. Revise as needed and take action. Choose to improve life skills. Potentially extend your life by improving your happiness, health, communications, relationships, and legacy. These are essential elements for a more satisfying, fulfilled life. Select NEW ideas, solutions, and opportunities to resolve past, current, or future challenges. Start NOW getting more out of your life experiences.

Second Warning: No effort = NO planned positive change!

Taking no action for self-improvement is a choice.

Expanding your levels of thinking for self-improvement is necessary to live a fuller life. You get to pursue a higher quality of living resulting from your in-depth inter-personal search!

What $$$.$ value would you place on finding

NEW ways to re-energize and redirect yourself and others to making better decisions to enjoy life more?

Do you want to improve your life-skills and life situations to get more out of life? You can start NOW from this in-depth, inter-personal, self-awareness personal audit as part of the PLB Academy for Self-Improvement. Check out the curriculum in Gift #3.

Would you like to be less stressed, happier, more productive, and more successful?

  • If yes, how do you define being less stressed, happier, or more productive and more successful? You have to be able to measure your progress.
  • You determine what applies to your situations, then choose how, when, and why you want or need to create change.

  • Your answers and triggered thoughts to personal life questions and information are extremely revealing. 

  • The results can help you create transformational changes in your life and others by the plans and actions.

  • Seek to refine your life perspectives, activities, choices, and levels of thinking.

  • The benefit is you achieve more out of each day you get to live.

No one can create change in your life or tell your valuable life story better than you!

Find and develop more of your talents and unrealized potential.

Do you make Self-Improvement a daily priority?     If not, why not?

Happiness, success, health, communications, relationship quality, and your legacy are built and maintained day by day! But only when you choose to do so!

Self-Examination leads to greater self-awareness that can build and help optimize personal growth. These are essential key factors to improve your success, quality of life, personal growth, and happiness. Continue your ability to improve your health, communications, quality of relationships, and legacy.

Your perspectives, decision making, actions, and quality of life can experience a positive change. Start the process of expanding your thoughts and visions with the information on this page and the 3 gifts.

Start yourself on a NEW path and mindset to change and enhance your life and the lives of those you love and choose to be around!

Again, all the information here and in the Academy is about helping you make better-informed, quality decisions to

  1. Improve life-skills to get more out of your life cycle – thinking outside the box – know how you fit in!
  2. Expand your mindset and perspectives to increase self-awareness – a self-audit of needs, wants, assets, life goals, and values. A time to review the significance of your life cycle and individuality.
  3. Reduce stress and increase happiness by finding solutions or alternative options to improve life situations. – self-improvement.
  4. Improve health, communications, relationship quality, and happiness – become more productive and satisfied.
  5. Learn and use ways to document and share your life experiences – Your legacy

You get

only one chance

to live your life on earth.

  • Can one decision change your life and legacy or someone else?
  • What are you doing every day to improve yourself?

FACT: Every life-cycle is full of constant change.

Life is complex and challenging. It is not like a movie or a T.V. program. There is no written script with a gripping plot. Or a planned outcome designed to fit precisely between commercial breaks. 

There are no retakes to get it right.

All people need help getting through their life. Everyone has times of feeling incomplete. Adjustments are needed to improve your life and to stay happy and healthy. Strive to keep focused on your priorities.

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.” Robin Williams

Everyone can benefit from a

self-paced self-audit.

Your audit

  • is a time to review an inventory of your overall financial, spiritual, and physical assets. Plus refining your legacy building skills.

  • Plus taking an in-depth look at your own qualities, positive and negative traits, personal boundaries, options, mortality, values, and life cycle plans.

  • It is a time to ponder questions you should be asking to help make better self-improvement decisions and gain a deeper understanding of others.

  • Finally, review your purpose and reason for the actions you choose. Experience living to a higher standard.

How often do you feel guilt or shame over past actions, experiences, or decisions? How often do you have a fear of failure? Everyone else also has a past, present, and future to face.

The good news

Today is a new day that you can choose to improve! Make a difference in yourself and another person by the action you desire. Lead by example!

Make this your time to look at what positive change can be made on your life map. Acknowledging who and what you are thankful for! (see a life-map example below)

Also, a time to reflect on where you have been, where you want to go, and a plan of how to get there. Finally, a time to review your purpose, direction, and ambitions in life.

