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If you could change one thing in your life, starting today, what would it be and why?

What are your expectations in life? Are you achieving your expectations?  If not, would you like to find out how?  Are you interested in getting more out of living? Check out this short intro video and the FREE gifts…

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You get

only one chance

to live your life on earth.

  • Can one decision change your life and legacy?
  • What are you doing every day to improve yourself?
  • See what unique thoughts are triggered by how you respond to the next 27 questions.

FACT: Every life-cycle is full of constant change.

Life is complex. It is not like a movie or a T.V. program. There is no written script with a gripping plot. Or a planned outcome designed to fit precisely between commercial breaks. 

There are no retakes to get it right.

The next 10 to 13 minutes

of your time, reading, and listening to personal information will challenge and impact how you see yourself and others. Your perspectives, decision making, and quality of life can change.

This information is all about helping people

  • learn ways to document their life experiences
  • improve life-skills to get more out of life
  • reduce stress by finding a solution to life situations
  • improve health, communications, and relationship quality.

The result Getting to know yourself and others on a deeper level for more success. This creates the opportunity to choose what, how, when, and why to improve. Refining your life-skills helps you to gain greater personal growth for happiness.

See what applies to you and the people you choose to be around or interact with!

Your options, opportunities, feelings of self-worth, and success can improve. Both for your current and past situations, plus your future. Consider these essential questions and ideas. Challenge your perspectives and how you make decisions about your life and others. Self-improvement is rewarding!

Discover and build on your uniqueness, positive traits, and unused potential! Fix or improve what holds you back.

It does not matter what stage of life you are at or what problems you face.  Everyone has peaks and valleys. Your lifetime clock continues to tick as your life cycle shortens. Make time to review your life inventory.

  • Determine what is best for you to improve or change.
  • Don’t complain more than you do without seeking to find solutions.
  • Don’t be too self-absorbed in yourself to fail at becoming a better person.
  • Take note of who you are and of your surroundings and opportunities. 

If you feel you are in a rut – a self-analysis, a personal audit can help identify what you need to change.  This is the tool to boost you up to alter directions.

Success and change in life

are about your choices, decisions, perspectives, and how you choose to use your time. Also, about your use of wisdom, how you treat other people, and your accountability. While you are healthy and of sound mind, it’s never too late for you to improve yourself and others. Today is the best day to start! Especially for starting to write down an outline for sharing your life experiences!

Learn to take better care of your needs and others.

Who’s right or wrong should not be the question, but what is the best solution to move forward. Covering up feelings or using harsh words adds to the complexity and time required to improve ourselves and others. Keep an open mind.

Without the past generations, your existence would not be possible.

Now that you have the gift of life – What are your purposes and direction in life? What core values drive you to be a better person every day? What are you preparing for your success and future generations? Learn how to share your wisdom and life experience with future generations.

Cell phone users – view the yellow box in landscape.

Key thought!

Are you open-minded?

How valuable are your choices & decisions? See the flip side.

Can one decision, idea, question, emotion, feeling, or action

CHANGE YOUR LIFE? - Find out many ways to get more out of life.

Use this time to review thought-provoking, essential personal questions to improve your life.

What value do you place on your life and others?

Your life challenges, directions, and conditions are vital to your personal growth and future. A person’s past wisdom and how wisdom is used affects their present situations and their future. Everyone has obstacles to overcome.

Explore new options. Look at how well you manage your life-skills. Determine your best or alternative resources to get a higher quality living experience. See what chapters of your life have been the most beneficial. Apply your wisdom to build a bright future. Consider what impact you can have on future generations. Remember, you are an original.

Using this information and questions will trigger new ideas. Getting a better understanding of your thoughts, emotions, and feelings is valuable and essential to creating change.

Your quality of life and how you assist others help you become a better person. Healthy personal growth involves expanding your comfort zones and levels of thinking.

Everyone needs help getting through their life.

