Excuses Page

Excuses Page

What excuse would you make for not making time to improve your life? What is your favorite excuse not to do something? What do you put off, that you could work on today?

What is an excuse? Is it a justification to put something off or not take an action? Consider these excuses:

  • I don’t have the time.  Every person gets 86,400 seconds to use each day.  The price of the watch does not matter. The cake does not bake itself.  What matters isHow are you using your priceless time and what actions do you choose to invest in yourself and others?
  • I can work on that next week.  Next week may never arrive for a person.  What are the results for those you love?
  • I can’t afford this program offered by the PLB Academy. Can you afford NOT to for the benefit of your loved ones? Life is about dealing well with unexpected situations. The choices and decisions you make determine the future. Place your spare change each day in a cup.  In a couple of months, you’ll have the money.
  • Nobody will care if I die!  Don’t sell the value of yourself short. You matter to many people. Who have you had an impact on, just today?

The Personal Legacy Builder Academy and the Personal Time Capsule are valuable.  Get the Time Capsule as a gift for a high school, college, a trades school student, or military boot camp. The program is for any person who is graduating and moving into the next phase of life.

To get the most out of the program, read the first couple of blocks of the Home page. Then listen to the short video series. Write down in a notebook the new thoughts that will be triggered.  Next, continue reading the Home page.


To get the most out of the program, read and answer the questions on the Home page. Then listen to the short video series on the second page. Write down in a notebook the new thoughts that will be triggered.  Depending on your level of interest in the personal questions and information presented, you will find PLB Academy’s 5 intro web modules. You can click on the word GIFT at any time to get your 1st FREE gift.  Start today. The first free gift is the transcript of the first eight short videos in the second section. This contains the 103 questions you get to detail your answers to. This provides a new path in expanding how you think about life. The 2nd gift contains the 1st 4 of the 15 personal exercises to expand your mindset. Finally, the 3rd Free Gift is a Life Plan Check List. See more details regarding the free gifts at the bottom of the About page.

Planned release date – June 2021

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