Welcome & Warning - This site contains life-changing personal questions + Free thought-provoking gifts.

How much unused or untapped potential do you have? Let's find out!

This program is about making consistent, intentional improvements in your life. Everyone struggles with something. Take an in-depth inventory, 360-degree view of your life choices, decisions, and actions. Items include mindset, perspectives, attitudes, past actions, options, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and background. Also, goals, wants, needs, shortcomings, strong points, roadblocks, and hang-ups. Determine the best and needed actions to achieve more happiness and success. This information's primary focus and purpose will provide new life tools and challenging questions. Make time to review the above items to determine what you want to change/improve. You get to think about and consider topics you seldom think about but should. You will have many new triggered thoughts, ideas, perspectives, and emotions.

Each topic helps generate better, healthy, open communication. Do you want to improve your life options? This is a forum to encourage and help challenge your levels of thinking. Items include your mindset, values, perspectives, and time management. You get to seek answers to tough life questions. Subjects include health, effective communications, attitude, relationships, sex, life mapping, and life skills. Most important of

 all is the building of your legacy. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  What is your plan to get there?

How often do you make time to think about your life values and direction? What do you expect, want, or need in your life? Are you getting out of life what you expect, like, or need? How often do you procrastinate or get sidetracked?

Together, let's dig into your questions, thoughts, ideas, emotions, and feelings. Plus, many more personal questions. Help yourself expand and manage your levels of thinking. Strive to improve yourself and others. If you don't feel like you are in a good spaceAsk yourself why not. All the information here helps you realize how to improve and expand your life-building resources and skills.

You get to determine what you agree or disagree with. Then use the information to choose what, when, where, why, and how you will create change in your life and others. Then make plans on how you can create change to improve your life and others.

The result/reward of getting more out of life is to feel happier and less stressed. Does that interest you? The program is overflowing with personal life questions, ideas, and options. Take an inventory of your past, present, and future possibilities. You will expand your levels of thinking, mindset, and perspectives.  Better self-awareness and thoughts to create positive change are priceless. Agree or Disagree: Life is complex yet full of opportunities to improve.

All you read and listen to in the short videos on this website will trigger many thoughts. The thoughts will affect your future decisions, attitudes, mindset, decisions, emotions, mortality, legacy, and life perspectives. Challenging these areas of life is priceless. Making time for self-improvement is a lifelong intentional process.  This program cannot be done in a short time.  There are a lot of essential ideas for you to consider about the choices, decisions, and actions you take in life. Many of the ideas and options you seldom think about but should can become a decision to change your life

The free gift list link is at the bottom of the page. You will appreciate the gifts more when you continue reading this website. See what you feel applies to you and your life situations. Becoming more aware of your wants, needs, and the root cause of the obstacles you face are valuable and necessary for creating your change.
The information presented here is in a new and different, easy-to-use, unique format.
  • Do you want to get more out of your life cycle? If so, what?
  • Can one decision change your life?  Are you willing to find out?
  • If you could start changing one thing in your life starting today, what would it be and why?
This is an in-depth self-study to expand your self-awareness and life options. Raise your levels of thinking starting today! Taking a periodic life inventory, a self-audit increases your self-awareness.  Use these tools to help build more opportunities for success. Your self-paced audit provides new visions to see new paths (resources) to get more out of life. Consider and review thoughts and ideas you seldom think about or use but should. You gain and build more personal resources by considering your unique personal answers. Are you ready, starting NOW, to achieve more self-improvement? Who or what controls your life the most?
Take an honest, in-depth look at your thoughts and actions, plus other people you are around.
This includes your perspectives, mindset, attitudes, issues, life direction, and life inventory. New life tools and self-awareness build NEW self-confidence. Positive productivity is a vital element of your happiness, well-being, and success. Make time, starting NOW, to check your life paths. Determine your levels of satisfaction with your current life management. This includes everyday situations, health, communication skills, life-mapping, and relationships. Reviewing your life directions and levels of happiness is vital for personal growth.
Since everyone is unique, you get to choose what, when, where, how, and why you want or need to change.
Are you ready NOW for an eye-opening NEW life experience?
Do you want to improve and enhance what you want to get out of life? Are you open to finding untapped or unused potential to enhance your life options?
If so, keep reading. See the 12 short videos filled with personal questions on the next page.
If not, click the Blue/Green Button below to review that thought!