  • What do you want or need to improve in yourself and others?
  • How would you describe dealing with your current life challenges?
  • On a scale from 1 to 100, how would you rate the quality of your life now?
  • What are your most important current goals and tasks?
  • How often and how much time do you invest in intentional self-improvement?
  • What is your biggest unresolved issue, or what do you struggle with the most?
  • If your life cycle ended suddenly, how and why would people remember you?
  • As a result of your passing, who would be most affected, and how?
  • How do you imagine what others would have to deal with as a result of your passing?
  • What value do you place on your legacy/life story/experiences?
  • What is in your toolbox of self-improvement to create change in your life?
  • How often do you consider and appreciate the value of your existence?
  • Whose voice do you miss hearing? 
  • What moments do you cherish the most?
  • Who are the essential people in your life?
  • How do you treat them?
  • What would your life be like if they are gone?
  • How do you treat yourself as an important person?

29 Simple but Powerful Opening Questions

What are your thoughts so far?

What were your answers, and why are they important?

Your answers and new actions are the tip of the iceberg to create change. You have just started a

personal audit to expand and improve

your mental bandwidth, i.e., your levels of thinking. Improved self-reflection creates more self-awareness, leading to different perspectives and unimagined opportunities, potential positive change, less stress, and greater happiness.

You choose what is best for you!

Pushing yourself takes courage. This includes sacrifice, effort, and a desire to see and create change. You must have a vision for self-improvement and success. You need to appreciate yourself and others more. Then you get to create your plan and follow through.

There is no magic wand to suddenly improve your life.

Invest in your well-being. The rewards you achieve can be priceless. You expand your self-awareness by answering questions about your life and others.

Stay focused on what is important to improve your life.

Using the PLB Academy program, you get to refine and clarify who you are and what you do. Define better what you want and how you get things done. Reward yourself by setting NEW paths to achieve more in life.

The goal is self-improvement achieved by increasing your self-awareness. The reward is gaining a deeper appreciation of yourself and others. Improve your productivity and decrease stress with better decisions and actions.

Solving life problems can enrich and simplify life. Increasing happiness through the actions you choose is comforting and reassuring to others.

You get to self-reflect about many aspects of your life and others! Continue learning how you can experience living a fuller life with less stress.

What do you want for your future?

What are your plans to get there?

Your reading, listening, and action will stimulate a remarkable process. A process of you starting on a NEW, expanded, enhanced life path for self-improvement.

Personal change and self-awareness options are essential parts of becoming wiser and getting older. Creating self-improvement and telling your life story is priceless.

With this program, you get to use your time to create a change. What are the values of your health, communications, and relationship skills?

Recognizing and defining what, how, and why you want, need, or should makechange is comforting and rewarding.

  1. Keep reading to see what you agree or disagree with to improve yourself.
  2. Determine what applies to your life situations.
  3. Take action to improve your life situations and opportunities.
  4. Continue learning ways to confront and solve life changes.
  5. Always seek the root cause of a situation so you can figure out a solution.

As you read and listen, determine NOW what you need to do to impact your life situations. Invest a few minutes every day to start improving yourself and others.  People remember you most by your actions and how you make them feel.

Self-Examination is an essential key factor in improving your success, quality of life, personal growth, and happiness.

Discover, determine, plan, and act on how you can choose to improve and empower yourself and others to find

unrealized life benefits and potential.

Self-improvement is an essential daily task.

Start NOW to know, test, evaluate, check, and renew your ideas and thoughts. Determine and appreciate why your life and others have great untapped power and value.

You choose what, when, where, how, and why you want or need to change.

Your life expectations and expectations of others will change. Every hour you gain more wisdom in your life journey.

Personal growth and what you achieve in life revolves around open-mindedness. The best use of opportunities and your time are invaluable.

How you choose to live and your actions determine your consequences. All current and future outcomes can enhance your life experiences.

Improved living requires flexibility and other people. Everyone needs to understand the expense of relationships and success. The search for happiness always has a cost. Integrity, passion, compassion, compromise, faith, and hope are important roles in how you choose to act. Your attitudes, knowledge, love, time management, confidence, and priorities also advance your life.

These mindsets lead to better choices, decisions, actions, and accountability! You are in charge of all behavior modifications. Remember the value and importance of all relationships.

Relationships are where we get to improve other people.