The complete Program outline is in Gift #3.

Too many people often get set in their ways of living.

  • They stray away from their boundaries or don’t have any.
  • Many times people blame themselves for something and give up.
  • Always seek knowledge and use it to gain more wisdom.
  • Understand the value of your limited time.
  • Life teaches us the differences between success and failure, fame and disgrace, good and evil, and fortune and poverty. Use these lessons wisely.

The world is not a perfect place. But you can control your attitude to do better.

  • At times people pretend to be somebody they are not. 
  • And they listen to negative expectations and opinions of others.
  • What version of you do other people see?
  • What limitations do you place on yourself?
  • Do you focus on what you have control over?
  • What emotional parts of your life do you choose to hide?
  • How often do you worry about something that never happens?

Don’t allow assumptions or bad experiences to create false barriers that can hold you back from making better decisions.

Create change starting now!

At times do you find yourself feeling unhappy, unsatisfied, or isolated? How often do you find life confusing, frustrating, out-of-balance, too challenging, difficult, or depressing?  Do you often feel overstressed or on an emotional roller coaster? Are you quick to judge others?

When do you feel the most generous or wanting to help others? How often do you seek help from others?

What parts of everyday living get in the way of your priorities? How much do your care about the feelings of others?

There are root causes and effects of every situation.  Have you looked closely at your reasons? How often do you face an unexpected situation? How often do you procrastinate because you won’t face the challenge? How often do you share this with someone else to get through each storm?

Every person you see, choose to be around, or meet goes through this and more!

Relax in the comfort of your favorite chair or quiet place. Set aside at least a minimum of 14 minutes a day for self-reflection. Look at how you spend your 1440 minutes a day. Think about what you read and how the questions and information apply to improve your life and other situations.

Give yourself the time to absorb and use your triggered thoughts for self-improvement.

Again, do you make Self-Improvement a daily priority?

At the end of each day, do you feel satisfied with your accomplishments? What is your personal cost or sacrifice when you do not choose to seek ways to change and improve yourself and others?

The value of the personal questions and your answers depends on

  • How open you are to invest in yourself by expanding your thinking and perspective levels.

  • How much you desire to improve yourself and others.

Your opportunities, quality of life, and stretching comfort zones are essential for personal growth. It is best to write down the thoughts that are triggered. Your written thoughts become the foundation for creating change.  You will get to build on them throughout these web pages, the three gifts, and the Academy when you choose to enroll.

Here is a unique opportunity to read, listen, and question/evaluate essential life information. Information people think or say they are too busy to consider. At some point, there are consequences and a price to pay for bad decisions or inaction.

The way you think and choose to act has a direct impact on yourself and others’ success.

The information and questions are about taking an in-depth look at your life path. Your choices, decisions, actions, perspectives, mindset, opportunities, and accountability are essential.

Would you like to develop a new normal?

You get to read and listen to thought-provoking, eye-opening content. Content that helps you be more aware of many life crossroad situations and potential solutions.

Your thoughts, ideas, and personal question answers help expand your personal growth. Tap into your unused, unrealized, or locked potential. Are you interested in creating more success and happiness?

Consider and think about the ways you can improve yourself and others to get more out of life.  The Personal Legacy Builder Academy for Self-improvement content will challenge and or change your life. Can the trajectory of your decisions, actions, happiness, successes, and legacy improve?

Can one decision change your life?

Examine new life possibilities and options.

Every person has unique characteristics, backgrounds, wants, needs, and a legacy.

What is the value of your legacy going to be?

  • What are your expectations in life?
  • Are you achieving your expectations?  
  • If not, would you like to build a plan?
  • How long do you get to live?
  • How will your life impact future generations?
  • How will your passing affect other people?

For those who don’t want to take time to improve yourself or think you are too busy or

if you are completely satisfied with your life NOw,

it is probably a waste of your time to read any further.

Why take the chance

of finding out some new ideas about self-improvement and the value of building your legacy! One day, all life cycles come to an end. Our actions develop the quality of life before that day arrives.

