What’s in your mind and how are you using it?

What’s in your mind and how are you using it?


Welcome to this unique website that is totally dedicated and focused on improving the quality of your life cycle. Are you interested in finding NEW paths for success and happiness?

If so, will you commit to spending time on a website packed with ideas, information, and questions that could change, expand, and improve your life? If not, why not?

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Your personal growth, self-awareness, getting more out of life, and building your legacy are the prime elements.

Elements concerning your Personal Growth: Learn about the values and significance of your life story and why it should be written down. Take a life inventory of your thoughts, perspectives, and mindset. Also, examine your wants, needs, emotions, and feelings. Check your boundaries, and expand your life map. Are you headed in a positive and productive direction?

What do you struggle with the most every day? If you could start changing one thing in your life starting today, what would it be and why? Write your ideas down.

Are you interested in improving your life situations, health, communications, relationships, success, happiness, and building a great legacy? How about reducing your levels of stress and expanding your life map?

Can one decision change your life?

These three unique gifts for you contain valuable, back-to-basics, common sense thoughts and ideas. Can the eye-opening, thought-probing, life-changing, self-paced personal information questions and videos help improve your life?

You won’t know

until you invest a little time in yourself and others. Determine what best applies to help your situation.

Are you ready and open to positive life change and self-improvement? If not, why not? Keep reading!

How often do you use the word “if”? (For example, “If I could.”) Learn to evaluate your best options better. “If” indicates that you have a choice in what you do. Your follow-through on your decision will lead to a result or consequence.

See what area of life you relate to the most! Start finding at least 7 ways to improve yourself! It’s time to unlock your unrealized potential to get more out of life.

Agree or Disagree: Life and time are the two most valuable assets a person has. Life is precious as it can end anytime in a few minutes or a split second.

Before taking advantage of the gifts, first, consider these life questions below. See what information you can use to empower, improve, and create change in your life situations.

The Personal Legacy Builder Academy for Self-Improvement

>>>Is a Flagship course that contains 17 personal development modules.<<<

  • Course Format: Digital Downloads and video. See the introductory offer to enroll in the 3rd gift!

  • Course Length: One day up to all your life! All parts are self-paced. Each module is a self-study of your life and others.  The more you read, digest, choose to apply, and act on, determines your short-term and long-range benefits.

  • Topics: Life inventory/audit for Self-improvement. Use common-sense actions to enhance your awareness, perspectives, attitudes, health, communications, relationships, life skills, life mapping, mindset, and legacy building.

Throughout the Academy Modules, you determine what is important in your life.

You decide

what, when, where, how, and why you need or want to improve yourself and create change.

All you need to start this life-changing program

for personal growth is an empty notebook and pen to write your triggered thoughts down. Your journal becomes a self-awareness funnel and the foundation to create and refine your change. Plus a short 14-minute time commitment, for a minimum of 3 days a week. Expand that time as you want. Finally, you need a desire to improve yourself, and an open mind to solve problems and get more out of life.

You will discover a lot to think about and apply to your life and others.

Are you open-minded enough to take that challenge to see what you find in your life inventory/self-audit?

Gift 1 & 2 – Presents personal mind exercises, questions, and ideas to help define your wants, needs, and options for self-improvement – get more out of life! Make time to think about ideas and subjects you are too side-tracked to think about.

Gift 3 – Ideas for building, refining, and improving your life situations, plans, health, communications, relationships, and legacy.  (More detailed info on the gifts is located on the next page.)

You can get your First gift by using this Blue & Red Bar link. 

To get the greatest benefit of the gifts,

you should read this page and the next 2 pages. You will gain a complete explanation and understanding of the 3 gifts. Plus, get a deep understanding of what this program has for you to gain! The gifts and this information will trigger many thoughts, emotions, and feelings about your life and others. Write them down!

The gift links are located throughout the website for easy access when you are ready.

The Academy program is not designed to tell you

what is wrong in your life, and how to fix it. 


since you and everyone else are so unique and face your own set of challenges, dealing with daily drama and what’s on your mind, the program asks many in-depth, thought-provoking, personal questions. The questions will trigger you to think about different life areas and possible solutions. Make this a time to recharge! Determine and appreciate all the reasons that you are an important and valuable person.

You decide what you want to improve!

Seeking and understanding the root cause of problems is essential. Looking at different perspectives is a tool to design new life paths that are the best for you. What roads have you chosen, and where was the destination? 

Using NEW ideas and better communication to resolve issues can improve your life opportunities and the road you chose. This result is reducing stress and improving your chance of success and happiness.  This creates New paths to less stress and more happiness.

The Academy modules and videos are guides and tools for creating NEW common-sense life change. All the information is based on real-life circumstances.

Life is not as complicated as we make it.