Your mindsets affect all phases of your life map. Finally, how you fit in has significant value. Know and appreciate your existence and self-worth.

Strive for success. Your health, communication, relationship quality, and happiness can improve by expanding your self-awareness.

All these factors build your wisdom and connections in life. Your benefit is a better and improved character. Success and how you choose to treat yourself and care for others are the result.

Your legacy is the final outcome! The power and importance of your life story can impact future generations.

  • Only you can decide what’s best for your life.

  • No one can tell your life story better than you.

What inspires you to create change in your daily activities?

People ask: What’s in this NEW program for me, and how can it help improve my life?

Learning more about yourself and of others provides better control options for self-improvement. Becoming a better person by getting greater enjoyment and happiness for each passing day is rewarding.


  • tough times make us stronger and wiser.  
  • Small actions lead to bigger successes and self-confidence.
  • You are in charge of attitude and behavior change.
  • Kindness can change another person’s life.

What $$$$$ value would you place on finding

NEW ways to re-energize and redirect yourself and others to making better decisions to enjoy life more?

Do you want to improve your life-skills and life situations to get more out of life? You can start NOW from this in-depth, self-awareness personal audit as part of the PLB Academy for Self-Improvement. Check out the curriculum in Gift #3.

The Personal Legacy Builder Academy for Self-Improvement is a broad, interactive, in-depth personal, self-help, mastermind program.

The PLB Academy is overflowing with essential life information and questions to

  • elevate and expand your thinking levels and opportunities
  • Improve your sense of well-being
  • Provide tools and ideas to improve personal and professional success.
  • Reduce stress levels to create more happiness.
  • Build on and improve your life-skills.

ALL Choices matter!

You get to consider unique, individual options to improve your quality of life and life situations you choose.

The other intro video links are down below near the bottom of the page. Make time to expand your mindset, perspectives, and levels of thinking!

Unforeseen life situations and choices cause people to lose sight or faith in what is most important. What the next hour of life brings can change your life for a period of time, or forever.

People tend not to get all the facts of a situation. Or use all their resources. As a result, poor choices, decisions, and actions get made. Unintended consequences can occur that create more issues, stress, and anxiety.

Life values and options become unrecognized, ignored, pushed aside, distorted, forgotten, underutilized, rusted, or undervalued! Life becomes more difficult, which creates clouded judgment. People tend to make quick, poor decisions. The result is more unwanted, stressful consequences.

Expose and confront what holds you back!

Agree or Disagree: Life is too short to spend time struggling.

  • Do you want to improve your life-skills to build and enhance your life map?
  • Do you use your life skills to make the highest and best use of your time?
  • Do you always seek the root cause of a situation to best deal with a problem?
  • How often do you give in to distractions, mood swings, temper, or something negative someone says?
  • Are you too busy to improve yourself and others? If so, why?
  • What do you complain about the most? Make a list!
  • How do you define a healthy life balance?
  • Do you maintain a healthy life balance?
  • How often and how do you compare yourself to someone else?

Where are you at on this life map?

Each life phase contains different chapters. How do you juggle and manage the phases you are in? Do you know when new chapters begin?  What did you learn from past chapters?  New or recent decisions now will affect future phases.

Each life cycle has a beginning, middle, and end. Your life skills start developing from birth.  Life skills affect every past, current, and future phase of life.

What are your plans for future phases of the life-cycle in your life and others? How are past phases affecting you now? How many chapters are in your book of life so far?

Where are the people you care about on this life map? How will your improved actions help them? It is up to you to refine all your life-skills and help others!

What is normal for you may not be normal, typical, customary, or expected for someone else. Get to know someone before making any judgments!

In the PLB Academy, you will get

the expanded version of this map.  The map you get reveals over 122 factors associated with all life phases. Determine what affects your decisions and actions! In the Academy, you get to write out your life map. This becomes your personal visual tool to improve life possibilities and direction. Every person has different life situations, goals, dreams, and emotions to work on for self-improvement.

Again, this is what makes you an exceptional, unique person.

Each person has unique characteristics, backgrounds, wants, and needs.