OR – you can choose to continue reading to

Get ideas here to find NEW life options for creating positive change in your life that you choose!  Are you interested in gaining more out of living every day, solving problems, reducing stress, and being happier?

Discover new options and ideas to create transformational life changes for yourself and others.

Your self-paced  self-audit

can have many immediate and long term benefits. Your future successes and positive change depend on new perspectives and knowledge. Then quality choices, decisions, use of time, actions, and accountability define your future.

Check out the short intro video series below, the FREE gifts, and the personal content of this website…

Final Opening Questions

  • What do you want or need to improve in yourself and others?
  • How would you describe dealing with your current life challenges?
  • On a scale from 1 to 100, how would you rate the quality of your life now?
  • What are your most important current goals and tasks?
  • How often and how much time do you invest in intentional self-improvement?
  • What is your biggest unresolved issue, or what do you struggle with the most?
  • If your life cycle ended suddenly, how and why would people remember you?
  • As a result of your passing, who would be most affected, and how?
  • How do you imagine what others would have to deal with as a result of your passing?
  • What value do you place on your legacy/life story/experiences?
  • What had to happen in the past for you to exist today?
  • What is in your toolbox of self-improvement to create change in your life?
  • How often do you consider and appreciate the value of your existence?
  • Whose voice do you miss hearing? 
  • What moments do you cherish the most?
  • Who are the essential people in your life?
  • How do you treat them?
  • What would your life be like if they are gone?
  • How do you treat yourself as an important person?

84 Simple but Powerful Opening Questions.

What are your triggered thoughts so far?

What were your answers, and why are they important?

Your answers and new actions are the tip of the iceberg to improve self-awareness for you to create change. You have just started a

personal audit to expand and improve

your mental bandwidth, i.e., your levels of thinking. Improved self-reflection creates more self-awareness, leading to different perspectives and unimagined opportunities, potential positive change, less stress, and greater happiness.

You choose what is best for you!


You are now at the 12 to 13 minutes of reading, unless you took some notes! 

What has had the most significant impact on you so far?  Please write that thought down.

You should realize by now

why this program has so much value to challenge your everyday thinking patterns. Improving life situations expands your life potential. It will help if you continue to recognize new opportunities for self-improvement.

Finding ways to improve your attitudes, perspective, and paths to enjoy and or look at your life is essential to decrease stress and improve happiness. Keep reading to learn more about improving your life and others!

For those who want and expect more out of life – keep reading about the personal benefits of this

PLB Academy for Self-Improvement.

  • The Mission – Getting you to know yourself and others on a deeper level. BY RAISING YOUR HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS, levels of thinks, and perspectives, you can achieve more in life. 
  • The Goal – self-improvement by providing an opportunity to choose what, how, when, and why to improve and refine your daily living. Getting back to basics, you can rediscover that simplicity and kindness outperform complex webs designed to manipulate others.
  • Your result/reward – Refining your life-skills helps you to gain greater personal control and growth for happiness. Also, gain a deeper appreciation of your life and others. Improve your productivity and decrease stress with better decisions and actions.

Just like everyone else, every day is filled with some sort of activity. Either planned or unexpected. Are the activities advancing you in the direction you want? It is essential for you to take time for yourself. Determine what is necessary to move forward to reach your goals.

Take this elevated 360-degree view of yourself and others. See what applies to you and the people you choose to be around or interact with! Decide how and when you want to improve yourself.

We all need self-time and space to reflect and refresh ourselves. It is essential to check our condition, sense of direction, and priorities! Only then can you best make necessary life adjustments!

Are you living in the present and planning for the future? Or are you trapped in the past or stuck in a rut? Do you believe the person you become is up to you?

Your options, opportunities, feelings of self-worth, and success can improve based on your mindset, decisions, actions, and accountability.

The movies and shows you invest time in can be a tool to motivate your imagination. The scripts have been carefully worded, revised, and written. They can be a guide to see new possibilities instead of just passing the time.

The PLB Academy can help you expand your mind and emotions to look deeply into your current and past situations, plus your future.

Self-awareness is an essential key and motivator to self-improvement.

Consider these essential questions and ideas. Challenge your perspectives and how you make decisions about your life and others.

Agree or Disagree: Life is too short not to seek Self-improvement.

