Home 1 – The trails to greater happiness and success

Home 1 – The trails to greater happiness and success

During your life cycleNo one can create change in your life or tell your life story better than you!

You will find ideas and questions to expand your levels of thinking. The program/course is also a reference guide and personal life tools to increase self-awareness. Discover the value of seeking and applying alternative solutions to overcome daily frustrations and stress. Improve your life skills. Also, improve your health, communication, and relationships.

Make time to review your outlook on life and consider the effects. Look at how you treat yourself and others. Your personal growth, life-skills, health, communication, relationships, and opportunities to improve are important elements of success and happiness.

Can you define and write down what you currently want to get out of life? What roadblocks do you face? For your personal growth, it is a great idea to do this every year. Mark a day on your calendar when you will do this.

Are you interested to Find at least 7 Better ways to improve yourself? You get to choose what, when, where, why, and how to create change best.

With good open communication skills, you can find solutions to the situations you or others face.

Agree or Disagree: We can all make better decisions to improve our life.

What value would you place on developing a self-improvement plan to get more out of life?

  • Do you think one decision can change your life?
  • Do you want or need to make changes in your life and other people’s lives? If so, what, when, where, and how?

FACT: Life is full of constant change yet filled with options and opportunities that people don’t see, ignore, or don’t use. Start your plan to create change today.

People make lots of “I” statements for many different reasons. Most of these are negative and require action to create change. Check out your “I” statements in Gift #2. Do you look more at your strengths or cave to your negative thoughts and feelings?

Again, are you ready to take an in-depth personal survey of yourself and others?

Grab a notebook and pen

To gain greater value from this program, you should write down ALL your triggered thoughts from what you hear, read, and think. What you write down, becomes your foundation for change. START with answering the first 12 opening questions. NEXT, write out your answers to the personal exercises and other questions in the 3 gifts. Plus, write down your answers to the questions on this web page and the next one. You will be amazed at what you discover for creating change to improve your life and the lives of others.

This starts your unique process of self-assessment. A personal audit that leads to potential transformational self-improvement. You will have the chance to refine your thoughts into an action plan as you continue through the PLB Academy information. Then you must follow through to reap the benefits.

It’s important to know where you have been and where you are now. Then you can better apply your wisdom to develop a plan to get to go where you want to be.

Start NOW – Are you interested in finding and developing more of your talents, happiness, and unrealized potential?

The PLB Academy for Self-Improvement is all about choosing what, how, and when you want to improve or create change in your life and others.

  1. You will get to build an outline to document and start writing your unique and valuable life story. It’s best to make this an ongoing project. Your action will leave a priceless gift to others. Imagine the value of reading the life story of your great grandparent’s. Would you learn from hearing about their hopes, dreams, and struggles? Now imagine your great-grandchildren reading your life story. Your words bring new value, facts, and memories about your life to them. Think of what they can learn from you!
  2. Make time to engage in an in-depth self-evaluation, a life audit. Invest your time to identify areas of Life you can choose to make better. Take a deep look at your “I” questions and statements. Plus, you have 4 more personal exercises, Plus two bonus exercises. (In gift #2.) Create adjustments to get more out of life.
  3. In the PLB Academy for Self-Improvement, you will find simple but powerful, reasonable ideas to improve yourself during your life cycle. Becoming happier and less stressed is priceless. Consider the value of not having the end of your life cycle create a burden on others.
  4. You will get exposed to and experience the tip of the life iceberg. Questions and ideas will challenge and elevate your levels of thinking. You will find better ways and alternative solutions to deal with your current and future challenges. Not to mention how to get along better with other people.
  5. You will get to take an in-depth, 360-degree view of yourself and others. You choose what, when, where, why, and how to improve. Increasing your self-awareness and ideas on making your life better; using the PLB Academy tools is life-changing and rewarding.
  6. Are you coasting through life when there are so many opportunities to get more? Make this a time to take a mortality check-up. Review your boundaries and how well you use them. Please don’t allow yourself to come to a day that you realize it’s too late to make changes.

 Keep reading…See why so many others

find this a must-have educational, personal development product. The entire program is a personal reference guide. Help yourself refine what you choose to do in life.