The PLB Academy for Self-improvement is not about telling you what is wrong, challenging, or difficult in your life. 

Only you can best determine the issues you face!

The PLB Academy is a tool and guides about YOU taking more control of life situations.  You get to do this by taking an in-depth review/study of your life and others. Your in-depth review is a personal audit, a foundation for +positive+ change.

Your audit will become your tool and guide for self-improvement. Help yourself stay focused on what is essential to improve. Use all the tools and ideas to solve problems and enjoy life more. You take action on what and how you choose to get more out of life.

The program is all about helping you improve your life options, decisions, and opportunities.

  • Do you want to live a fuller, more prosperous life with less stress?
  • Do you want to live a happier life?
  • Do you want to improve your health, communications, and quality of relationships?

Improving your living conditions, life skills, and life options are essential for self-care. Also, using tools for writing your life story for future generations is priceless.

Your benefit:

The PLB Academy program is about helping you identify areas of life you choose to improve. Focus and build on your positive traits. Start to dismantle any negative traits or walls that hold you back.

Take this elevated 360 view of your life. With these tools, develop a plan to create positive change for your life and others. What are the right choices for you?

How would you define a life well-lived?

The quality of your thoughts, mindset, perspectives, situations, health, communications, relationships, and activities all play an essential role in your success, stress, and happiness. Do you know how you fit in? Everything you do becomes a part of your legacy.

Again, you choose what, when, where, how, and why you want or need to change.

This unique, eye-opening self-examination tool and guide help you review where you have been and where you are NOW. Looking at how you view life and determining how to make better decisions creates a path for change, less stress, and more happiness.


  • Everyone has issues they deal with as life is full of change.
  • Everyone has peaks and valleys filled with “why”  and “how” questions. The more facts you know about a situation determine how you can best help resolve the issues. Early judgment causes unnecessary pain to others and more problems.
  • Everyone, at some point, needs help making readjustments to satisfy their wants and needs. Do you only look at the outside of a person without seeking the inside?
  • Everyone’s life cycle has a beginning, middle, and end!

The ideas and questions presented on this website are personal and challenging. The value of the questions depends on how open you are to expand your opportunity and comfort zones. One main goal of the PLB Academy for Self-Improvement is to help raise, develop, expand, grow, and expand your thinking levels. Do you want to improve your self-awareness? Do you want to improve your life skills? What about boosting or revising your health, communication, relationships, and legacy building skills?

Agree or Disagree:

The questions you get to answer NOW about life are a valuable guide for self-improvement. Your answers and new thoughts give you a base/foundation, NEW tools, and ideas to help you see yourself and others in a new vibrant light. Helping yourself feel better has endless and profound rewards.

Become more committed to your visions!

Success depends a lot on your personality and character. Personality develops from how you feel emotionally, psychologically, and physically. All these factors improve your self-image, ambition, opportunities, and character.

Without a good self-image, one will feel inadequate and get lost in fears instead of looking to lift ourselves and others up.

Feeling inadequate creates road-blocks, stress, sadness, hurt, emotional distress, depression, anxiety, isolation, hopelessness, frustration, loneliness, clouded decisions, and procrastination. We forget to look for the good in ourselves and others.

Using and improving what you have are huge factors for improving yourself. What matters is that you feel loved, smart, and desirable. 

Equally important is how you make others feel.  Think about what attracts you to others and makes for great relationships.

Determining what you want or need to change in life is essential. Become a shining example of what you want to see in others.

  • Do you pretend you don’t have any problems?
  • When someone asks how are you – is your response fine or OK?  Why?
  • Do you neglect or break your own boundaries?
  • How often do you name reasons you can’t do something?

Make a list of your current problems/issues, thoughts, boundaries, and situations you keep to yourself. You will most likely keep adding to your list. As you continue reading, your mind will incur many triggered thoughts.

You will get to work on this later in Gift #2.

Throughout your personal audit, you will discover life areas; you get to decide how best to improve. You decide where you want to go and how you will get there.

Again – Most important – are you recognizing and defining what, how, and why you want or need to create change.

Start NOW making your life better.