Start NOW by finding new ways to enhance your life options to enjoy living more during your life cycle. Answering a vast array of personal questions will become a part of your self-paced life audit. Looking at your life inventory helps you see areas of life you want or need to choose to improve. Self-reflecting is essential for enhancing personal growth.  Making time to review your life inventory provides a new outlook on your life. Locate areas of your life that you choose to improve. Determine which tools, ideas, and actions work best for you. See if you find seven or more ways to improve yourself and others. By choosing to take an in-depth look at life options, you can start improving your life and others today. Your success comes from better choices, decisions, and attitudes. The quality of your results depends on the effort and actions you take. Remember, you die once, but live every day you get.  People do not change unless they see a personal benefit. If viewing on the phone - use landscape.

The following 11 minutes of reading will begin a new, mind-cleansing learning path. Make time to improve your life skills, opportunities, deal better with life obstacles and expand your outlook on life.
Your self-assessment process is self-paced. You get to go through a self-audit, check-up, and inventory of your life map and direction. (More on Life-mapping on page 4 of the website.)
Start NOW Finding areas of life you choose and want/need to improve.
Be sure to read through the BLOG posts.
Or are you too busy being busy focusing on daily routines, past events, habits, and hang-ups that hold you back? STOP - those are heavyweights that produce non-productive time and activities. Create change in your life that you choose, starting today.
Taking an in-depth look at your life map, wants, needs, and direction is rewarding. Are you open-minded? On a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being the best, how happy and content are you with life as it is? Any rating below 100 means there is room to improve. The time you invest NOW in yourself will impact your outlook on life. Plus, improve how you understand and interact with others.
 You will have many triggered thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Write them down. Everyone is unique. Answering the questions helps identify what, when, where, how, and why you want and need to create change. Therefore, this process produces many potential new results. What $$$ value would you place on finding better ways to manage your life situations. Decide on a better way to improve your everyday life tasks and successes. Being a better person is priceless.
The questions and ideas will start triggering many unique thoughts to improve your life options. Again, are you open-minded enough to look for NEW potential positive change? Furthermore, the information you read will challenge and expand your critical thinking skills. Improve your health and boost your communications skills. Help yourself stabilize and build stronger relationships while building your legacy.

Agree or Disagree 

I like free gifts. But free stuff has no value unless it is used to better yourself. I want or need NEW ideas and options to improve my life and others. I believe life is complex and valuable. YET life is short, fragile, fast-paced, challenging, and unpredictable. The most consistent thing in life is impossible-to-predict randomness called constant change. I think better self-awareness, accountability, and attitude are essential for self-improvement. Self-awareness helps in making better life-changing decisions.  Navigating life with more options is rewarding. Life requires steady, intentional, daily refinement. I need new ideas to help me manage and improve my choices, decisions, and actions in my life. I want transformational change to get more quality life benefits during my life cycle, starting now!

If you agree, are open-minded, and want/need change - Here is your opportunity to start NOW, improving yourself and others. Invest some time. Keep reading to expand your possibilities.

Allow yourself to expand your levels of thinking, mindset, life options, and comfort zones. You get only one chance to live the life you have.  Learn to ask yourself tough questions. Do what is best for you without harming others. What you leave behind is a legacy filled with your memories.

  • Are you interested in accessing your unused, untapped, or blocked potential?
  • Are you too busy with busy stuff to improve yourself and others? If so, why?
  • What do you think you are lacking in life? Why? I
  • Are you interested in reducing stress, becoming happier, and better managing your time? This includes health, communications, relationships, thoughts, emotions, feelings, attitudes, actions, assets, and Legacy? Finding new paths and options to get more out of life is priceless. 

Be sure and check out the

3 Quick Personal Surveys - a short Reality Check

Located on the 3rd web page.