Discover and build on your uniqueness, positive traits, and unused potential! Fix or improve what drags you down or holds you back.

It does not matter what stage of life you are at or what problems you face.  Everyone has peaks and valleys. Your lifetime clock continues to tick as your life cycle shortens every day. Make time to review this in-depth look at your life inventory.

  • Determine what is best for you to improve or change.
  • Don’t complain more than you do without seeking to find solutions.
  • Don’t be too self-absorbed in yourself to fail at becoming a better person.
  • Take note of who you are and of your surroundings and opportunities. 

If you feel you are in a rut – a self-analysis, a personal audit can help identify what you need to change.  This is the tool to boost you up to alter directions.

Success and change in life

are about your choices, decisions, perspectives, and how you choose to use your time. Also, about your use of wisdom, how you treat other people, and your accountability.

While you are healthy and of sound mind,

it’s never too late for you to improve yourself and others. Today is the best day to start! Especially for starting to write down an outline for sharing your life experiences!

Learn to take better care of your needs and others.

Who’s right or wrong should not be the question, but what is the best solution to move forward. Covering up feelings or using harsh words adds to the complexity of life. Make the time required to improve yourself and others. Keep an open mind.

FACT: Without the past generations, your existence would not be possible.

Now that you have the gift of life – What are your purposes, boundaries, and direction in life? What core values drive you to be a better person every day? What are you preparing for your success and future generations? With new ideas, you can increase how you share your wisdom and life experience with future generations.

Use this time to review thought-provoking, essential personal questions to improve your life.

What value do you place on your life and others?

Your life challenges, directions, and conditions are vital to your personal growth and future. A person’s past wisdom and how wisdom is used affects their present situations and their future. Everyone has obstacles to overcome.

Explore new options. Look at how well you manage your life-skills. Determine your best or alternative resources to get a higher quality living experience. See what chapters of your life have been the most beneficial. Apply your wisdom to build a bright future. Consider what impact you can have on future generations. Remember, you are an original.

Using this information and questions will trigger new ideas. Understanding your thoughts, emotions, and feelings is valuable and essential to creating change.

Your quality of life and how you assist others help you become a better person. Healthy personal growth involves expanding your comfort zones and levels of thinking.

Pushing yourself takes courage. This includes sacrifice, effort, and a desire to see and create change. You must have a vision for self-improvement and success. You need to appreciate yourself and others more. Then you get to create your plan and follow through.

There is no magic wand to suddenly improve your life.

Invest in your well-being. The rewards you achieve can be priceless. You expand your self-awareness by answering questions about your life and others.

Stay focused on what is important to improve your life.

Using the PLB Academy for Self-Improvement, you get to refine and clarify who you are and what you do. Define better what you want and how you get things done. Reward yourself by setting NEW paths to achieve more in life.

Solving life problems can enrich and simplify life. Increasing happiness through the actions you choose is comforting and reassuring to others.

You get to self-reflect about many aspects of your life cycle and others! Continue learning how you can experience living a fuller life with less stress.

What do you want for your future?

What is on your life road map?

What are your plans to get there?

Your reading, listening, and action will stimulate a remarkable process. A process of you starting on a NEW, expanded, enhanced life path for self-improvement.

Personal change and self-awareness options are essential parts of becoming wiser and getting older. Creating self-improvement and telling your life story is priceless.

With this program, you get to use your time to create a change. What are the values of your health, communications, and relationship skills?

Recognizing and defining what, how, and why you want, need, or should makechange is comforting and rewarding.

  1. Keep reading to see what you agree or disagree with to improve yourself.
  2. Determine what applies to your life situations.
  3. Take action to improve your life situations and opportunities.
  4. Continue learning ways to confront and solve life changes.
  5. Always seek the root cause of a situation so you can figure out a solution.

As you read and listen, determine NOW what you need to do to impact your life situations. Invest a few minutes every day to start improving yourself and others.  People remember you most by your actions and how you make them feel.

Discover, determine, plan, and act on how you can choose to improve and empower yourself and others to find

unrealized life benefits and potential.

Self-improvement is an essential daily task.

Start NOW to know, test, evaluate, check, and renew your ideas and thoughts. Determine and appreciate why your life and others have great untapped power and value.