Every life is unique, based on lifestyles, environment, and past experiences.  How you handle challenges you encounter helps determine your success, happiness, and personal growth.

Finish reading this web page and listen to the short intro video links listed below. Determine and write down your triggered ideas and thoughts.  These items that come to your mind of why and how you can benefit become golden nuggets of information.   See what applies to you! You get to expand your perspectives!

This NEW program will help you expand your self-awareness and levels of thinking. Do you want something that can help you live a longer, richer, happier life? Is exploring and finding different opportunities to improve your living conditions valuable and rewarding? Your personal growth and happiness are some of the prime targets of this program!

Make time to answer all the personal questions on this website honestly. From the videos, determine ways to get more out of life. This information is entirely about you, the people you choose to be around, and those you will meet in the future.

Do you want or need life direction, action, or attitude adjustments? What do you struggle with the most, and what are you doing about it? Are you getting the results you want? Do you make decisions based on emotions or the facts?

Figure out how to best use these tools and ideas to solve current or future life challenges? Test your mindset, perspectives, passions, dreams, and goals. With what you learn in the PLB Program, determine what applies to help you the best. Does this sound good so far? 

Relax in the comfort of your favorite chair or quiet place. Think about what you read and how it applies to improve your life.

The entire curriculum is self-paced.

Use all the questions and guides to start quenching your thirst and hunger for getting more out of life. You choose what you want or need to improve. Then choose when and how based on your new plans to start.

The Journal you keep will become priceless. The Journal will become filled with ideas for the foundation of change. Efforts and actions to create personal change will be rewarding.

Challenge Thought

Take a close look at yourself in the mirror.  You are more than a reflection. You are a unique, complex, and extraordinary living person. What do you see in yourself? What is the story of your life so far? What do you want to change to get more out of life?

Give some thoughts to the words of this poem:


Five years ago, did you have a plan about where you wanted to be today? Are you there yet? What decisions and actions have changed your life? What needs to be fixed or refined to help your future?

What past advice do you now wish you had listened to? Knowing what you know NOW, what would you have done differently over the past five years? With that wisdom, what can you apply to improve your future?

Again, what do you struggle with the most right now? Can you define what life course adjustments are needed to improve your life or others? This program can help you find answers to refine your situations.

NOW, where do you want to be in the next 5, 9, or 14 years?

What are your plans to get there? Or do you choose to only live from day to day, wishing for something good to happen? If so

STOP wasting your time

Make something new happen in your life!

Are you open to answering in-depth, serious, personal questions to examine yourself and others closely?

Build your mind MORE by challenging and expanding your self-awareness.

Your answers to the questions build a great foundation for change. What can you do to help someone else have a better day?

By enhancing your personal growth from a self-life-audit, you find ways you want or need to create change. It’s rewarding to do things better! Your benefit is becoming less stressed and happier. Solving problems and enjoying life more while building your legacy is priceless.

The PLB Academy provides an opportunity for you to audit your life and unexplored inner thoughts. Explore your options to enhance living conditions and life opportunities you can change.

This includes but is

  • Not limited to values, mortality, morality, life planning, and attitude adjustments.

  • A time to look at your strengths, weaknesses, purpose, life values, and mortality.

  • Plus, a review of your life experience, choices, decisions, actions, and results. (Lessons learned) No one can tell your life story better than you.

  • Also, how aware are you of your surroundings, how you treat others, and use your personal spaces, time, and financial resources? How often do you make excuses or lie about something to avoid conflict?

  • Finally, how do you deal with anger, hurt, confusion, emotions, procrastination, frustration, and stress? Are you able to let things go?

Make this a time to examine feelings, emotions, perspectives, and personal issues. Comfort zones do get stretched.

Identify the root cause of problems. Expand your views on health (How well do you know your body?), communications, relationships, mindset, final messages, and your legacy.

How often do you make assumptions based on a lack of information? You then discover later you misjudged someone or a situation incorrectly?

Here are the next 2 big questions:

Again, will you invest a few minutes every day to start improving yourself and others by the actions you choose NOW? Consider the long-range consequences and benefits.

Will you do something to make today better than yesterday? If so, what?