The entire Academy program is for any age and those who want or need to understand life on a deeper level and get more out of life. How soon do you want to expand your personal growth to have more life options?
Challenge your levels of thinking. Add new tools to help you build a better, less stressed, happier life. Confront life's current and future obstacles with unique perspectives of confidence. Choose to use these tools to create positive change in your life and others.
Using this PLB Academy process/format helps you expand your options. Adjustments are necessary to manage your life skills better. Look to improve current situations and to make better plans. Learning is essential for your personal growth and new opportunities. Start enhancing your choices of activities. This includes decisions about health, communications, relationships, time management, and legacy building today.
  The Academy's approach for self-change is different. Learn new methods to create different paths for self-improvement. This method is different from what you may have been trying in the past for self-improvement. The benefit is selecting what you need to improve, developing a plan, and acting. Start making new changes in your life today. Learn to manage better your life resources, time, and life decisions.  In return, you will get many priceless benefits, such as reducing stress, becoming happier, and creating positive life-changing actions.
Expanding your personal growth should be a daily priority.
 Getting new ideas and tools to use increases your possibilities of getting more out of life. You can start NOW with as little as 14 minutes a day, 3 days a week. Like most people, you will be spending more time than that. Start Adding significant value to your life and others.
Expand your levels of thinking, understanding, self-awareness, self-confidence, judgment, and reasoning skills. All this while building your legacy.
Remember, every life and relationship has a valuable lesson and story to share. Is yours written down?
Change seldom occurs unless you realize a personal benefit to the action.
Warning: not making time and effort for a periodic self-evaluation = no positive planned progress for creating change to get more out of life.
Make time. Starting now, you get to think about items you seldom think about but should. Where are you in your life cycle? What change do you need to improve in the future?
Discover more ways to reduce stress and enjoy life more, starting now! It's your choice and decision. You get to live with the results. Use your triggered thoughts to expand and enhance your personal growth. First, see what new thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings, and opportunities you identify. Immediately writing your new triggered thoughts down is essential. Your action will lead to new life options to create transformational change. Then, determine the value of finding 7 or more ways to improve your decisions and activities to get more out of life.

Take notes if you want to get more out of life and refine your triggered thoughts.

Pay close attention to what you are about to hear and read. Your journal will be filled with golden nuggets of information. Use what you write to refine choices, decisions, and actions. Making better decisions to face current or future adversity is essential. Use these tools to make your life happier.

To become happier and less stressed requires effort. Jot down your thoughts as they occur.  You can start the process of self-improvement right now. Regardless of what life challenges you have endured or are currently facing, today is a new day. Many people in society seem to have lost, never had, or have no desires for self-improvement or reaching out to others. They just take each day as it comes with an "oh well" attitude. They remain in habits or states of mind that doesn't move them forward in life. All points in your life you cannot get back. Spend your time wisely.

What is the value of your life cycle, and how are you using your time to improve? What is the value of your life to others? What holds you back? Consider enhancing your life purpose and life mapping. See how you fit into life, time management, and the future. Create better health, new opportunities, and more effective communication skills. Improving the quality of relationships and building a legacy is priceless. Review the personal, common-sense questions. Dig into your mental, spiritual, physical, financial, and emotional values. Improve your motivation and desire to thrive. What drives you every day? See what applies to help improve your unique situations. Use these questions and ideas to enhance your life and others.

Time and personal effort are required to actively and purposely learn more about yourself and others. This program cannot be accomplished in one evening. Personal growth is an ongoing process. These tools can be essential to find your unused, untapped, or blocked potential.  Without transformation, you are not growing.

------------------------------------>>  Check out the rest of this personal information. Your life paths, decision-making skills, and opportunities can start to improve. Engage in taking an inventory of your life, a self-paced, self-audit.

The Paths include what you learned from your past, how you are applying it to your present, and how you choose to plan for future life situations that affect, impact or alter personal growth. Growth has but is not limited to attitudes, emotions, feelings, levels of thinking, health, relationships, sex, communication, strengths, weakness, mindset, legacy, life plans, perspectives, and opportunities.

