Here is a new and different path for you to get more out of life.

In the Academy for Self-Improvement, this website is the tip of the iceberg for you to get priceless ideas, options, and tools to help create change in your life and others. Change is a process! By improving your self-awareness, alertness, levels of thinking, health, happiness, communications, quality of relationships, and building your priceless legacy you intentionally improve your life skills, happiness, and success. You get new paths to get more out of life while building the value of your life story and legacy which no one can tell better than you!

You choose what you want and need to change for self-improvement.


Life is not n o r m a l !       So…Get 3 Free eye-opening, life-changing gifts

to start creating a positive and active change to improve your life. If you could start changing one thing in your life today, what would it be and why?

An open mind seeks to improve daily life living survival skills and opportunities. Enhance how you navigate unexpected challenges best and be accountable for your actions.. Are you spending your time wisely to enhance your life and others?

Waitwhat is and how do you define normal?

Getting more out of life requires consistent and necessary life adjustments. Do you want or need to produce better results?

Start NOW to consider hundreds of items you seldom think about, but SHOULD to improve your life. Your self-awareness, self-improvement, success, personal growth, mindset, motivation, and attitude are essential.

The first BIG question - Will you commit to 14 minutes a day - 3 days a week minimum to keep coming back to this website, to read and ponder all the information provided, so you can create intentional self-improvement? This is how you will get the most from this Self-Improvement Academy. You need time to ponder what you have read or heard.

Finding 7 or more ways to improve your well-being has great rewards.

Do you have barriers that have become excuses? If so - Why?

During each minimum 14 minute segment, you should write down your triggered thoughts. Digest your thoughts and determine what applies to making your life simpler, less stressed, happier, and more productive. Everyone deserves self-time to re-energize themselves. Allow yourself to take a complete self-audit and inventory of your life.

This website, the videos, and personal questions are a mastermind review of your life inventory. Find more ways to enhance your future success. Start your personal review and legacy building today with a

A self-audit and life check-up

Are you ready to get more out of life? Life can improve by using some simple, but powerful actions that you choose.

Here are the links for the 11-addtional short videos to challenge your perspectives about life situations.

Blaming the results of your decisions does not fix a problem. NEW actions create NEW opportunities.

Continue expanding your thinking levels about self-direction, self-reflection, self-image, self-confidence, self-respect, self-change, self-desires, self-motivation, self-love, self-worth, self-esteem, self-reliance, self-vision, self-imagination, self-satisfaction, and self-adjustments.

Do you have any thoughts, beliefs, or recent actions holding you back?

Are you suffering from any adversity, excess life baggage, troubling thoughts, or situations?  If so, let’s put those thoughts to the side. Make time so you can start to impact the situation directly. Overcome the issues or resolve them with new ideas and actions you choose.

Are you achieving your untapped or unrealized potential? Start building today on new ideas. Expand your levels of thinking, attitudes, mindset, and perspectives.

Do you want or need positive transformational change in your life cycle?

If so, this website is overflowing with insights and real-life options to inspire you to create change in your life and others.

See which short videos, program modules, and personal exercises are most beneficial to you.  Challenge yourself by answering personal questions about life situations. Expand your levels and openness of thinking. Change is a process that does not happen overnight.

Do you recognize the priceless value of your time and life story? Your life story is a library full of experiences. The story should be shared. If you place value on your story, here is a great opportunity to prepare your written legacy for future generations.

Age is not a factor. You can be 15 – 97 or anywhere in-between. NOW is a perfect time to start. Every journey starts with the first step.

What has happened to get you to this point in your life? Are you open-minded to look at your life inventory, a self-paced life audit?

Look at different ideas and personal questions to improve your daily life. Expand your quality of life decisions to Get More Out of Life! Look closely at the importance and priceless value of your life story and others.

Do you want to get more out of life? Do you want to be more organized, motivated, driven, and reduce stress?  Manage life better? Are you living each day with ambition, excitement, and purpose? Do you see value in your life story and others?

Which of these 10 items are most important to you right NOW?

This information and all the personal exercises, workbooks, eBooks, and guides are self-paced and based on real-life circumstances.

Daily living is full of unexpected changes. Life gets better, doing many small things that make big changes. Every decision, action, attitude, result, and consequence starts with a thought.

Do you have an open mind? The Academy programs are a tool and guide to advance and improve your life survival and daily living skills. Your result/success depends on the choices, decisions, actions, attitude, and accountability for the consequences.

Do you want to improve your life cycle options intentionally or wait and see what happens by chance? 

Become better in control to define your everyday normal.