Everyone gets overwhelmed with life feelings, emotions, and daily situations. But, when you make time to break life down into smaller parts, it becomes easier to navigate life. Finding acceptable and manageable solutions is a great stress reliever.

Seek to enhance your life opportunities and decrease your frustrations. The information and personal questions will challenge and expand your thinking. Plus, improve your self-awareness levels, attitudes, perspectives, and mindset.

You have an opportunity to improve your health, life skills, communications, and relationships. You can refine your life map. You can enhance and better control your choices, decisions, actions, and stress. Finally, you can build a lasting legacy by telling and writing your life story.

No one can tell it better than you.

Change and life improvements are up to you!

See what you discover about your life or another person. There are items and situations in life you don’t make time for or often consider important, necessary, or essential. Make time to view, see, or determine the value of these items to improve your life. 

Life Reviews are essential for Personal Growth

Quick Reality Check #1 of 3

On a scale of 1 to 100, 100 being best, how would you rate your self-awareness about life?

Agree or Disagree:

  1. People are creatures of habit, routines, and opinions. 
  2. A lack of or poor quality communication creates unresolved conflict.
  3. We all have a limited time to get more out of life and be happier.
  • How often do you ever contemplate the value, complexity, heritage, importance, length of life, and challenges all forms of living creatures experience?
  • Same question about other people?
  • What about your life? Same question!
  • What do you find amazing about life?
  • Do you make the best use of your time?
  • How do you determine and achieve your value?
  • When is the last time you took an inventory of your life?
  • Do you need to revise your use of time, goals, and talents?
  • Are you stuck in daily routines or past and current situations?
  • Who gets affected by your choices, decisions, actions, and consequences?

What value would you place

on having NEW ideas, tools, workbooks, life exercises to improve yourself, and more quality time? The Academy can help you develop and control what, how, and why you get more out of life. Results occur due to your attitude, mindset, perspectives, actions, and how you use the results.

Become a happier, less stressed individual. Self-improvement and legacy building is a process. Your success in the process results from a positive, organized, active, and well-informed mindset.

Your mindset, life map, and opportunities are improved from what you do with your self-paced life checkup, audit, and inventory. What choices will you make to improve your living conditions and move forward in your life cycle?

Give considerable thought to all these mind-probing personal questions.

Are you open-minded? Let’s get started!

Reading and applying this website’s information will help you understand your life and others more. Not to mention your effect and interactions with others.

There are many things we cannot change. But we can choose to seek situations, knowledge, events, and people who make the world a better place. What is the benefit of and purpose of your challenges? In your life cycle, you have to make many choices, decisions, and actions to navigate life. How do you make the best use of your time?

Intentional Self-Improvement is rewarding and essential to get more out of life!

To Keep going – take the 3 Quick Personal Surveys

on the next page using the link at the bottom of this page.

But first, consider the thoughts

in this box and the rest of the personal questions on this page.

Quick Reality Check #2 of 3

You are one of approximately 7.4 billion other people born to live on the earth. All around the world, no matter what age a person is or where they live or interact with, everyone deals with challenges, emotions, and feelings. Everyday choices, decisions, actions, and resulting consequences create a past, form the present time and future. How would you answer: What is the purpose of life?

What is your purpose in life? Each person is born as a female or a male. Each person has the same organs except for the reproductive parts. You have characteristics that make you unique and different from anyone else in your thoughts, feelings, emotions, perspectives, ideas, and actions. While you live your life-cycle, there is so much else going on that has to be considered in your pursuit of success and happiness.

The observable universe is estimated to be 93 billion light-years from edge to edge. The entire universe is thought to be 250 times larger or over 7 trillion light-years across. One light-year is a measure of the distance light travels in one year. That distance is just under six trillion miles. Multiply 6 trillion by 7 trillion light-years, that’s a big number! 4.2 septillion miles. After trillion is a quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion, then septillion. Each number is a multiple by 1000. So 1000 trillion make up one quadrillion.

420,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 or 4.2 x 10 to the 25 septillion miles.

The shape of the universe is unknown. Some theories say it is flatter, while others push the viewpoint that it is round. The estimated age of the universe is 12.4 billion to 13.7 billion years old. A small difference of 1.3 billion years. (See the module: How do you fit in) There are different theories as to how the universe started, but no individual on earth knows for sure. Scientists believe the universe is expanding. If so, into what? Does the universe have an edge? So many unknowns that we have no control over.

All this action continues as you get another day to live, facing a new challenge and experience life.

Over 100 light-years from edge to edge, our Milkyway galaxy is one of the billions of other galaxies in the universe. The Milkway contains our 8 planet solar system and one star, our sun that is 93 million miles away.  The sun is estimated to burn for another 5 million years. Plus, the Milkyway has millions of stars, other planets, and solar systems. The galaxy travels over 14 million miles a day through space. Is it reasonable to believe everything else is moving at the same speed, or will we collide with another system? So, where are we going? What controls all this movement?