Starting today, you get to decide, create, and act on NEW positive changes you choose that you want or need in your life and others! First, consider your quality of health, communication, relationships, and attitudes. Then, determine the areas you want most to create positive changes.

Start now to find more ways to improve yourself and others. See what triggered thoughts come to your mind. Then, apply them to enhance your life journey. Define your unmet needs and limits that you can, should, want, or need to overcome!


If your could start changing one thing in your life today, what would it be and why?

Do you have or want more balance and happiness in your life? Have you figured the life process out yet as it constantly changes? If not, keep reading to discover many thoughts and ideas that become triggered in your mind. You will find new questions to answer. So start now to take an in-depth 360-degree overall look at your life. Your self-audit and life inventory can be revealing. Your mindset of the past, current life, and future are essential tools to have.

Millions of others wish to or need to improve their personal growth and life situations. You probably want the same thing. Start now, learning new ways to reduce stress and have better/more options. Life opportunities and quality life management are essential. Success and happiness depend on the decision and actions you choose.

Act now to start getting more out of life. You have that same option to fine-tune your character. Also, your perspectives, decisions, attitude, actions, accountability, and mindset to improve situations! Expand your levels of thinking. See what new thoughts become triggered. Enhance your life and others by using this information. It would help if you wrote triggered thoughts down so you can refine and apply them to your life.

Agree or Disagree - When you have more life options and tools to use, better choices result in positive action. By applying them - life becomes more manageable, less stressed, and happier.

The universe's size and complexities are beyond our scope of comprehension.

  • But every humankind is a living part of the life-cycle process on earth.
  • You get to experience life and make your time here better if you choose that option.
  • Learn better ways to get more out of being the most complex living organism on the planet.
  • You are not perfect. Mistakes do happen. Life is a learning process.
  • Mistakes are not failures but a process to learn and gain wisdom so you can enjoy life more.
  • Making better choices about how you live has excellent value and rewards.

Unfortunately, we seldom make time to think about and appreciate the fullness of life. Look at your opportunity, value, and complexity of life. Determine and plan how you can improve. What do you think the purpose of the earth is? Is it to support life? Why is our world in this galaxy? Why do you exist? How do you fit into the life puzzle? What is the purpose/meaning of life? Are there other forms of life in the universe? That's an unknown answer.

In this Academy for advancing your levels of thinking, let's look at things we can answer and opportunities to create positive change. Find 7 or more ways you can start improving your life. Learn all you can to improve yourself and others. What would the earth be like without the existence of humans? Would it survive? Yes, because it is so automated, just like your own body! Is this by design or by chance? So, start now, getting to know your body better. Improve your communications. Advance the quality of your relationships and refine your life skills.  All these things improve your legacy and life opportunities.

You, by choice, can act to improve the quality of life and what you get out of it.

Make time now to look at questions you seldom think about but should. As part of the life cycle and each person's unique experiences on earth, you have to navigate many paths. Being unique is a good thing. These paths make up space and time for every day you get to live. NEW paths and routines can improve your life options, reduce stress, and improve success and happiness.

Your choices, decisions, actions, and accountability will get exposed in the Academy. Examine and test yourself by studying this information. Your self-evaluation/personal audit/life inventory will help you improve life situations. New opportunities and decisions allow you to see, maintain, and discover ways to live better. What value would you place on personal progress? Gaining control over your attitudes and activities as you live on earth is priceless. Can you find 7 or more ways to improve?

But, like everyone else, you must look for answers, root causes, and solutions. Thoughts and words without action have no value. Every effort begins with the idea that is a thought. Next, you make the best decisions to act. Your search is a typical path for personal growth.


If you want to be happier and more productive, figuring out who you are and how you fit into the world is valuable. First, you must expand your levels of thinking. To discover your purpose and success in life, you must raise your levels of thinking. What will your legacy be? Starting now, how will you choose to improve your life and others? What you read in this Academy for Self-Improvement will add many options to your playbook.