Gain greater fulfillment, reduce stress, and build roads to more happiness in your life and others. Learn more about yourself and others thru the self-audit self-evaluation experience.

The entire PLB Academy is self-paced.


See if you meet the requirements to be eligible to enroll in the PLB Academy program.  Take the short quiz in the Mind Expansion Module One in Data Block #8.

That link for Module One is at the bottom of this page

Do you sit back and wait for things to happen? What needs to change in your life? You have a choice NOW. Keep reading!

  1. Move forward using your OLD acquired experiences and combining them with the NEW knowledge. The ideas you can gain here (more wisdom), you get to be more in control of your life decisions and plans.
  2. Or you choose NOT to take consistent action to improve your life and others.

Are you interested in personal transformational change to get more out of life during your life cycle?

Are you open to Expand your levels of thinking about life, starting right now?

On this short 2nd opening page of the website, you get to start expanding your thought process, comfort zones, and opportunities for self-improvement.

It’s necessary to expand your self-awareness. By understanding and using simple but powerful options, ideas, and actions, you can choose what and how to improve many life situations. You get to create an impact on future generations. Telling your life story that is full of your life experiences will become a priceless gift to them.

Do you want more out of life? If so, what?

Again, are you ready

to continue taking an in-depth personal survey of yourself and others?

To create change requires time and action. Can you commit to a minimum of 14 minutes a day, 3 days a week, to improve your personal growth?

Again, Pushing yourself takes courage. This includes sacrifice, effort, and a desire to see and create change. You must have a vision for self-improvement and success. Then you get to create your plan and follow through. The rewards you achieve can be priceless.

Remember that you are a unique individual. You are an original, not a copy of anyone. You have different temperaments, talents, and personality. Your ideas, feelings, dreams, emotions, and needs consistently vary. You also have a unique identifying fingerprint.

Do you think this all happened by chance or by design?

Being different is what makes every person unique and provides great value to life. Embrace and build on who you are. What do you consider your most valuable asset at this time?

All these differences come from the life map started by your DNA. So, where did the complex DNA originate from? Consider all the life options and activities that surround you? Do you make good use of them?

You have a life full of challenging experiences.  Your life story should be written down to share with future generations. No one knows when a life cycle will end. Until that day, what are you doing to get more out of life?

This unique survey process, a self-audit, is an eye-opening personal experience.

Using the PLB Academy tools – You get to choose what, why, where, when, and how you want to create needed change in your life situations.

Make time to review an in-depth, unique look at your life so far. Determine what you choose to improve and where you want to be in 5, 9, or 16 years. Choose the best actions to get there. Use this time to seek new ideas, opportunities, and solutions to create change in your life. Take an in-depth look at your personality, mindset, and thought patterns. Learn ways to improve your life skills.

Look at how you can improve the quality of your health, communication, relationships, and life skills.

  • Know-how and why you fit in. Be more thankful for who you are and for what you have!

  • How well do you know your body?

  • Would you like to improve your communication skills?

  • Do you want to repair or build stronger relationships? 

  • Building and writing your life story to share with others is a simple and fun process. Your story/legacy will impact many generations to come.

This all relates to the number of years you get to live and the quality of your journey, which you are in charge of.

After you are gone – how and why will you be remembered?     

Are you the kind of person you want others to be?  What kind of example do you set in every choice and action you take? What do others see? How important is that person?                                   

This web page is the start of the first Mind Expansion module of 5. This module contains the first 

562 introductory personal, thought-provoking questions. 

In the Academy, you get the other 4 Mind Expansion modules with another 504 in-depth, personal questions. All questions help expand your levels of thinking and improve your self-awareness. Your increased self-awareness leads to new paths for transformational self-improvement!

Plus, the PLB Academy contains more than 12 personal exercise modules, eBooks, and interactive workbooks. All intended for expanding your levels of thinking and life options! You will learn more details about those items in gift #3.

In the Academy course, you will find another 2000 plus questions covering many different areas of life. You will be able to refine and evaluate your life situations, ideas, dreams, and goals. All while building your legacy.