Is time a constant? The unit of time measure we live by, the second, minute, hour, day, month, and year is a concept made by humankind. If time is a constant, when did it start? Does it have an end? Why does the human race exist? Why do other living creatures and plants surround us? Where did all the other forms of life come from? Are there other forms of life in the universe? If so, why? If not, why not?

Quick Reality Check #3

The size of the universe and infinite time is beyond our comprehension. Yet, we are the most intelligent, complex living creatures on earth. How well do we use our capabilities and use our time?

We live on planet earth in the grand scheme of life. The earth is a tiny, minute speck in the vast, cold, vacuum environment of the universe and time spectrum. Our earth constantly spins while it travels in an elliptical orbit following the sun, which provides our four seasons. Why does earth exist? Why does the earth sustain life? Why do you exist, and what is your purpose?  Are we a product of evolution which is pure chance, or a product of higher intelligent design?

After the completion of our life-cycle, then what?

In that space continuum of time, we have a gift of life from conception to perhaps 100 years. Why? At the end of your life-cycle, what is the value of your legacy?

On another spectrum, an average-sized human body contains 100 trillion living cells. There are over 200 different types of cells serving specific functions.  Each body produces 80,000 to 400,000 different proteins in a lifetime that control body functions. Your body has 78 organs. There are 60,000 miles of tubes carrying blood. The nervous system is 90,000 miles long. Your heart automatically beats 35 million times a year. You have a different fingerprint than anyone else. You have a unique DNA code. Your body is 60-70% water.  Water helps move nutrients around.  The body is made of carbon-based molecules. How and why did all this happen? Why does the body only make one natural vitamin? The rest we get from what we eat.

A red blood cell is only 4 micrometers. One micrometer or micron is one-millionth of a meter. In a single red blood cell, there are 100 trillion atoms. An atom has a proton, neutron, and electron. Each proton and neutron contain 3 quarks. A quark is a fast-moving point of energy. There are 12 types of quarks.

How do you explain the complexity of life?

Check out the module – How Well Do You Know Your Body.

The point is 

We each get one unique life cycle of an unspecified length.

  No one asked to be here. So, what is the purpose and value in each life? How do you choose to use your time? What actions are needed to get more out of life? What are the results of any alternatives if we can’t make the best use of life? What is your heritage? What did it take for you to be here? What are the elements of your life that you have control over? Start writing them down!

>>  Check out the FREE Personal Growth gifts – use the link below <<

Again – If you could start changing one thing in your life starting today, what would it be and why?

How big are your life dreams and vision? Why do you have feelings and emotions? What is something you want to do but don’t?

Where and why do dreams, visions, thoughts, feelings, and emotions originate? How do these items affect your daily living and others? How do you use them to improve yourself and others?

Life is full of constant challenges. How do you use your experiences for self-improvement and self-fulfillment?

Everyone plays a role in the continuation of life. Everyone develops a life story.

We create and store a library full of valuable life experiences, wisdom, and information in our minds.

Each life builds and becomes a legacy. Your unique heritage is beneficial to our families, friends, and future generations. Understanding your past and planning for the future is essential.

Once your life cycle ends,

that information, your legacy, disappears unless you took the effort to write things down. Passing your knowledge on to future generations is priceless. Your history is valuable!

Take time now to dive into your life perspectives.

Everyone faces adversity. However, you get to control how you respond.

See where you can create change to improve your life experiences. See what NEW thoughts and ideas become triggered by the personal questions and contents of the PLB Academy for Self-Improvement.

Take the challenge!

Refresh your thoughts and mindset about subjects you

don’t often think about but should?

Are you up for:

  • Taking an in-depth life checkup? The checkup is an inventory and 360-degree view of your life and others.
  • Learning more ways to navigate life?
  • Examining your perspectives, principles, and boundaries?
  • Expanding the quality of your health, communications, relationships, and life skills?
  • Evaluating and building onto your life map?
  • Figuring out how to improve your life and others?
  • Learning How to and taking action to write/build your life story? Your legacy can become a priceless gift to those you care about and future generations.

Are you open-minded to take on this challenge of self-improvement? Amaze yourself at what you find out about ways to get more out of life and be happier.

Again, all you need to get started is a notebook, pen, an open and adventurous mind. Finally, make a short time commitment to improve your thought, perspectives, ideas, living conditions, and mindset.

In your notebook, using two pages, start making a list of things you can control and a list of what you can not control.

Are you curious about what you will find out about yourself and others? 


Click this link to go to the next page.

See if you qualify to enroll. For those who qualify you will find a special offer in the 3rd gift.

Take this time to keep analyzing your life direction and life map. Seek to find better solutions to enjoy life more.

Review the notes you have taken so far.