Each day is a new part of the life-cycle journey. Do you search for new options every day, or only when faced with an unsettling challenge? What inspires you to do better? Is the highlight of your day coming home? Where and how do you find your support? What about comfort, understanding, motivation, empathy, confidence, and guidance?

What value would you place on finding seven or more ways to improve your life and others? Do you think that one decision can change your life?

See the IMPORTANT NOTE about registration at the bottom of this page.

Is your life story written down yet? If Not, Why Not? This program will help you build your outline to make the writing part easy.

People ask - What's in this program for me? Is this a valid and robust question to ask? Of course. Take a look NOW at what you want or need to improve the quality of your life cycle. Items like happiness, success, stress reduction, and relationships. Also, what about health, time-management, communications, current situations, and life mapping. Then determine when, where, how, and why you can choose to create NEW changes.  What items hold you back? Do your habits make things better or worse? What's in your life basket, and how do you use the items? Determine if some of the items should be taken out. Take more charge of making better decisions and actions. Improve your life challenges and life situations.  Determine what applies to you. And those you choose to be around. Consider those who can enjoy your Legacy and life improvements you decide to create.

The Personal Legacy Builder Academy for Self-Improvement, PLB, for short, is a self-paced, self-help, in-depth, eye-opening, innovative NEW learning guide. The purpose of the program guide is to help you think about your life possibilities. There are many subjects you seldom consider or think about. But you should for helping improve your options and quality of life.
PLB is a personal life check-up system. What's in your mind and life basket? Examine how you use your physical, mental, financial, and spiritual assets. Develop a clear image of what you want and need to do. Determine where you choose to improve to be a better person, then take action. Expand your levels of thinking and your paths. Reduce stress, improve your happiness, and increase your success.
The main benefit is using the many unleashed triggered thoughts and ideas that come to your mind. You can use it immediately to improve yourself and others. The programs ask personal questions and ideas to challenge your life skills. This includes your ideals, ideas, beliefs, and levels of thinking. You get to examine your self-awareness. Each person has a unique personal life map. Learn more ways to find unused and untapped potential. 
The Academy helps expand your scope of thinking. This enables you to make better decisions. Better decisions to improve your happiness. Improved happiness leads to better success, communications, relationships. That helps you get more of what you want out of life. So, you have the opportunity to create positive change in your life. Plus, building and writing your priceless Legacy/Life story will impact generations. As you continue to read, you will learn more about the importance of your legacy. It's essential to think about who you are now and find ways to improve your future possibilities.

Self-reflecting is the essential process that starts with increased self-awareness. What you say and do and what people hear and see can be two different meanings. Better self-awareness opens new paths for self-improvement and greater happiness. The program will help improve your quality of life skills. Expand your opportunities and details of being a better person so you get more out of life.  In short – a personal inventory/audit is a necessary tool. The tools help to create new or revised paths. Finding solutions to your life problems need your best decisions and actions.

Self-help only happens and has value when you see a personal value/benefit. Learn how, when, where, and why you can take action to put in place ideas that are best for you.

Each human life cycle is unique and complex. Each life cycle has a beginning and end. Each cycle contains unique challenges, questions, feelings, emotions, and unexpected events. Remember, being unique is a good thing. How many questions get bottled up in your mind about health/your body? What about communications, well-being, and sex? Also, consider life options, relationships, life direction, mortality. Your Legacy and happiness are valuable assets. Consider the questions you have but never asked? What keeps you from asking the questions?

Consider these topics:

How often do you struggle with memories and old relationships? What about time management, understanding, or misunderstanding yourself and others? How do you handle relationships, a sense of belonging, empathy, and quality communication? How successful are your planning and follow-through methods? Are you good at deadlines? How often do procrastination and not working on your life-mapping affect you? Or spending time to understand better the purpose of life can get in your way.

How often do you feel stressed, confused, or ignored? Do you feel concerned, distant, isolated, or lack support? How often are you in a rut? Does this cause frustration, a feeling of alienation, hurt, or being lost? Do these situations result in depression, feeling cornered, anxious, unappreciated, or lonely? If so, you are not alone, making you a part of the living life club. Additionally, how do you handle all the emotions and feelings with each item listed above?

