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In 1970, the world population was only 3.2 billion people. Then In 2018, 48 years later, the population had more than doubled to 7.4 billion. The US population in 1970 was 203,392,031. The U.S. entered 2016, only 46 years later, with an estimated population of 322,762,018, according to an end-of-year estimate from the U.S. Census Bureau. As of March 2021, the US population is 332,450,708. An increase of 9,688,690 people. Consider the open southern border policy and the rapid influx of people. What are the short-term and long-term consequences? Imagine what the world population will be like in 2050. Check out the “Where You Fit In” module in the Academy for Self-Improvement. Check out the BONUS GIFT in Gift #2. Education vs. Parenting vs. Policing vs. Death. See what you would add to the list of items needed to fix in order to improve life.

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