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What does your new everyday normal look like NOW? When was the last time you took an in-depth self-audit/inventory of your life? Such as health, feelings, emotions, relationships, faith, finances, attitudes, mortality,  communications, living conditions, and life mapping options? 

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How would you like to start finding at least seven (7) ways to improve and add value to your life options, success, happiness, and fulfillment while reducing stress? The options enhance your living situations, relationships, personal success/progress, effects of social conditioning, time use, lifestyle conditions, attitudes, and perspectives?

If self-improvement for getting more out of life is of interest to you, read, listen, and think about this personal information to expand your levels of thinking and self-awareness. First, decide what information you read applies to your life. Next, write down your triggered thoughts. Then determine the best way to create change to improve yourself and others. What is the value of your legacy?

Enhancing your happiness and quality of life helps reduce stress despite your past and current obstacles.

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Oh, and if your life cycle ends unexpectedly, how and why would you be remembered as of now? Who would be the most affected by decisions/actions you have taken or not taken to prepare a life-exit plan? Life does move on when you are gone. Protect those you care about by the actions you choose.

Challenge your thoughts by reading through these personal questions and activities. What is the value of your legacy and your life to others? What life seeds are you planting and what are your results?

  Young or older, age is NOT a factor when it comes to enhancing self-improvement, self-awareness, and levels of thinking! This Academy is a self-paced journey to improve your life opportunities and activities. What are you most thankful for? 

This website is a Market Place of Life Ideas to help you get more out of life.

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With a passion for helping others get more out of life, the author, a concerned parent, father of two boys and two girls, developed and wrote the Personal Legacy Builder Academy for Self-Improvement. All modules, including Part One and Two of Relationship Building, are a common-sense, self-paced approach to self-improvement. Each one is overflowing with personal, mind-provoking questions. Getting more out of life while building more significant relationships is priceless.

The primary focus and purpose of the Academy are to help people find new ways to improve themselves and others so they get more out of life. Do you want to improve the use of your life cycle time clock? A person accomplishes this by knowing/learning/expanding their self-awareness and opportunities. Using the new possibilities/ideas you review helps you make better choices. More common-sense options allow you to make better decisions and take more positive actions. Then being accountable for the results of what you choose is essential. It is also vital to see the value, purpose, and meaning of building your legacy. Know and appreciate why you are unique and valuable! By looking into your thoughts and life situations, you'll find vital areas you choose to improve. Take this in-depth look at your options and life blessings. Life is short!! This review process (self-audit/life inventory) provides new personal life tools, more options, and perspectives. 

Do you want fresh ideas for self-improvement? OR Expand your levels of thinking, self-awareness, and opportunities. Create more happiness and improve your life management style. Are you curious to see what you might learn or how you will answer the personal questions? Are you open-minded to seek and find more unused or untapped potential in your life and others? As you accumulate life baggage, how are you affected and what do you do with it?

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Agree or Disagree: Many people are overwhelmed with trying to make ends meet. People are so busy being busy that they fail to make time to look and be more self-aware of potential problems and solutions. 

We find ourselves in ruts, habits, and routines that keep us from being more active and productive. We all need new ideas to create change in our life. Don't be too busy being busy and miss out on new life options. 

The PLB Academy is a large collection of common-sense ideas filled with ideas, techniques, and actions.  Do you want to improve your everyday living, opportunities, and success? If so, Use them to improve! Based on life experiences, it is necessary/essential to review what we have learned or want to learn. Then we can plot new courses and create change to navigate our journey best! Make time to take this in-depth look at your personal, financial, spiritual, and health assets. Determine the areas you want to improve. Make a plan and take action!

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I want and am interested in knowing ways to build my legacy. I want to improve my health, communications, attitude, perspectives, and opportunities. Plus, I want to continue learning how to build better relationships. Finally, I want to learn more about my life mapping and life-exit-plans. I believe it is important to invest in myself.

Do you fail to see or miss new opportunities? If so, why and what is the personal cost?

Is change a necessity for your personal transformational growth?

What actions are you using to improve your life and others? Do you have room for improvement?

Why is it essential to look at NEW ideas?

Seek to expand your mindset and opportunities!

Life is filled with constant change, therefore it is necessary to find a positive way to adapt to new changes.

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