Improve your communications, health, life skills, and quality of relationships. Plus, keep building a lasting legacy. Agree or Disagree: Your normal is different from other people.

Start the process NOW for gaining more control, happiness, and success out of life. Decisions and actions you choose about your life situations determine your happiness. Your attitudes, stress levels, success, and legacy get to improve.

Can one decision change your life? Let’s find out!

Before you dive headfirst into all the personal questions, take a look at the curriculum modules that are available. Each module helps to expand your self-awareness, mindset, and personal growth for more happiness, success, and life options.

Make time for 3 simple

But powerful steps to gain, expand, and enjoy the benefits of intentional self-improvement.

By using this information as a tool and guide, you can start using NEW ideas and thoughts today. The decisions and actions you take from this point forward will help you define your unrealized and unused potential.

  • Step One – Take an in-depth, self-paced inventory of your life cycle so far. The activities can be life-changing. Look at your life map and how to expand your options best. Make time and take action to invest in yourself. Define the areas of life you want or need to improve and expand. Discover or define areas that you don’t often think about but should. Life is short. Don’t arrive at the end with regrets! Use these tools and ideas to create positive change for yourself and others. Refine your ideas about how you define, measure, and pursue success.
  • Step two – increase your self-awareness with a self-paced self-audit. Your levels of thinking, understanding of others, and desire for self-improvement will expand. Answering personal questions will open up your mind and heart. New ideas, revived emotions, feelings, and memories, and perspectives will open new opportunities.  All are vital parts of your legacy and personal growth!
  • Step ThreeRefine your thoughts, develop and add to your life plan. Take action to solve & simplify life problems so that you can enjoy life more! Intentional self-improvement is a progressive lifetime process that you control.

Improving your life skills is essential for personal growth.

Your legacy, health, communication, levels of thinking, attitudes, and relationship quality provide essential rewards.

Do you make your happiness and potential success a daily high priority?

  • 1 Personal Legacy Builder Academy If there was a program to help you start getting more out of life, would you be interested? The word “if” infers that you have a choice!
  • 2 If you could begin to change one thing in your life starting today, what would it be and why? Write that thought down now.
  • 3 Do you want and need to make time to refine your ideas, mindset, perspectives, attitudes, decisions, actions, and legacy?
  • 4 Are you interested in improving your life cycle? The cycle includes communications, health, quality of relationships, attitudes, life skills, and building your legacy. Which one needs the most attention NOW?
  • 5 Here is a loaded question to ponder? What happens when your life cycle ends, especially if you have NO written plans? If you died unexpectedly, what would that day look like for your family and friends based on your plans right now? How would your plans now affect their future? Take a look at your many options in the Life Exit Plan Data Development Module.
  • 6 Take an in-depth look at the issues created by death and how you can better protect those you love by the actions you start choosing or refining now! Plus, how would you be remembered? Don’t leave your legacy hanging on the vine to wither and die!

How many “yes” answers did you give to questions 1, 3, and 4? Are you achieving your untapped or unrealized potential? How did you feel reading questions 5 & 6? Most people are uncomfortable thinking about their mortality.  Yet, that is an important fact of life. Any yes answer is a strong indicator that you want to decrease your stress levels, making a smoother path to improve your success, opportunity, and happiness.

Embrace new life directions and opportunities. Improve yourself and others, despite any of the life baggage you continue to carry around. Determine new ways to clean out and reorganize your baggage load. Intentionally improve your future. Remember, other people have accumulated baggage also.

Everyone plays a part in life – What Part do you play?

What you love, want, and need in life will not always be there!

Remember, life is a journey filled with many challenges.

What is in your mind?

How did it get there?

What are you doing with it to improve your life-cycle and others every day?

Again, can one decision change your life?

Let’s find out!

The next information segments include:

  • Page 2 -What’s in your mind, and how did it get there.
  • Page 3 - Opening Thoughts and benefits for Self-improvement
  • Page 4 - A life Check-up system for self-Improvement
  • Page 5 - Home 1 – The trails to greater happiness and success

Again, all the information is based on real-life situations.

After reading the segments above, you will have a wealth of information to make a decision about the values and benefits of enrolling in the Academy.

Whenever you become overwhelmed with the mountains ahead of you, always remember the mountains you have already been over. Kind words get more accomplished than using anger and adverse, hurtful words.

About yourself, family, friends, and others you will meet. Seek the options, benefits, and opportunities you desire by continuing to read. Learn the many reasons you can benefit by continuing to read and expand your ideas and life options to improve.  You may qualify to enroll in the self-paced

Personal Legacy Builder Academy for Self-Improvement.

See how and if you qualify! See why so many people keep referring back to the Academy program to improve themselves.