At the end of your life cycle,

will you become a brief memory that fades away by action you didn’t take? Writing out your life story has great value to others. This is one essential step to take. Plus, the other valuable information you learn to use adds greater value to your life and others. 

In gift #3, you will be asked more extraordinary personal questions to consider – Plus, you will get a special introductory offer to enroll.

You have to invest the time to read this page to know and determine the value of what your benefits can be.

The PLB Academy for Self-Improvement helps you review your unique past, present, and future unrealized potential. 

TODAY, you can choose to start your personal eye-opening, new life path to get and give more during your life cycle. Triggered in your mind are ideas, questions, emotions, memories, feelings, and/or needed actions. All these triggers help you to improve your life or the life of someone else.

  1. Many life crossroads are presented for you to think about. Discover new options and ideas. Your future successes and positive change depend on quality choices, decisions, and actions.
  2. The paths you choose from this point forward to develop your future are essential to a happier life. Every choice and action leads you to a new destination. Make sure your choices line up with your goals.
  3. The Academy is all about your self-improvement for life successes and your legacy. The Academy is self-paced. The benefit of the actions you choose will improve your self-awareness. Personal growth and a fuller, happier life can be your benefit.
  4. You get to decide how you can improve yourself by the actions you choose. The big question is, will you see value in the opening questions and videos?
  5. Next, will you choose to invest in yourself? First, starting with a small-time commitment of only 14 minutes a day, 3 days a week, minimum. If not, why not?
  6. Your time invested will expand your levels of thinking. Reap the benefits and opportunities to create positive change. By reaching more of your unrealized potential, you will increase happiness.  The PLB Academy information can be an essential tool for self-improvement and change. Expanded self-awareness leads to more motivation, productivity, and success.
  7. The time you invest in your life each day can improve how much you want and gain out of life. Your future starts with your actions today. This is your golden chance to build or change the habits, behaviors, ideas, and mindset that create roadblocks. Your opportunities at some point do end. You don’t want to wake up one day realizing it’s too late.
  8. Creating more happiness with less stress creates peace of mind. New visions lead to better options and quality decisions to get more out of life.

Are you open to options for creating positive change? 

If so, the PLB Academy for Self-Improvement wants you to start NOW! Take advantage of the 3 FREE mind-challenging/expanding gifts.  Start the process of self-assessment and self-change.

  • What life expectations do you have of yourself and others?
  • How do you handle unintended consequences?
  • What do you bring to the table of life?
  • Do you have a clear vision for the next 5 years? If so, what is it?
  • What value do you place on the importance of your legacy?
  • Do you build bridges, or do you build walls?

Here is where you can choose to start improving and refining your life journey!

No one can create change in your life better than you. To create change, it is best to make quality time for self-reflection. Choosing what to change is half the process.

Check out these next short mind-challenging videos.

The 3 FREE gifts provided by the Personal Legacy Builder Academy for self-improvement, are intended to be sources to trigger new ideas to help you create change. Gain new inspiration, insight, and motivation from your self-audit.  Create a necessary change to improve your life or someone else.

Get started TODAY on your personal transformational life experience. Good intentions have no value. Only your positive actions provide value to your intent, resulting in change.

Do you believe that one item, decision, or action could change your life?

Today, you can choose to start using simple and easy powerful Secrets to deal better with life’s unexpected challenges. If you want or need a change in your life, this is a website you gain new insight into how you can improve life situations. Learn more about ways you can choose to improve your life and how you help others.

Discover new benefits to your life

Key valuable Thoughts to Ponder:

Learn, accept, and modify what turmoil in your life is preventable or controllable. See what you learn from your self-audit.

Every person born gets a single life cycle and 24 hours in a day. You are a composite of hundreds of generations of DNA from 2 different, unique people. Their relationship at a point in time combined two cells filled with DNA that formed trillions of living cells to make your life possible. You have your own mindset based on experiences.

You have unique emotions, feelings, and traits that either guide you or derail you. Many assume certain things in life are normal, learning later they are not.  This depends on their levels of learning and what they have been exposed to.

You should look forward to reading “How Well Do You Know Your Body” and “Relationships” at the Academy. You are a one-of-a-kind, unique individual miracle. NO ONE asked to be here, and at some unknown point, all life cycles end.

