My Story

My Story

This entire Personal Legacy Builder Academy concept has been developed as a result of my life interactions with thousands of other people. Plus the story and experiences I have made it through. The beginning of the PLB program started as a result of the comments I heard at the reception for my Dad’s celebration of life.  At this service, I delivered the eulogy which was difficult but rewarding.

Everything comes from the beliefs we formulate. These items develop, resulting from those we have had an association with.  This included many of my up and down experiences growing up, family secrets, 7 years of college in three major fields, traveling around the United States, visiting several foreign countries, starting and operating a business for 40 + years, 30 years of marriage, raising 4 children, discussions with others about their challenges, advising and listening to hundreds of young people and discussing their life situations. I feel so fortunate to have the daily opportunity to communicate, challenge, encourage and be a part of so many young lives.  All lives matter! Every life is unique. It’s all about trying to be a better person today than we were yesterday. It’s also about how we can best help others and be grateful when others help us.

What has been involved in your life story?  How can your story help others get more out of their life?  It’s a great exercise to write your story out. No one can tell your story better than you. It will take some time to develop as you continue to remember more details.  Your story is a great gift to share with others. In one of the packets of information, you will find a long list of ideas to help jog many of your best memories.

Share your story – Everyone has their own story which when shared with others, adds new perspectives and may help them with their own situation knowing others share the same situations. Help future generations understand the struggles you had.  Allow them to learn from your family experiences.

I think you will find what happened in my story to be an interesting journey. It would be difficult to make up a story with all the many twists that occur. I’m sure many will find a number of similarities in the experiences. Or your life story has its own set of conflicts that control your life.

Each person’s situations have an equal value to them.  I would certainly appreciate your comments to be submitted on the comments tab. Also, you can go to the Facebook page and place comments there about your thoughts on this website. Let’s share our thoughts and concerns and continue to learn together. Also, you may submit your story for consideration to be added to this website so others may learn from your experiences of situations created by a person with no Exit Plan or will. Go to the “Other Peoples Stories” tab.

Encourage others to make their Personal Exit Plan after you make yours. Lead by example. Share this website with your friends and on social media. I found writing my story to share with others to be a valuable experience as I continue to heal and to move on with my life. Always remember, the “River of God is full.”

In a nutshell, I have learned some valuable life lessons that I cover in my story. Here are a few of them: Which of these can you relate to?

  • We all need someone to trust to discuss life concerns.
  • Words without action have no value.
  • Keep important documents where children can’t have access to them
  • Trust but verify
  • When something does not feel right, it probably is not
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Always have a witness with you during important situations.
  • Have trusted friends know where important documents are located

When you invest in the Personal Legacy Builder, you will be able to read about the Authors life story.

Planning – the act of gathering and organizing information in preparation for a future event/date! Planning is an essential element for reaching personal goals and gaining success in life. Each day is filled with life experiences.

When you think about any of the following topics in the list below, what is necessary for the planning process? Choices made each day, determine tomorrow’s accomplishments.

When is the last time you had to plan an event? What occurred? Who was affected? What were the overall results of your planning? Did it have an impact on future events?

How much time do you devote to each of the following topics? Our life is filled with the need for constant planning and decision making. What does each of these events have in common? Why? What was or will be your future goal in planning?

A vacation

What to do on a date

Making a proposal

A wedding

Wedding day

Job career

Having children

Going to college

How to study for a test

A trip to the grocery store

How to be a better partner


Who to vote for

What landscape to use

Determining how much money to save

How much money to put aside for children’s education

How to take care of elderly parents

What kind of car to buy?

How to buy a house

Where you want to live

What kind of health care is best to have?

Making a budget

Plan for retirement


Looking for a better job

Remodel a house

What apartment complex to live in

What neighborhood to live in

What to have for supper

An interesting list. While scanning through the list, did it bring back memories as to what you did, difficulties or successes, and what were your expected results? Why did you get those results? What contributed to the success or failure? How did these activities improve your life? What were the results? Were the results what you expected and was it due to the planning or a lack of planning?

Our days are filled with constant decisions that need to be made. Many of these items deserve a great deal of thought and planning. One thing I find interesting is the lack of planning done for the one event on the list that never has a specific date, but that date will happen. Do you see which event that is?

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To get the most out of the program, read and answer the questions on the Home page. Then listen to the short video series on the second page. Write down in a notebook the new thoughts that will be triggered.  Depending on your level of interest in the personal questions and information presented, you will find PLB Academy’s 5 intro web modules. You can click on the word GIFT at any time to get your 1st FREE gift.  Start today. The first free gift is the transcript of the first eight short videos in the second section. This contains the 103 questions you get to detail your answers to. This provides a new path in expanding how you think about life. The 2nd gift contains the 1st 4 of the 15 personal exercises to expand your mindset. Finally, the 3rd Free Gift is a Life Plan Check List. See more details regarding the free gifts at the bottom of the About page.

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