You choose what, when, where, how, and why you want or need to change.

Your life expectations and expectations of others will change. Every hour you gain more wisdom in your life journey.

Personal growth and what you achieve in life revolves around open-mindedness. The best use of opportunities and your time are invaluable.

How you choose to live, and your actions determine your consequences. All current and future outcomes can enhance your life experiences.

Improved living requires flexibility and other people. Everyone needs to understand the expense of relationships and success. The search for happiness always has a cost. Integrity, passion, compassion, compromise, faith, and hope are important roles in how you choose to act. Your attitudes, knowledge, love, time management, confidence, and priorities also advance your life.

These mindsets lead to better choices, decisions, actions, and accountability! You are in charge of all behavior modifications. Remember the value and importance of all relationships.

Relationships are where we get to improve other people.

Your mindsets affect all phases of your life map. Finally, how you fit in has significant value. Know and appreciate your existence and self-worth.

Strive for success. Your health, communication, relationship quality, and happiness can improve by expanding your self-awareness.

All these factors build your wisdom and connections in life. Your benefit is a better and improved character. Success and how you choose to treat yourself and care for others are the result.

Your legacy is the final outcome! The power and importance of your life story can impact future generations.

  • Only you can decide what’s best for your life.

  • No one can tell your life story better than you.

What inspires you to create change in your daily activities?

People ask: What’s in this NEW program for me, and how can it help improve my life?

Learning more about yourself and of others provides better control options for self-improvement. Becoming a better person by getting greater enjoyment and happiness for each passing day is rewarding.


  • tough times make us stronger and wiser.  
  • Small actions lead to bigger successes and self-confidence.
  • You are in charge of attitude and behavior change.
  • Kindness can change another person’s life.

The Personal Legacy Builder Academy for Self-Improvement is a broad, interactive, in-depth personal, self-help, mastermind program.

The PLB Academy is overflowing with essential life information and questions to

  • elevate and expand your thinking levels and opportunities
  • Improve your sense of well-being
  • Provide tools and ideas to improve personal and professional success.
  • Reduce stress levels to create more happiness.
  • Build on and improve your life-skills.

ALL Choices matter!

You get to consider unique, individual options to improve your quality of life and the life situations you choose.

The other intro video links are down below near the bottom of the page. Make time to expand your mindset, perspectives, and levels of thinking!

Unforeseen life situations and choices cause people to lose sight or faith in what is most important. What the next hour of life brings can change your life for a period of time or forever.

People tend not to get all the facts of a situation. Or use all their resources. As a result, poor choices, decisions, and actions get made. Unintended consequences can occur that create more issues, stress, and anxiety.

Life values and options become unrecognized, ignored, pushed aside, distorted, forgotten, underutilized, rusted, or undervalued! Life becomes more difficult, which creates clouded judgment. People tend to make quick, poor decisions. The result is more unwanted, stressful consequences.

Expose and confront what holds you back!

Agree or Disagree: Life is too short to spend time struggling.

  • Do you want to improve your life-skills to build and enhance your life map?
  • Do you use your life skills to make the highest and best use of your time?
  • Do you always seek the root cause of a situation to best deal with a problem?
  • How often do you give in to distractions, mood swings, temper, or something negative someone says?
  • Are you too busy to improve yourself and others? If so, why?
  • What do you complain about the most? Make a list!
  • How do you define a healthy life balance?
  • Do you maintain a healthy life balance?
  • How often and how do you compare yourself to someone else?

Where are you at on this life map?

Each life phase contains different chapters. How do you juggle and manage the phases you are in? Do you know when new chapters begin?  What did you learn from past chapters?  New or recent decisions now will affect future phases.

Each life cycle has a beginning, middle, and end. Your life skills start developing from birth.  Life skills affect every past, current, and future phase of life.

What are your plans for future phases of the life-cycle in your life and others? How are past phases affecting you now? How many chapters are in your book of life so far?

Where are the people you care about on this life map? How will your improved actions help them? It is up to you to refine all your life-skills and help others!

What is normal for you may not be normal, typical, customary, or expected for someone else. Get to know someone before making any judgments!