The time you invest in your life and others each day can improve how much you want and gain out of life. Every day you wake-up, be thankful. Your future starts with your actions today and how you apply your wisdom. This is your golden chance to build or change the habits, behaviors, ideas, and mindset that creates frustration, stress, anger, procrastination, and roadblocks. Start NOW creating ways to become happier.

Your opportunities at some point do end. You don’t want to wake up realizing it’s too late to make a change to improve your life one day.

The future starts NOW!

Are you planning for your future today? If so, how? If not, why not?

Do you make Self-Improvement a daily priority?     If so, how? If not, why not?

Each passing day with no positive action is one day closer to the end of your life cycle. Do you make each day count? Plant your seeds wisely and care for them to reap the harvest. You have unlimited possibilities to improve yourself and others.

You must read

Key valuable Thoughts to Ponder in the light yellow box located on  Home 1

The link is at the bottom of the page.

Also, view these next short videos.

See what you agree or disagree with! Determine what applies to your life. Decide on new opportunities you have not taken advantage of yet to get more out of life.

The gift descriptions are in the light gray box near the bottom of this page. It’s easy to start the process: click the BLUE 1st free gift button – then fill in your first name and email. Anytime you are ready to start, the buttons are located throughout the website.

Here are additional intro video links.  What will you decide applies to your life situations? One NEW decision can change your life! What will you choose?

Get started TODAY on your personal transformational life experience. 

Good intentions have no value. 

Only your positive actions provide value to your intent, resulting in change. Words without action have no value!

  • Vid 2        Your current view of life
  • Vid 3        Are you ready?
  • Vid 4        Life problems  
  • Vid 5        Your legacy
  • Vid 6        Problems need solutions.
  • Vid 7        Your challenges and benefits
  • Vid 8        What changes now…
  • Vid 9        The effects of Self-awareness
  • Vid 10      The value of one decision
  • Vid 11      What change do you need?
  • Vid 12      Looking back

These 11 short opening videos (Vid 2-12), combined with the information on this web site, the opening video, and the 3 FREE gifts provided by the Personal Legacy Builder Academy for Self-improvement, are intended to be sources to trigger new ideas to help you create change. Gain new inspiration, insight, and motivation from your self-audit.  Create a necessary change to improve your life or someone else.

If you want or need Change in your life, it is a process. Change requires self-TIME, a PLAN, ACTION, and ACCOUNTABILITY on your part.

  • Do you want to find ways to create positive change in your life and others? 
  • Do you want to be happier while you develop a greater impact on your life for success and happiness?
  • Do you want to be less stressed in your life? What about with the lives of those you love and choose to be around?

Free Gift Box

Each gift is an essential part of your self-evaluation

Gift #1 – Transcript with questions in the 12 intro videos.  Take time to answer, study, and expand/refine your answers to the personal questions. Start creating and determining where a change in your life is needed.  115 questions  The link to Gift #2 is at the bottom of Gift #1.

Gift #2 – 4 personal exercises + 2 bonus exercises to continue expanding your levels of thinking. 113 questions The link to Gift #3 is at the bottom of Gift #2. In the PLB Academy, you get the next 11 personal exercises.

Gift #3 – More personal in-depth, serious questions about your expectations and intended life directions. Plus, a closer look at what you value the most and need to have in your Life Plan. Also, an outline description of the PLB Academy course.  Finally, an Introductory offer to enroll in the PLB Academy for Self-Improvement.  119 questions

In the PLB Academy, a master class for Self-Improvement,  you will get the opportunity to go through many modules containing over 2000 additional personal questions. The curriculum is outlined in Gift #3.

Are you ready to continue taking the PLB Academy in-depth personal survey of yourself and others? Again, if you answered the questions on this page and started thinking about them and which ones apply to your life, you have a great start on your own audit!

Imagine what you may learn on the rest of the pages on this web site.

Click on the Home 1 link below.

See if you qualify to enroll.

Continue learning more about the PLB Academy challenges, benefits, questions, and opportunities to enroll. Get more ideas on how you can continue. Learn to challenge and improve yourself and others to getting more out of life.

Home 1 – The trails to greater happiness and success