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I like free gifts and NEW ideas to improve my life and others. I believe life is complex, fragile, and valuable. YET life is short, fast-paced, challenging, and unpredictable. I want to get more out of life. I think better self-awareness is essential for self-improvement. Life requires constant, intentional refinement.

If you agree,

check out the rest of this personal information regarding your life paths, decision-making skills, and opportunities. The Paths include your past, present, and future life situations that affect, impact or alter personal growth. Growth has but is not limited to attitudes, emotions, feelings, levels of thinking, health, relationships, sex, communication, strengths, weakness, mindset, legacy, life plans, perspectives, and opportunities. You get to create the NEW positive change you want or need in your life and others.

Allow yourself to expand your comfort zones.

Do you have or want more balance in your life? Have you figured life out yet as it constantly changes? If not, keep reading. Start now to take an in-depth 360-degree overall look at your life inventory and mindset. Like millions of others who wish to or need to improve their personal growth and life situations, you probably want the same thing. Learn to reduce stress, and have better/more options, opportunities, and control for success and happiness. Act now to start getting more out of life. You have that same option to fine-tune your character, perspectives, attitude, and mindset to improve situations! Expand your levels of thinking.  See what new thoughts are triggered to enhance your life and others from this information. You are encouraged to write triggered thoughts down.

If you could start changing one thing in your life today, what would it be and why?

The universe's size and complexities are beyond our scope of comprehension. But, as part of the life cycle each person experiences, every person on earth has to navigate the many paths that makeup space and time for every day you get to live. By your choices, decisions, actions, and accountability, you have an option to maintain control over your attitudes while you live on earth. But, like everyone else, you must consistently look for answers, root causes, and solutions. Every action begins with a thought. Then make the best decisions to act. Your search is a path for personal growth to being happier, more productive, figuring out who you are and how you fit into the world, i.e., your purpose and success in life. What will your legacy be? Starting now, how will you choose to improve your life and others?

Each day is a new part of the journey. Do you actively search for new options every day, or just when faced with an unsettling challenge? What inspires you to do better? Is the highlight of your day coming home? Where and how do you find your support, comfort, understanding, empathy, confidence, and guidance?

What value would you place on finding seven or more ways to improve your life and others? Do you think that one decision can change your life?

See the IMPORTANT NOTE about registration at the bottom of this page.

People ask - What's in this program for me? Is this a valid and robust question to ask? Of course. Take a look at when, where, how, and why you can choose to create NEW changes to improve your life challenges and situations.  Determine what applies to you, those you choose to be around, and those who can benefit from your Legacy and life improvements you choose to create.

The Personal Legacy Builder Academy for Self-Improvement

PLB, for short, is a self-paced, self-help, in-depth, eye-opening, innovative NEW program. The Academy helps expand your level of thinking. Therefore you have the opportunity to create positive change in your life.

Self-reflecting is the essential process that starts with increased self-awareness. Better self-awareness opens new paths for self-improvement and greater happiness. The program will help improve your quality of life skills, opportunities, and details of being a better person, so you get more out of life.  In short – necessary tools to create new or revised paths to finding solutions to past, existing, and future problems.

Self-help only happens and has value when you see a personal value/benefit. Learn how, when, where, and why you can take action to implement ideas that are best for you.

Each human life cycle is unique and complex. Each life cycle has a beginning and end, filled with challenges, questions, feelings, emotions, and unexpected events. How many questions are bottled up in your mind about health/your body, communications, well-being, sex, life options, relationships, life direction, mortality, Legacy, and happiness, but never asked? What keeps you from asking the questions?

Consider these topics:

How often do you struggle with memories, old relationships, time management, understanding or misunderstanding yourself and others, current relationships, a sense of belonging, empathy, communication, planning, follow-through, deadlines, procrastination, life-mapping, happiness, or understanding the purpose of life?

How often do you feel stressed, confused, ignored, concerned, distant, isolated, lack support, in a rut, frustrated, alienated, hurt, lost, depressed, cornered, anxious, unappreciated, or lonely? If so, you are not alone, which makes you a part of the living life club. Additionally, how do you handle all the emotions and feelings associated with each item listed above?

How would you feel if you had a genuine sense of belonging, being less stressed, content, appreciated, fulfilled, loving, and happier? You can restart that journey today by your choice to keep investing in yourself.

What thoughts or memories were just NOW triggered by this shortlist of situations? Your triggered thoughts now are the tip of your self-improvement iceberg. Always consider that what you choose to do today will become a memory tomorrow. The action will also become a part of your Legacy!

Are you open-minded? If not, change and benefits are difficult to see. Are you interested in Solutions/options to improve self-awareness to get more out of life? If yes, keep reading to start taking an elevated, 360-degree view of life. A self-audit is an intentional process to examine your life inventory of current, past, and future situations, thoughts, emotions, feelings, attitudes, blessings, and mindset? Plus, use this time to read, study, explore, and analyze opportunities, perspectives, root causes, and philosophy about your life and others. As a result, you will find many NEW ideas and possible solutions to unlock your unused and untapped potential to get more out of life. Words and new thoughts can become your stepping stones to creating your improvement. Making time every day to expand your levels of thinking will improve your life skills, happiness, choices, decision making, and Legacy. Will you commit to starting with only 14 minutes a day to improve your life and others?