In the PLB Academy, you will get

the expanded version of this map.  The map you get reveals over 122 factors associated with all life phases. Determine what affects your decisions and actions! In the Academy, you get to write out your life map. This becomes your personal visual tool to improve life possibilities and direction. Every person has different life situations, goals, dreams, and emotions to work on for self-improvement.

Again, this is what makes you an exceptional, unique person.

Each person has unique characteristics, backgrounds, wants, and needs.

The PLB Academy for Self-improvement is not about telling you what is wrong, challenging, or difficult in your life. 

Only you can best determine the issues you face!

The PLB Academy is a tool and guides about YOU taking more control of life situations.  You get to do this by taking an in-depth review/study of your life and others. Your in-depth review is a personal audit, a foundation for +positive+ change.

Your audit will become your tool and guide for self-improvement. Help yourself stay focused on what is essential to improve. Use all the tools and ideas to solve problems and enjoy life more. You take action on what and how you choose to get more out of life.

The program is all about helping you improve your life options, decisions, and opportunities.

  • Do you want to live a fuller, more prosperous life with less stress?
  • Do you want to live a happier life?
  • Do you want to improve your health, communications, and quality of relationships?

Improving your living conditions, life skills, and life options are essential for self-care. Also, using tools for writing your life story for future generations is priceless.

Your benefit:

The PLB Academy program is about helping you identify areas of life you choose to improve. Focus and build on your positive traits. Start to dismantle any negative traits or walls that hold you back.

Again, take this elevated 360 view of your life. With these tools, develop a plan to create positive change for your life and others. What are the right choices for you?

How would you define a life well-lived?

The quality of your thoughts, mindset, perspectives, situations, health, communications, relationships, and activities all play an essential role in your success, stress, and happiness. Do you know how you fit in? Everything you do becomes a part of your legacy.

Again, you choose what, when, where, how, and why you want or need to change.

This unique, eye-opening self-examination tool and guide help you review where you have been and where you are NOW. Looking at how you view life and determining how to make better decisions creates a path for change, less stress, and more happiness.


  • Everyone has issues they deal with as life is full of change.
  • Everyone has peaks and valleys filled with “why”  and “how” questions. The more facts you know about a situation determine how you can best help resolve the issues. Early judgment causes unnecessary pain to others and more problems.
  • Everyone, at some point, needs help making readjustments to satisfy their wants and needs. Do you only look at the outside of a person without seeking the inside?
  • Everyone’s life cycle has a beginning, middle, and end!

The ideas and questions presented on this website are personal and challenging. The value of the questions depends on how open you are to expand your opportunity and comfort zones. One main goal of the PLB Academy for Self-Improvement is to help raise, develop, expand, grow, and expand your thinking levels. Do you want to improve your self-awareness? Do you want to improve your life skills? What about boosting or revising your health, communication, relationships, and legacy building skills?

Agree or Disagree:

The questions you get to answer NOW about life are a valuable guide for self-improvement. Your answers and new thoughts give you a base/foundation, NEW tools, and ideas to help you see yourself and others in a new vibrant light. Helping yourself feel better has endless and profound rewards.

Become more committed to your visions!

Success depends a lot on your personality and character. Personality develops from how you feel emotionally, psychologically, and physically. All these factors improve your self-image, patience, kindness, ambition, opportunities, and character.

Without a good self-image, one will feel inadequate and get lost in fears instead of looking to lift ourselves and others up.

Feeling inadequate creates road-blocks, stress, sadness, hurt, emotional distress, depression, anxiety, isolation, hopelessness, frustration, loneliness, clouded decisions, and procrastination. We forget to look for the good in ourselves and others.

Using and improving what you have are huge factors for improving yourself. What matters is that you feel loved, smart, and desirable. 

Equally important is how you make others feel.  Think about what attracts you to others and makes for great relationships.

Determining what you want or need to change in life is essential. Become a shining example of what you want to see in others.

  • Do you pretend you don’t have any problems?
  • When someone asks, how are you – is your response fine or OK?  Why?
  • Do you neglect or break your own boundaries?
  • How often do you name reasons you can’t do something?

Make a list of your current problems/issues, thoughts, boundaries, and situations you keep to yourself. You will most likely keep adding to your list. As you continue reading, your mind will incur many triggered thoughts.