How would you feel if you had a genuine sense of belonging? Would this reduce stressed levels? Or control the need to keep looking over your shoulder? Would that lead to feeling content, appreciated, fulfilled, loving, and happier? You can restart that journey today by choosing to keep investing in yourself.

What thoughts or memories were NOW triggered by this shortlist of situations? Your triggered thoughts now are the tip of your self-improvement iceberg. Always consider that what you choose to do today will become a memory tomorrow. The action will also become a part of your life story - your Legacy!

Are you open-minded? If not, change and benefits are difficult to get and see. Are you interested in Solutions/options to improve self-awareness to get more out of life? If yes, keep reading to start taking an elevated, 360-degree view of life. A self-audit is an intentional process to examine your life inventory. IT IS VALUABLE and revealing to take a detailed look at your life. Looking at your current, past, and future situations are eye-opening. Your thoughts, emotions, feelings, attitudes, blessings, and mindset are keys to change. Plus, use this time to read, study, explore, and analyze NEW opportunities. Determine the root cause of all situations. Use your perspectives and philosophy about your life and others to improve yourself. As a result, you will find many NEW ideas. Develop possible solutions to unlock your unused and untapped potential. Learn new ways to get more out of life. Words and new thoughts can become your stepping stones to creating your improvement. Making time every day to expand your levels of thinking will improve your life skills. The result can be happiness, new choices, decision making, and building a better Legacy. Time is valuable.

Will you commit to starting with only 14 minutes a day to improve your life and others?

This Academy's purpose and goals help people of any age test or check themselves. As a result, you can make better daily decisions to improve happiness and life success by this action.

These life procedures get accomplished after answering personal questions. You will see many items you don't consider but should. By your action, you get to improve your quality of life. Also, these actions lead to realizing the importance and value of your life. This helps you find more life opportunities and purpose. The Legacy you leave, and how your life choices and decisions impact others. Your life can help many future generations by the actions you choose now.

Each item you choose to occupy your mind and to become a change will improve your life. This includes your thoughts, choices, and actions today. Remember your actions today will tomorrow become yesterday's memories for a lifetime. Are you making the best use of your time and opportunities today? How are past experiences affecting you now? 

What happens when your life cycle ends or ends unexpectedly? The PLB Academy has hundreds of personal questions. Examine your thoughts, perspectives, attitudes, life options, and mindset. So, start diving into life's unique and essential subject/study now.

Time spent helping yourself and others to become better people is priceless! However, the most consistent thing in life is change.

The questions you get to answer relate to ideas. The topics include subjects you seldom spend the necessary time on but should. Your efforts now can help find better or NEW paths for happiness and a feeling of fulfillment. Without transformation, you are not growing, prospering, or developing your talents. There are so many life stories yet to happen and should be written down.

Everyone has some rough pathways they have taken. For example, do you often get angry at yourself for how you feel? Do you hold onto things that you should let go of? Now's a great time to make some necessary changes to be happier.

Considering different options in your life cycle should be a daily priority. Expanding your levels of evaluating and thinking about life is significant. This Academy is full of resources to help get more out of life. A self-paced inventory of your life thoughts improves opportunity. All your emotions, feelings, and options are essential parts of your life. The list includes but is not limited to your communications, happiness, stress levels. Your procrastination, humility, empathy, respect, and discipline are also vital. Also, understanding others, improving health, relationships, self-awareness builds self-confidence. Finally, time management, listening, good decision-making are essential. Expanded life paths to pursue are relevant to happiness.

What are your answers to these questions:

  1. Do you want or need to create change in your life for self-improvement?
  2. Do you believe one decision can change your life or others?
  3. Are you interested in getting three gifts to further challenge your thoughts and comfort zones about life?
  4. Are you open-minded to finding seven or more ways to improve yourself and others?
  5. Are you curious to challenge your perspectives and mindset to see what you learn? This is part of taking a life inventory for self-improvement.
  6. Finally, are you interested in finding unused, untapped, or blocked potential in your life and others?
  7. If you could start changing one thing in your life starting today, what would it be and why? Please write it down now, as you will get to build on this valuable thought! Of course, you can write down more than one if you want.