This Academy's purpose and goals are to help people of any age evaluate themselves to make better daily decisions to improve happiness. These procedures can be accomplished after answering personal questions typically you don't consider but should. By your action, you get to improve your quality of life. In addition, these actions lead to realizing the importance and value of your life, purpose, the Legacy you leave, and how your life choices and decisions impact others. Your life can help many future generations by the actions you choose now.

Each item you choose to occupy your mind, which includes your thoughts, choices, and actions today, will soon become yesterday's memories for a lifetime. Are you making the best use of your time and opportunities today? How are past experiences affecting you now? 

Time spent helping yourself and others to become better people is priceless.

What happens when your life cycle ends or ends unexpectedly? The PLB Academy is packed with hundreds of personal questions to examine your thoughts, perspectives, attitudes, life options, and mindset. So dive into the unique and essential subject/study of life.


The questions you get to answer relate to ideas, issues, topics, and subjects you seldom spend the necessary time on to improve yourself but should consider. Your efforts now can help find better or NEW paths for happiness and a feeling of fulfillment.


Considering different options in your life cycle should be a daily priority. Expanding your levels of evaluating and thinking about life is a significant resource to help get more out of life. A self-paced inventory of your life thoughts, emotions, feelings, and options improves many parts of your life and personal growth. The list includes but is not limited to your communications, happiness, stress, procrastination, humility, empathy, respect, and discipline. In addition, understanding others, improving health, relationships, self-awareness, self-confidence, time management, listening, decision-making, and expanded life paths to pursue are relevant to happiness.

What are your answers to these questions:

  1. Do you want or need to create change in your life for self-improvement?
  2. Do you believe one decision can change your life or others?
  3. Are you interested in getting three gifts to challenge your thoughts and comfort zones about life further?
  4. Are you open-minded to finding seven or more ways to improve yourself and others?
  5. Are you open-minded to challenge your perspectives and mindset as part of taking a life inventory for self-improvement?
  6. Finally, are you interested in revealing unused or untapped potential in your life and others?
  7. If you could start changing one thing in your life starting today, what would it be and why? Please write it down now, as you will get to build on this valuable thought! Of course, you can write down more than one if you want.

A YES answer to any of the first six questions strongly indicates that this Academy can help you create positive, productive change in your life and others. So, together let's evaluate root causes and solutions to improve daily choices, decisions, and actions.

Engaging yourself in a personal inventory of your thoughts, feelings, expressions, emotions, ideas, assets, and perspectives has many rewarding and life-changing benefits for self-improvement. In addition, a choice to move to the next step will provide many new triggered thoughts and ideas to evaluate your life ruts, obstacles, mindset, options, opinions, and definitions of happiness and success. There is one exercise for you to work on your life mapping.  Determine where you have been, where you are now, and what's ahead.

Reading this information was your first step to creating life changes to get more out of life. The next step is to examine your "If, I, and Why" perspectives to enhance life's "self" aspect. Check out the essential self-words on the next page found with the Blue Button "I want to know more" below. See what questions and ideas are crucial and apply to you. Finally, determine what you want to improve in your life and take action.

See what valuable thoughts become triggered. Each idea/thought you write down will be a golden nugget for self-improvement that you get to refine in the Academy for your self-audit/life inventory. Then, it's time for action. If you want to examine your "IF, I, and WHY" statements - Click the Red & Yellow Yes Button.

Here is a choice to make about your life and others

  • If you want to learn more about continuing on a personal path for self-improvement, you can now choose to take an in-depth look/review of yourself - a personal unique inventory/audit. This action is a golden opportunity to continue self-improvement. In addition, new options found by searching deep into your personal life inventory and expanding your self-awareness are also priceless results and options.
  • Unlock unused or hidden potential! Give back to yourself and others. You hold the keys to success. Items such as life mapping, goals, purpose, legacy building, better choices, accountability, mortality, relationships, communication skills, health, thoughts, and perspectives can become more apparent as you continue with this self-paced self-audit.

ALL the information is based on REAL-LIFE situations.

Click the "I want to Know More" Blue button below. You will get access to more valuable information, thoughts, and questions, plus some thought-provoking short videos and the link for the three gifts - valued at 75.00.

Whenever you become overwhelmed with the mountain ahead of you, remember the mountains you have already been over and the storms you have survived; then, apply the wisdom you gained.

IMPORTANT NOTE about Registration

To access the Learning modules from the menu tab, you must first be registered in the PLB Academy using the Register tab in the menu at the top of the page. Once you are registered, you will need to enter your user name and password to gain full access to the Learning Modules.

After reading the segments above, you will have a wealth of information and triggered thoughts to decide the values and benefits of enrolling in the Academy.

Whenever you become overwhelmed with the mountains ahead of you, always remember the mountains you have already been over. Kind words get more accomplished than using negative, angry, adverse, and hurtful words.

Everyone plays a part in life – What Part do you play?

What you love, want, and need in life will not always be there!

Remember, life is a journey filled with many challenges.