Every day, people deal with their own life challenges. Many keep it to themselves or don’t know how or are embarrassed to ask for help. Good communication can usually solve, head off, or defuse unexpected, unwanted situations. Life is too short to allow yourself to be unhappy. What part do you play in the problems you experience? Asking for help or talking with others is your first step leading to bigger and greater successes.

What you choose to do with your life cycle is important.  An essential part of determining your success, how you impact others, and your legacy is based on decisions, how you act, and your accountability.

Every day people are born, and others die. People are faced with unending change that requires new decisions and actions. People tend to get wrapped up in everyday living. They forget that each new day is a complex gift.  No one has control over the sunrise or sunsets. Nor can we control the spin of the earth, the weather, or the fact we travel through space 14 million miles a day. 

But we do have the opportunity to make the day better than it was yesterday. Everyone can control their attitudes, actions, health, communications, and choice in all relationships. We can learn and practice making our lives better by the choices and actions we take. We can make the world better than we found it by the positive things we choose to contribute.

During every life cycle:

We all need attention. Everyone wants to feel more needed, loved, happy, and less stressed. Unfortunately, many are overstressed, frustrated, and overworked. This results in feeling neglected, hopeless, depressed, left out, or out of touch. Every situation has a root cause. It is important to know the root cause, so a plan of action can be made.

The negative result of these feelings and emotions is that many turn to alcohol, drugs, sex, or pornography which take a person down a path they can’t pay the price for. Many times life ends in suicide. It’s difficult to understand the choices made and the pure pain they experienced to get to that point. There are so many ways that the situation could have been altered.

These feelings and emotions can keep us from talking or reaching out to others. When not addressed or left to linger, our feelings and emotions cloud our visions. The decisions and actions we can choose then are not the best they can be. It is not productive to exist only on a one-way street instead of an equal two-way path. We all experience peaks and valleys. We can all make better decisions to improve ourselves and those we are around.

People need to talk about real things in their life.  Consider your choices, options, actions, and time.  What have you done, or can you do to make your life or the life of someone else better?

What choices, decisions, and preventable actions have created issues? Have you identified the root causes? Which of these issues created unwanted, destructive, and unnecessary roadblocks in your life? Do fear and doubt impede or poison your progress? In the PLB Academy, you get to look at and refine the life areas you choose to improve.

Plus, many people have not clearly defined their “Why” in life.

Here is your choice to find many NEW actions to improve your life and others. Understanding better your “Why” is essential for personal growth! Increased self-awareness leads to more productivity. Better success, less stress and anxiety, and more happiness are some of the benefits. Are you interested in making your life better?

Do you see value in, or do you want to find how you can be better? Strive to become the good that happens to someone else and yourself?

The ideas and questions presented on this website are personal and challenging. The value of the questions depends on how open you are to expand your opportunity zones. One main goal of the PLB Academy for Self-Improvement is to help expand your levels of thinking. Do you want to improve your self-awareness? Do you want to improve your life skills? What about boosting or revising your health, communication, relationships, and legacy building skills?

Again, are you interested to Find at least 7 Better ways to improve yourself? You get to choose what, when, where, why, and how to create change best.


Would you rather just be content/satisfied to stay where you are at in life? Is accepting or being frustrated with what comes your way producing the results you want? If not, you need to create change! Do you believe life gets better by chance? In reality, life gets better with the positive decision and actions you make to create change.

Think about the opening question in the first video! What action needs to start?

What have you written down so far?

Keep going on your personal audit.  You are doing great so far. Use this next link to dive into Mind Expansion Module One. Are you interested so far?  Do you want to continue learning more about alternative solutions to get more out of your life and interact on a deeper level with yourself and others?

Continue expanding your thinking levels about self-direction, self-reflection, self-image, self-confidence, self-respect, self-change, self-desires, self-motivation, self-love, self-worth, self-esteem, self-reliance, self-vision, self-imagination, self-satisfaction, and self-adjustments.

Also, problem-solving, communications, health, relationship quality, and your legacy are essential areas for personal growth. All these factors directly influence your levels of stress, anxiety, success, and happiness.