You will get to work on this later in Gift #2.

Throughout your personal audit, you will discover life areas; you get to decide how best to improve. You decide where you want to go and how you will get there.

Again – Most important – are you recognizing and defining what, how, and why you want or need to create change.

Start NOW making your life better.

Every life is unique, based on lifestyles, environment, and past experiences.  How you handle challenges you encounter helps determine your success, happiness, and personal growth.

Finish reading this web page and listen to the short intro video links listed below. Determine and write down your triggered ideas and thoughts.  These items that come to your mind of why and how you can benefit become golden nuggets of information.   See what applies to you! You get to expand your perspectives!

This NEW program will help you expand your self-awareness and levels of thinking. Do you want something that can help you live a longer, richer, happier life? Is exploring and finding different opportunities to improve your living conditions valuable and rewarding? Your personal growth and happiness are some of the prime targets of this program!

Make time to answer all the personal questions on this website honestly. From the videos, determine ways to get more out of life. This information is entirely about you, the people you choose to be around, and those you will meet in the future.

Do you want or need life direction, action, or attitude adjustments? What do you struggle with the most, and what are you doing about it? Are you getting the results you want? Do you make decisions based on emotions or the facts?

Figure out how to best use these tools and ideas to solve current or future life challenges? Test your mindset, perspectives, passions, dreams, and goals. With what you learn in the PLB Program, determine what applies to help you the best. Does this sound good so far? 

Again, Relax in the comfort of your favorite chair or quiet place. Think about what you read and how it applies to improve your life.

The entire curriculum is self-paced.

Use all the questions and guides to start quenching your thirst and hunger for getting more out of life. You choose what you want or need to improve. Then choose when and how based on your new plans to start.

The Journal you keep will become priceless. The Journal will become filled with ideas for the foundation of change. Efforts and actions to create personal change will be rewarding.

Challenge Thought

Take a close look at yourself in the mirror.  You are more than a reflection. You are a unique, complex, and extraordinary living person. What do you see in yourself? What is the story of your life so far? What do you want to change to get more out of life?

Give some thoughts to the words of this poem:


Five years ago, did you have a plan about where you wanted to be today? Are you there yet? What decisions and actions have changed your life? What needs to be fixed or refined to help your future?

What past advice do you now wish you had listened to? Knowing what you know NOW, what would you have done differently over the past five years? With that wisdom, what can you apply to improve your future?

Again, what do you struggle with the most right now? Can you define what life course adjustments are needed to improve your life or others? This program can help you find answers to refine your situations.

NOW, where do you want to be in the next 5, 9, or 14 years?

What are your plans to get there? Or do you choose to only live from day to day, wishing for something good to happen? If so

STOP wasting your time

Make something new happen in your life!

Are you open to answering in-depth, serious, personal questions to examine yourself and others closely?

Build your mind MORE by challenging and expanding your self-awareness.

Your answers to the questions build a great foundation for change. What can you do to help someone else have a better day?

By enhancing your personal growth from a self-life-audit, you find ways you want or need to create change. It’s rewarding to do things better! Your benefit is becoming less stressed and happier. Solving problems and enjoying life more while building your legacy is priceless.

The PLB Academy provides an opportunity for you to audit your life and unexplored inner thoughts. Explore your options to enhance living conditions and life opportunities you can change.

This includes but is

  • Not limited to values, mortality, morality, life planning, and attitude adjustments.

  • A time to look at your strengths, weaknesses, purpose, life values, and mortality.

  • Plus, a review of your life experience, choices, decisions, actions, and results. (Lessons learned) No one can tell your life story better than you.

  • Also, how aware are you of your surroundings, how you treat others and use your personal spaces, time, and financial resources? How often do you make excuses or lie about something to avoid conflict?

  • Finally, how do you deal with anger, hurt, confusion, emotions, procrastination, frustration, and stress? Are you able to let things go?

Make this a time to examine feelings, emotions, perspectives, and personal issues. Comfort zones do get stretched.

Identify the root cause of problems. Expand your views on health (How well do you know your body?), communications, relationships, mindset, final messages, and your legacy.

How often do you make assumptions based on a lack of information? You then discover later you misjudged someone or a situation incorrectly?

