Agree or Disagree:

  1. Many people fail to plan for the end of their life cycle.
  2. Many people’s life cycle ends unexpectedly.
  3. All people create change for many reasons mostly based on need.
  4. We all make hundreds of choices, from simple to complex.
  5. We must be accountable for the actions we chose.
  6. Positive change does not occur unless we recognize a need and benefit.

Expanding your levels of thinking about life possibilities and options is a path for self-improvement and legacy building. This NEW PLB Academy provides an open, unique opportunity for you to take an independent look at yourself and others. We all have unknown strengths and skills that we get to discover and improve. You chose what, why, when, and how you want to create change. You get to identify your successes and reap the rewards.

What is your unique life story? Realize that nobody can tell your story better than you! And no one cares more about making changes to improve your life than you.

How would you define self-love? Is there a value to self-love? If so, why?

How often are you quick to judge someone? We can never begin to imagine or comprehend what trials of life others have experienced, endured, and survived.  How did they do it? What is the cause of their disposition or of the way they act? It’s essential to appreciate what we have and find paths to improve ourselves while helping and understanding those we chose to be with.

In the PLB Academy program, discover ways to consistently improve and create change to make your life have a higher value.

  • Are you struggling with life direction or past situations?
  • Do you have a conflict with making individual decisions?
  • Do you map out plans of action and follow through?
  • Are you asking yourself the right questions?
  • Do you base all your decisions on facts or emotions?
  • Do you want to improve your health?
  • Do you struggle with creating better communications, or building better, stronger relationships?
  • Do you want to get more out of life?
  • Are you tired of being frustrated or feeling overwhelmed?

If you answered “yes” to any one of these questions, NOW is the best time to start the PLB Academy. The Academy curriculum provides a self-paced, excellent place for you to engage in self-improvement. There are no exams – just personal opportunities for success.

It would help if you permitted yourself to be happier.

  • Continue to search for and find peace of mind.
  • Work on training your mind to relax by expanding your mindset, perspectives, and options.
  • Answer thought-provoking questions that increase your levels of thinking.
  • Sometimes we just need someone to listen so that we can readjust our thoughts.
  • We need time to think about ourselves and how we can best help others. Are you open to engaging yourself in a personal audit?

All these items are a part of life that can help make each person stronger, more durable, more reliable, and more energetic. The PLB Academy provides tools, guides, and workbooks to help you improve and appreciate your self-worth. The more time you choose to devote to understand yourself and others helps create more value in your life.

Each life has limited time on earth. Do we use the time wisely? Once we are gone, others will follow, and the world moves on. What will you be remembered for? Why will people remember you?

This concept carries through to each of us in need to create and build our Legacy and Personal Exit Plan. We each need to cultivate ideas and images about our life and look for ways to improve. We all search for and need love and the feeling of being needed.

 We should share with others what we have gained from our life.  Prepare for others a gift to preserve what you have learned from life experience. Share your thoughts. Leave them with your most prized memories.

The developer and author of the PLB Academy has had an interesting and challenging life that he openly shares. The author has seven years of undergraduate studies in science, medicine, and business. He has been self-employed for 40 + years.  He has devoted 33 years to his marriage. He is a son, a brother,  an uncle, a cousin, a friend, an adviser, a facilitator, a pilot, and an author.  He is a father of 4 and is now a grandfather. He continues working extensively with young people at the college level for 35+ years.

It is valuable and essential to be a mentor to a young person as they have so many questions and concerns in their mind. They all face different and challenging life situations to work through. He also works tirelessly with the high school youth group and young adult groups at his church.  Based on his life experiences, the PLB Academy’s information provides useful information to share for those interested in leaving their loved ones one of the greatest possible gifts, their written legacy, and shared life experiences.

The Personal Legacy Builder Academy is for those who want to invest in improving their life. The Personal Time Capsule is especially for younger people. This program is a unique tool to help young people begin documenting their life memories. The information will be priceless.

To get the most out of the Academy program, read the first couple of blocks of the Home page. Then listen to the short video series. Write down in a notebook the numerous thoughts that will be triggered.  Next, continue reading the Home page.

Start today.  The first free gift is the transcript of the first twelve short videos. The transcript contains the 103 questions you get to think in detail about and write your answers down. This option provides a new path in expanding how you think and feel about life. You will get to refine your thoughts into an action plan. The PLB Academy is unlike any other type of education system you have experienced. It’s totally self-paced.

The 2nd gift is another tool and guide to increase your levels of thinking. The gift contains the 1st 4 of the 15 personal exercises to expand, grow, and develop your audit and mindset. You get an additional 103 questions to challenge your perspectives. Are you curious about what you will learn?

Finally, the 3rd Free Gift is a detailed Life Plan Check List.  Discover and define areas of your life you want or need to change. You will get another 111 questions to ponder. Determine what most applies to you. In the PLB Academy, you get to refine and build on all your answers. Plus, once you chose to enroll in the program for a more in-depth inter-personal search, you will get another 2000 plus questions. Imagine what you will learn about yourself and others.

Find out how prepared you are for your future. Determine what is most important in your life and why. Develop your plan of action for your future happiness and well-being. Use the PLB button at the top of the page to get your 1st free gift or to enroll.

Planned release date – July 2021

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