A YES answer to any of the first seven questions above indicates that this Academy can help you. Creating positive, productive change in your life and others is rewarding and priceless. So, together let's check root causes and solutions. Then, strive to improve daily choices, decisions, and actions.

Engaging in a personal inventory of thoughts, feelings, expressions, and emotions is eye-opening. Your ideas, assets, and perspectives have many rewarding and life-changing benefits for self-improvement. Also, a choice to move to the next step will provide many new triggered thoughts. Your new ideas to evaluate your life ruts are essential. Your obstacles, mindset, options, opinions, and definitions of happiness and success are crucial. There is one exercise for you to work on your life mapping.  Determine where you have been, where you are now, and prepare for what's ahead.

Reading this information was your first step to creating life changes to get more out of life. The next step is to examine your "If, I, and Why" perspectives to enhance life's "self" aspect. Check out the essential self-words on the next page found with the Blue Button "I want to know more" below. See what questions and ideas are crucial and apply to you. Finally, determine what you want to improve in your life and take action.

See what valuable thoughts become triggered. Each idea/thought you write down will be a golden nugget for self-improvement. You get to refine them in the Academy for your self-audit/life inventory. Then, it's time for action. If you want to examine your "IF, I, and WHY" statements - Click the Red & Yellow Yes Button.

Here is a choice to make about your life and others

  • Do you focus on  20% of things that produce 80% of your life results? If not, why not?
  • Or do you focus too much on the 80%?  If so, why? The 80% that keeps you stressed, frustrated, and disorganized?  This 80% action keeps you in a rut, usually filled with turmoil that holds you back. Your choice! Navigating life with more options is essential.
  • Do you see your problems as an opportunity to improve yourself?
  • If you want to learn more about continuing on a personal path for self-improvement, you can now choose to take an in-depth look/review of yourself - a personal unique inventory/audit. This action is a golden opportunity to continue self-improvement. In addition, new options found by searching deep into your personal life inventory and expanding your self-awareness are also priceless results and options.
  • Unlock unused or hidden potential! Give back to yourself and others. You hold the keys to success. Items such as life mapping, goals, purpose, legacy building, better choices, accountability, mortality, relationships, communication skills, health, thoughts, and perspectives can become more apparent as you continue with this self-paced self-audit.

ALL the information is based on REAL-LIFE situations.

Click the "I want to Know More" Blue button below. You will access more valuable information, thoughts, and questions, plus some thought-provoking short videos and the link for the three gifts - valued at 75.00.

Whenever you become overwhelmed with the mountain ahead of you, remember the mountains you have already been over and the storms you have survived; then, apply the wisdom you gained.

IMPORTANT NOTE about Registration

To access the Learning modules from the menu tab, you must first be registered in the PLB Academy using the Register tab in the menu at the top of the page. Once you are registered, you will need to enter your user name and password to gain full access to the Learning Modules.

After reading the segments above, you now have a wealth of information. What triggered thoughts came to your mind? What did you write down? Decide the values and benefits of refining those thoughts and ideas. Finally, decide to register in the Academy using the Register/Login tab at the top of the page.
Whenever you become overwhelmed with the mountains ahead, always remember:
1 - what you are thankful for, who has helped you get to where you are, and
2 - the mountains, valleys, storms, hardships, and potholes you have already endured. On the other hand, take pride in remembering the successes you have had along the way. Be thankful for your mentors and the people you have impacted so far.
Kind words accomplish more than using negative comments. Angry, adverse, and hurtful words and actions are difficult to overcome or repair. Don't forget the value and power of a kind word, a smile, or a hug.

Everyone plays a part in life – What Part do you play? 

Don't ever forget the value and happiness you get and give by making another person's day better by the action you choose.

What you love, want, and need in life will not always be there!

Remember, life is NOT a competition. BUT a journey filled with many challenges and constant changes.