Below is a list of the Free items from the Personal Legacy Builder Academy for Self-Improvement

Each FREE item you choose to get is filled with numerous personal questions to expand your life-building resources. It's healthy to challenge your perspectives, accountability, attitudes, and levels of thinking. First, see what you agree or disagree with most in the information. Next, decide what applies the best to your life. Finally, determine what areas of your life you choose to improve. Then, select the button of your choice above: you will find these buttons located throughout this website.

  • 3 Free gifts - filled with personal questions to start your self-paced self-audit
  1. Gift #1 - Transcript of the opening videos so you can at your pace answer and digest the questions as part of your self-audit/life inventory exercises. You are encouraged to listen to the 12 short videos located on the I want to Know More blue button at the bottom of the home page.
  2. Gift #2 - Self-development exercises - first 4 of 15
  3. Gift #3 - Complete description and listing of the PLB Academy Curriculum. Plus many personal questions to let you rate your attitudes and perspectives on a scale of 1 to 100.  These Tools help develop where you choose to create change.
  • Education vs. Parenting vs. Police vs. Death - sort through the many education, policing, and parenting issues.  See what you agree with or disagree with about this subject and what you would add to the list.
  • If - I - Why statements - See where you stand and how you answer the questions as they apply to your unique situations. When, where, why, and how do your thoughts impact your life?
  • Learning Modules - 4 no-cost modules once you register in the Academy.
  1. Mind Expansion Module #1 - The first of 5 Mind Expansion modules
  2. A Family Tree Development form - workbook
  3. The Personal Life story of the PLB - CEO and Developer
  4. Audio Book Recommendation list

All the information contained in the Academy is based on real-life situations.

Once you Register in the PLB Academy - you will be able to use your Unser Name and Password to access the Learning Modules and all the descriptions. 

Introductory Offer

The total retail Tuition for the Self-Improvement PLB Academy is 1400.00. Significant savings - You can get the modules separately. The tuition cost for getting the modules one at a time is only 583.00, so you can spread it out. The modules range in price from 17.00 to 57.00 each. This offer gives you a 58% savings from the Tuition.

We are discussing the possibility of having small group discussions about relationships.  Let us know if you would be interested in attending one online.

If you would prefer, you have a choice to get the entire Academy curriculum for a unique introductory tuition offering of - $237.00 - an additional savings of 47% over the individual module cost.


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