Here are the next 2 big questions:

Again, will you invest a few minutes every day to start improving yourself and others by the actions you choose NOW? Consider the long-range consequences and benefits.

Will you do something to make today better than yesterday? If so, what?

The time you invest in your life and others each day can improve how much you want and gain out of life. Every day you wake-up, be thankful. Your future starts with your actions today and how you apply your wisdom. This is your golden chance to build or change the habits, behaviors, ideas, and mindset that creates frustration, stress, anger, procrastination, and roadblocks. Start NOW creating ways to become happier.

Your opportunities at some point do end. You don’t want to wake up realizing it’s too late to make a change to improve your life one day.

The future starts NOW!

Are you planning for your future today? If so, how? If not, why not?

Do you make Self-Improvement a daily priority?     If so, how? If not, why not?

Each passing day with no positive action is one day closer to the end of your life cycle. Do you make each day count? Plant your seeds wisely and care for them to reap the harvest. You have unlimited possibilities to improve yourself and others.

You must read

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Also, view these next short videos.

See what you agree or disagree with! Determine what applies to your life. Decide on new opportunities you have not taken advantage of yet to get more out of life.

The gift descriptions are in the light gray box near the bottom of this page. It’s easy to start the process: click the BLUE 1st free gift button – then fill in your first name and email. Anytime you are ready to start, the buttons are located throughout the website.

Here are additional intro video links. 

What will you decide applies to your life situations? One NEW decision can change your life! What will you choose?

Get started TODAY on your personal transformational life experience. 

Good intentions have no value. 

Only your positive actions provide value to your intent, resulting in change. Words without action have no value!

  • Vid 2        Your current view of life
  • Vid 3        Are you ready?
  • Vid 4        Life problems  
  • Vid 5        Your legacy
  • Vid 6        Problems need solutions.
  • Vid 7        Your challenges and benefits
  • Vid 8        What changes now…
  • Vid 9        The effects of Self-awareness
  • Vid 10      The value of one decision
  • Vid 11      What change do you need?
  • Vid 12      Looking back

These 11 short opening videos (Vid 2-12), combined with the information on this web site, the opening video, and the 3 FREE gifts provided by the Personal Legacy Builder Academy for Self-improvement, are intended to be sources to trigger new ideas to help you create change. Gain new inspiration, insight, and motivation from your self-audit.  Create a necessary change to improve your life or someone else.

If you want or need Change in your life, it is a process. Change requires self-TIME, a PLAN, ACTION, and ACCOUNTABILITY on your part.

  • Do you want to find ways to create positive change in your life and others? 
  • Do you want to be happier while you develop a greater impact on your life for success and happiness?
  • Do you want to be less stressed in your life? What about with the lives of those you love and choose to be around?

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Each gift is an essential part of your self-evaluation 

Gift #1 – Transcript with questions in the 12 intro videos.  Take time to answer, study, and expand/refine your answers to the personal questions. Start creating and determining where a change in your life is needed and your plans to make it happen.  115 questions  The link to Gift #2 is at the bottom of Gift #1.

Gift #2 – 4 personal exercises + 2 bonus exercises to continue expanding your levels of thinking. 113 questions The link to Gift #3 is at the bottom of Gift #2. In the PLB Academy, you get the next 11 personal exercises.

Gift #3 – More personal in-depth, serious questions about your expectations and intended life directions. Plus, a closer look at what you value the most and need to have in your Life Plan. Also, an outline description of the PLB Academy course.  Finally, an Introductory offer to enroll in the PLB Academy for Self-Improvement.  120 questions

In the PLB Academy, a master class for Self-Improvement,  you will get the opportunity to go through many modules containing over 2000 additional personal questions. The curriculum is outlined in Gift #3.

Can one decision change your life?

Are you ready to continue taking the PLB Academy in-depth personal survey of yourself and others? Again, if you answered the questions on this page and started thinking about them and which ones apply to your life, you have a great start on your own audit!

Imagine what you may learn on the rest of the pages on this web site.

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Continue learning more about the PLB Academy challenges, benefits, questions, and opportunities to enroll. Get more ideas on how you can continue. Learn to challenge and improve yourself and others to getting more out of life.

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